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Overweight Man Wants Video To Go Viral…



How many times have you had an Auntie poke you and whisper in your ear – You need to lose weight? Don’t you find that annoying? What makes it worse they keep piling on the fried pakoras, paneer and ladoos on our plates! Can we say Devil’s advocate?! Pshhh!

I know this isn’t an Urban Desi story per say, but I felt it was important to share this video. It’s coming from my compassionate side because I can relate to this man’s struggle (picture below) and it’s a continue struggle for me because I have an eating disorder. I’m an over-eater, don’t laugh, it’s a disease. Look it up. It’s where emotions make me eat and not hunger itself. At least that’s my issues, I’m an emotional eater. Towards the end of the year, I picked up this documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and I wanted to break my emotional ties with food and have it serve as a source of energy vs. a source of comfort. I juiced for 60 days, got back into my old workout regime (slowly) and retrained myself on healthy eating habits.

I’ve also joined a facebook page Feel Free Foundation run by Sunita Bhogal Pattani. Where other over-eaters and those who suffer from other eating disorders can find a sense of community and support. Every week I go to my local Over Eater Anonymous meeting.

The good news for Robert (the man in this video) is that filmmaker Joe Cross (Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead) has reached out to Robert. I’m not saying juicing is the “be all and end all” solution, it has helped me to get on the right path — believe me this PATH is a life long journey to healthy living. We all have to find our own path because our bodies are all different.

You just have to remember if you are battling this disease like me, you’re not alone. Please feel free to reach out to Sunita at the Feel Free Foundation.

Screen Shot 2012-03-04 at 9.15.50 AM

There I am. Petz, founder of Urban Desi Radio.  On my left my heaviest weight 250 pounds (17st, 12lbs or 113kg)

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Welcome to Mela 2.0




Last night, there was a special private party for VIP costumers of Mela Tandoori Oven, their original location once situated underground in the Tenderloin district has gotten a major upgrade! The new Mela Tandoori Kitchen is located in the San Francisco’s Civic Center area, local business folks and city politicians are excited about Mela’s grand opening (happening later in the coming week) because their only other choice for Indian/Pakistani food is Naan n Curry. The Naan n Curry in the Civic Center area was mention in the 50 WORST PLACES to eat in the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper.

Mela has two floors, the first floor is the dining area and upstairs is the “Hookahs n Hose” lounge, where you can indulge in a wide variety of different hookah flavors. The charcoal is actually organic; made with coconut shells.

The restaurant is own and operated by Subedar Brothers (Sohel, Moiz and Zoaib)  they are following in their fathers footsteps who opened the first Indian/Pakistani restaurant in the Tenderloin in 1986, “Shalimar Gardens” after their father retired, the Brothers re-branded it to “Mela Tandoori Kitchen” which evolved into a after hour hookah lounge.

Congrats to the Subedar Brothers and Family!!

Mela Tandoori Kitchen/Hookahs n Hose

536 Golden Gate Ave. (between Van Ness and Polk St.)

San Francisco, CA

Naughty Nights: Food to stimulate your libido




Good Morning Darlings!

Temptress and Badmash here… a couple of weeks we touched on aphrodisiacs (something that increases your sexual drive) we stumbled on this that has these mini “pick me ups” for your sexual dry spells…check em out! We will talk about them next week on “Naughty Nights” every wednesday overnight from 1am – 4am. Happy Friday!


Temptress & Badmash

  • An apple a day helps keep bad breath away (and your partner closer than ever).
  • Asparagus is rich in vitamin E — a key nutrient for hormone building. 
  • Bananas contain bromelain — an enzyme thought to boost male libido.
  • Celery is high in androsterone, a hormone released in male sweat that turns women on. 
  • Figs are rich in amino acids that may set your desire afire.
  • Garlic might cancel the sweet breath provided by the apples, but it can also boost blood flow to sexual organs.
  • Oysters have lots of zinc, an ingredient necessary for the production of testosterone.
  • Wild yams are thought to enhance genital sensitivity.