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Idealistic Movement “Peop1e” Call for Change





One People a.k.a. Peop1e is an organization and an idealistic movement determined to squash the norms of hatred and violence, discrimination and “poverty of the soul” as they like to describe it.

Check out their latest video, a tribute to all those fighting for freedom.

“Peop1e’s movement did this Justice.. VERY inspiring video…” – Humble the Poet


Visit Peop1e  for more info about this ground breaking movement.

Sun Soniye out on iTunes



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Parichay’s single Tum Habibi was featured on our Top 60 Desi Beats for 2k10, if you fell in love with that track, you are going to love Sun Soniye! We are excited for Parichay’s new album. Bring it on!

Buy Sun Soniye

Canadian singer and song writer Parichay gives you ‘Sun Soniye’. The perfect romantic song for Valentines Day. Sun Soniye  is a Hindi/ R&B Ballad featuring the prince of Desi Urban music – Parichay & R&B star – Freedom. It has an old school Bollywood feel to it with a catchy chorus, emotionally charged beat and strong, romantic lyrics – perfect for Valentine’s day to tell that special someone that you appreciate them… After the huge success of Yamla Pagla Deewana and Tum Habibi this is a song everyone can jam to on Valentines day.  Parichay who is signed to Three records run by music producers RDB is set to release his album this year.