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Jay Sean Still Sporting The Pout



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Another new video from Jay Sean “Like This, Like That” whether you love or hate the video, we caught him sporting his signature pout. Remember the same pout he used to do in the  2 point 9 videos — I’ve seen too many guys try to do it, but they end up looking like sick puppy dogs, I personally don’t find the pout — sexy. “Like This, Like That” is one of the songs from his new album Freeze Time (dropping July 5th) that I’m feeling, the rest of the songs just seem to be missing that cutting edge from Jay.

Jay Sean takes 2012 down a notch



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When “Down” dropped the summer of ’09, Jay Sean quickly came out with a couple of other versions, one of my favorite versions was the acoustic Down, it was very slow and romantic. On his “All or Nothing” album he came out with a “Candlelight” version. Recently on BBC 1xtra, he sang 2012 in a slower melody.

Break Your Back



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I think Jay Sean has to keep a close eye on who he keeps company with, to me, this is another song that got out a little too soon. I’m not going to pass judgment on it, I’m sure it needs a couple of more trips to the studio before we hear the complete version. Do you think some artist let these things happen on purpose? Then they complain “my music gets leaked too soon” and then they are still the talk of the bloggers (including myself). Whose the real genius here? It’s like celebrities and their sex tapes, the same story “some maid” or “some burglar” got a hold of the sex tape. Or is the celebrity the real culprit?

Those DJ shoutouts are annoying, but you won’t see this video on youtube (it was on there – but got muted). I think Jay Sean’s folks are like the “big brother” of youtube, the “burglar” has gotten smart and just put it on of facebook.

Jay Sean’s new album “Freeze Time” will be out November 2nd