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Indian Express Editor shows his homophobic side



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Some people need to understand how saying “that’s gay” hurts a community, a community just like any other community. I was surprised when Sam Rao posted on his facebook “Superbowl – The Doritos Adv is gay. Literally this guy sucks on others fingers and then rips the other guys pants off. WTF? What demographics are they going for. Sorry doesn’t work.” this is the same Sam Rao, who told me at the Fremont Mela 2008 how much he supports the LGBT South Asians, how it’s important for them to have a presence in the community. Sam, whether you like it or not, your comments did hurt the community. It gives a green light to let others know it’s ok to gay bash.

After I told him to refrain from using the word gay in a negative context and how it shows his ignorant side. He responded…

“Get off your horse, what makes this usage negative? IMO the majority demographic has been missed – like if it was a totally Euro (White) man oriented ad. If you are happy and gay and you know it – keep it to yourself”

Whoa there cowboy… “If you are happy and gay and you know it – keep it to yourself” that’s 180 contrast to what you said how you are supportive of the community, now you want people who are gay and happy to keep it to themselves. That’s not going to help anything,  section 377 was abolished – people who are comfortable should be out. It gives people who aren’t ready to come out, a source of courage and a reminder it’s ok to be gay and to be who you are. That’s why ever time I see “gay” used in a negative context on someone status, I ask them to please refrain from using that. Even my friend Rohan, from the Late Night Lounge, came to the realization that it’s NOT ok to say the word Fag in any way, shape or form. When we were watching the football game, every time he said fag, he would pay me two dollars.

I admit, Sam deleted the post, so I can’t quote myself but I said something along the lines that he needs to take the journalism award he won a couple of months ago out of his ass. His integrity is lacking and ignorance is showing. I should of kept my cool, but that last bit really set me off. When he switched off and started talking in Hindi, I started talking in Punjabi by saying … Tere kol koi tameez nahi haighee, Tu koi leader ni haiga, tere honkhar neh tenu paagal kita haigha. Tere kol koi dil nahi haigha, tere andkar koi insaani yat nahi haighee. Ek Jaanwar toh vi thaley haigha ah tu. (you are ignorant, you aren’t a community leader you are a heartless goat) after that exchange he ended up deleting me and blocking me. Likewise I blocked him. He once told me that even though I don’t notice, the community knows I’m out and gay. And that’s why people have a problem with me. But I’m beginning to think it’s not the community that has issues with me, it’s Sam Rao. Which is sad, I used to look up to him when I was a teenager, but after this, I don’t know the Sam Rao I used to know.

Guinness World Record Attempt by Psymphony Radio



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If you are coming to the Fremont Mela tomorrow, be a part of history and end up in the Guinness Book of World records (maybe!)… I tried to be in the Guinness book with my 5 pound foil ball, needless to say it didn’t get me in! I’ve always believed music brings people together, in a world where we’re constantly divided.  This evening, while I was board op’ing for Psymphony Radio, a caller said he would like to see both Pakistani and Indian flags being waved… hopefully that attempted will be started by the caller himself. FIA approaches their 18th year putting on the India Independence day mela… check out the details below as Psymphony attempts to have a song be sung in over 250+ languages in a duration of eight minutes. Look for the “singforindia.com” booth to pick up the lyrics

Guinness World Record attempt for MOST LANGUAGES PERFORMED IN A SONG [by multiple singers] 3 Simple Steps to follow:
1. Attend the performance
2. Sing Along
3. Sign the Log Book
Come, Sing & Sign – get authentic Guinness World Records(TM) Certificate

Details at www.singforindia.com

Date: August 15, 2010
Venue: Main Performance Stage
39439, Paseo Padre Parkway,
Fremont, CA 94536.

Time: Between 1 PM to 4 PM [After the Parade]
Duration of the Attempt: 8 minutes
Song: Maa Tujhe Salaam

DONT FORGET TO SIGN THE LOG BOOK at Psymphony’s Guinness World Records Booth at FIA. Lyrics available at the booth and @singforindia.com