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Walk this way… with a Punjabi Twist




Hey  Diddle Diddle… you got to check this out. The Beautiful Losers feat. Mixman Shawn doing a cover of Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” here’s the kicker…Mixman Shawn dropped some lyrics in Punjabi! It’s great to see Mixman OUT of the studio and up on stage, SHOWCASING his OWN talent, instead of enhancing other people’s talent. I really hope he focuses on his own music and career for 2011.

Taz on Sound Cloud



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A couple of weeks ago, we broke the news that Taz’s new album “Twist and Shout” went platinum in India. Taz opened a soundcloud account, now you can listen to the album Twist and Shout! Check it out and see why it became platinum in India!!! Be sure you request these tracks on your local radio stations…

Latest tracks by stereonation

Atif Aslam’s FOLK meets Slash’s METAL?



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I think the Bay Area has Atif fever, after his amazing concert, a couple of weeks ago. The talented Pakistani pop star is planning to collaborate with Slash and Gilby Clarke (Guns “n” Roses) and Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay).  This is a fusion project between Pakistani Folk music meets Western Genres. Rock and Pakistani beats work well – look at Junoon. Can you imagine Atif and Chris’s vocals coming together with Slash’s guitar riff? No dates for this project has been set, but all three parties seems very optimistic. If this collaboration happens – it will be a quantum leap for all of the artists – musically the possibilities are endless!

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