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Mallika Shakes her Mehbooba on New Years



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Check out this exclusive video posted on Mallika’s twitter, doing a bollywood dance routine to “Mehbooba” on New Years.

Mallika – Is it too much???



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The press in India dismissed this photo as Mallika being “topless” but she really has on a body suit. This is one of the promo pictures for her movie “Hissss” she tweeted this photo and asked “is this too much?”

She’s very candid and honest when she tweets back to her fans, in fact someone was bold enough to ask if she would ever pose topless or nude? Mallika firmly replied – NEVER!

That probably burst the fantasy bubble of millions! Mallika is no stranger to controversy, she knows the rules of Hollywood and knows it’s just acting. In fact, controversial roles, I believe, keeps things challenging and interesting for actors. But for the wider audience in India, it’s hard to grasp. Take Aishiwarya Rai for example… one of her rules if she was going to play a Bond girl, there would be no kissing or no love scenes; those rules don’t apply in Hollywood.

So the media in India, get it right, get a grip – it’s just a body suit. She’s NOT topless.  Mallika is just doing what she does best – acting.

Ps. Mallika the picture isn’t “too much” it’s a nice shot!

Mallika Sherawat Twitter interview



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For the new years, Badmash and Temptress wanted to treat their listeners to an interview with Mallika Sherawat who is not only hot but very outspoken! We like that! This interview was from her Twitter visit in SF

check out the video

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Naughty Nights kicking off 2010 with…




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Greeting Darlings,

Badmash and Temptress here, we hope you had a wonderful new year with your love ones and lovers… did you do anything naughty? Badmash did… in fact if you tuned in last night, Badmash stopped by the studio and kicked it with KLOK employee Marko, we wanted to kick off with the sexy, sultry, brilliant, amazing and quite bold Mallika Sherawat, the interview was done a couple of months ago from the twitter office, thanks to Desiclub.com but we can’t wait to broadcast it to you and we promise we will bring Mallika back again for round two….

Why do we love Mallika???

She steps out of the box… and doesn’t let any boundries hold her back… she has the naughty nights appeal to inspire women to be different and go against any sort of pre-judgement norm…


Temptress & Badmash