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Did TV9 gay sting operation piss you off?



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It sure pissed us off, this isn’t journalism, these so-called journalist need to know that you can’t pull a stunt like this. As we reported, a young man tried to take his life, after his parents saw him on this segment. What TV9 did was put more fuel into the homophobic fire, that keeps people in the closet. Thanks to our friends at Trikone (Manoj) we got a DIRECT email to the legal aid, I would like to encourage our readers to write an email to her expresses your concerns and outrage over this segment.

padmavathi.appala@tv9.net and you can also submit a message to TV9 founder Ravi Dutta right here

But we stronger advise our readers to drop Padmavathi an email.

TV9 “Gay Sting” Transcript

Take Action Against TV9



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Take Action Against TV9 Fan Page

Yesterday,  we blogged about the irresponsibility of TV9 actions against the Queer Desi Community in AP, they set up a sting operation to expose/humiliate gay men, and it almost cost someone their life – when they tried to commit suicide. If you can’t imagine or understand why this is bad, please read the translation of the program. Due to the sensitive content, the names have been edited out. Thank you Ram Abhireddy for the translation.

English translation :

The Female Reporter starts “A boy trying to pursue Girls is Common but Boys pursuing Boys
has become a Fashion. Gay Culture in Hyderabad is increasing drastically. All the gay men
in Hyderabad go to clubs or pubs once every week or ten days to celebrate. They Drink and
Dance with whomever they want.”

After having shown footage of a club she continues “This is 3 star pub in Secunderabad where
software employees, rich kids and students party on weekends but there is a specialty to
this party, the people you see in the video drunk dancing are Gay. Having got to know about
the Gay Parties the TV 9 team went to investigate and found the truth. Meeting, drinking and
partying like this on weekends has become a ritual to the gay men in this city.”

“Taking private party permission as an excuse all the gay men unite and party. It might sound
astonishing to hear but this is the reality. There are also very popular websites for gay men on
the internet. Planetromeo.com is the most famous website amongst others. The numbers of
users from Andhra Pradesh in this site are 6,500 out of which 4,604 are from Hyderabad alone.
They login, message, chat, meet and celebrate using this site. Any given time, there are about
200 users online on the site from the city. Software Employees and students are most users
who fall prey to this GAY CULTURE.”

“Sexy pictures, fashionable clothes, thrilling behavior and being able to communicate properly
are the weapons used by a gay man to attract another gay Man. The picture that you see is of
Person (D) who happens to be a software engineer who has taken sexy pictures of himself and
uploaded on the site to attract other gay men.”

The change the Picture and the reporter goes, “The guy in this picture is Person(R) who is a
student at JNTU University and lives in the dormitory. TV9 has “trapped” Person(R) after having
seen the pictures and contact information that he uploaded on the profile.”
The Phone Conversation between Person(R) and the “Investigator”

Investigator: Hello
Person® :Who is this?
Investigator: Is Person(R) there?
Person(R): Tell me I am Person(R) speaking
Investigator: You gave me this no on Planet romeo
Person(R):Ya, tell me who is this where r u from?
Investigator:I live in Banjara Hills Hyderabad where are u?
Person(R) :I am currently out of station but I am coming back soon
Investigator: When exactly are you coming back?
Person(R):I am coming back on Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday morning hopefully
Investigator:What are your stats?
Person(R):5.6 ht and 68 wt
Investigator: is it 5.8
Person(R):5.6 your height?

Investigator:I am 5.9, 5 feet 9 inches What are you? Are you a top or a Bottom
Person(R) :I am a top Investigator:so you are a top, what do you like?
Person(R): Foreplay and getting sucked. Where do u stay?
Investigator:I currently live in Banjara Hills
Person(R):Would you have place?
Investigator: ahhhhh
Person(R):Would you have place?
Investigator:I will call you when I have the place, Monday or Tuesday. I will only call you when I
have a place. What do you do?
Person(R): I got to JNTu
Investigator : Jntu? What do you do in JNTu?
Person(R): I study Mtech
Investigator : I can’t hear you properly can you be louder
Person(R): I am studying Mtech

They display another picture. “The person in this picture is Person(S) who is a Software
employee in a well known firm, good salary, lives in Miyapur and loves to go to Gay Parties.
Phone Conversation with Person(S) begins.

Person(S): Hello Who is this?
Reporter : Is Person(S) there?
Person(S): who is on the other side?
Reporter: This is Prashant speaking
Person(S): Prashanth?
Reporter: You gave me your number in PR
Person(S): oh.. ok Tell me
Reporter: Can you be a bit louder I cant hear you
Person(R): Tell me..
Reporter: Where are you Person(S) ?
Person(S): I am at Home currently, tell me
Reporter: Do you have a place now?
Person(S): Yes but my friends are there as of now
Reporter: Are your friends there?
Person(S) : Yes they will be here in an hour
Reporter: Ok What is your Age Person(S)?
Person(S): I am 27
Reporter: 27 oh.. What do you like?
Person(S):I am a versatile and you?
Reporter: Even I am also a versatile yaar
Person(S): ok ok Good to know
Reporter: What else do you like? What do you like on bed?
Person(S): I am telling you naa, I am a versatile, what do you like?
Reporter: ok ok

Phone Conversation ends. The Female Reporter starts talking “A lot of employees in higher
positions, white collared workers, highly qualified students are becoming slaves to lifestyle
which is against nature. Taking this as an advantage some people are blackmailing them.”

After showing a couple more pictures they stop at a picture. “The man in the pic is Person(F),
lives in Mehdipatnam, works at a software firm. To tell the truth, this is a part time job for him.
His actual “dhanda” is blackmailing. Talking to new people, getting sexual pleasures from
them and then black mailing them by taking pictures and videos of them and snatching money
from the same people for those pics and videos is Person(F)’s Job. While some do it for new
pleasures, some get spoilt by friends, others do it for the craving of money, the remaining are
vowed by the lust. Some of them have changed it into a business by capturing teenagers mind
and get them into this hell. Getting them into this Anti-Social lifestyle. In the city, A lot of clubs
give permission to organize gay parties without letting the rest of the world know.”

Homophobia is gross, not the picture



Picture 44

Whether this picture was altered, a film still or a causal friendly kiss; I should take a stance and say there’s nothing wrong with it. But the way it was posted on facebook sends a clear message of homophobia. This year alone, several teens/young adults have committed suicide due to being outed/teased for their sexuality. Look at Karan Johar, about 80% of the time, interviewers have to ask him about his sexuality. It’s amazing he hasn’t cracked under pressure. I love it when he mocks the interviewer right back. Good for you Karan! Frankly it doesn’t bother me if he is gay or not, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s the most sought out producer/director in Bollywood. The irony is the people who do the gay bashing, you are still spending your money to go see his films – hypocrites. In case you don’t know what a hypocrite is, here’s the definition. (UPDATE BELOW WHERE THIS ORIGINATED FROM)

Comments for the pic to far…but for the folks who didn’t post the homophobic remarks. Thank you.

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So this picture is actually unreleased footage from My Name is Khan, but what even with Section 377 outlawed in India, these host have no idea the type of homophobic undertone they are sending to the audience. I’m curious to see if there is more to this kiss or was it just SRK’s character in the film being spontaneous.