M·A·C Cosmetics at the IIFA Awards Backstage



M.A.C. Cosmetics, the leading brand of professional cosmetics, was the official makeup sponsor of the International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA) held in Toronto just last weekend. M-A-C’s involvement as a contributing sponsors has been going on for over several years now.  

Leading award shows and film festivals around the world have had MAC as a sponsor, including the World Music Awards, Toronto International Film Festival, Dubai International Film Festival, Deauxville Film Festival, MTV Europe Awards, Sundance Film Festival, Fashion Rocks and many more.

Over 25 M.A.C Artists provided makeup services to 20 Bollywood Actors and over 100 Dancers scheduled to perform at the event. Artists will also be on-hand for touch-ups to the presenters and award winners throughout the ceremony.
“India’s dynamic film and entertainment industry is a source of inspiration for many cultures around the world. The powerful vibe of creativity that emanates from India’s talented actors, directors and production artists ties in with M.A.C’s commitment to artistry worldwide. Our presence in India allows us to support these industries and collaborate with the culture of creative artists responsible for these ideas. M.A.C is proud to be the Official Makeup sponsor for the 2006 International Indian Film Awards”. Peter Lichtenthal, Global General Manager M.A.C Cosmetics

Backstage with MAC at the IIFA Awards (Photo Courtesy of: Beauty and the Feast Blog)




Picture 12Another cool gig to add to their resume, the RDB brothers and Nindy Kaur are going to be the Brand Abassadors for IIFA 2011 ( International Indian Film Academy) in North America. Over the last couple of years, RDB has gone Bollywood, working with numerous A-List Bollywood celebrities. They will be kicking off the event with Walk of Fame ceremony alongside the beautiful Bipasha Basu.

Manj is excited to take part in the IIFA festivities, RDB will also be performing at the IIFA Buzz in Brampton, Toronto.

Myself and Nindy Kaur are so excited about bringing Bipasha down and being part of the IIFA Buzz, Brampton. To be brand ambassadors and represent IIFA in Toronto and being the only UK Asian Artist to do so for the first time is overwhelming. We believe RDB and Nindy Kaur is a perfect bridge between Bollywood and Mainstream in the North America market’’.