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Rimi coming back with a splash!



Picture 53

Rimi came onto the scene in 2006 with a Hindi/Western fusion album “The Unveiling and coming up in December she will be debuting her second album. We don’t have a lot of details, maybe another fusion album? But on her website she defines herself as a “hip hop” artist. So maybe this second album will have more of a hip hop influence to it? It’s nice she’s coming out with a second album and not living in the “one album hit wonder” bubble a majority of female artists we come across here on UDR.

According to her blog, she’s keeping the album genre a “secret” but has hit a few bumps in the road – luckily for us, these bumps artists hit usually produce some memorable tunes. I believe this album will take us on a journey of what Rimi has been up to these last couple of years. Welcome Back Rimi!