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Whitney Houston: A triple threat talent…



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I’m still in shell-shock over Whitney Houston’s death, I saw the breaking news story come up on my fb timeline. I googled it and all the articles confirmed the worst – Whitney Houston, Dead at 48.  Growing up in the 80s, there were two stars I always looked forward to seeing on the TV and they were Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Their songs were truly iconic during that tremulous decade. Whitney had this caliber talent to carry a tune, to the point where most of us would of gone breathless – she could still harmoniously sync to the beat.

I’ll remember Whitney as a triple threat. She could sing, dance and act. As I mention on my facebook, if you are remotely BLESSED with one of those talents it can take you far – but if you have all three – there’s NO LIMITS to your potential. However the demons Whitney faced, like so many of our talented superstars were drugs. She coined the term on the 2002 Diane Sawyer interview “crack is whack” that open a can of worms for comedians to poke fun at her. Right now there’s silence, no one is laughing – all we hear is her amazing vocals coming out of our speakers, TVs, computers and smart phones.

People are suspecting the cause of death had to do with drugs, we won’t know until the coroner report comes out. In my opinion, I think her heart just gave out on her. Dr. Drew talked about addict recovery on CNN, if he had been treating Whitney, he would of advised her to take two years off. In 2010, Whitney told Oprah she was clean, I think she just bit off more than she could chew and it killed her. For those of us who have dealt with drugs issues, whether its our own or family/friends, the rule is take one day at a time. Sometimes planning ahead can lead to one’s demise.

I’ll miss Whitney. But like all great artists, her legacy will live through her music and talent. Be sure to watch the Grammys tonight, Jennifer Hudson will pay special tribute to Whitney Houston.

Urban Desi Artists/Talent comments on Whitney….

Taz (Stereo Nation) – I am very sad today as one of my favorite singers has unfortunately passed away. She was an inspiration to artists all over the world, may her soul rest in peace. She truly had the voice of an angel. GOD BLESS

S-Endz/Casey Rain – RIP Whitney Houston :(

Diamond Duggal – I was talking about Whitney’s talent just yesterday…a few hours later I heard the news…a very sad loss…

Mira Veda – RIP Whitney

Mentor Beats – RIP Whitney Houston. Life is too short. Enjoy it while you can. God bless x

The Truth – I know im late but R.I.P one of the greatest ever to do it….Whitney Houston! My love is your love…P

Panjabi Hit Squad – RIP Whitney Houston :-(

Indy Beats – She sung like an Angel but spent too much time in the company of the Devil – R.I.P. Whitney Houston

Sullee J – R.I.P (Picture of Whitney with Tupac)

Mixman Shawn – R.I.P. Whitney Houston…

Tarli Digital – Whitney Houston? RIP? Noooooooo! :-(

Sunny Sahota – RIP Whitney

Raxstar – Damn. #RIPWHITNEY

Bobby Friction – I brought her debut single on 12″ back in my teens…I fell in love with her.xx RIP WHITNEY HOUSTON

Raghav – I can’t believe it… Whitney houston.. We’ll miss u.. All vocalists try to reach that level of vocal perfection… Stunned..

Bohemia – RIP the great Whitney Houston. Will always love you.

Jay Sean – This is so so tragic.Another legend just gone.There were No gimmicks, no tricks, no autotune with her.Whitney was just brilliant.That’s all

H Dhami – Warrup ma people..top night of gigs,apart 4m hearing da tragic passing away off the legend Whitney Houston… A voice that will live 4ever x

MC Special – Just heard the sad news of the loss of #Whitney #Houston RIP 1963-2012 totally in shock. Great vocalist

Swami Baracus – Still sad to hear of whitney houston… this woman was the benchmark for how other voices were judged. Another talent lost to recreation…

Nindy Kaur – RIP Whitney Houston…she was a great singer and will be remembered. I really liked some of her songs, especially…

RDB – Wow another legendary voice gone :( Rest In Peace Whitney Houston…fans please keep her daughter and family in your prayers – RDB

Janina Gavankar – ….just found out about Whitney.

DJ Fricktion – Omg Whitney Houston Died? Shocking!!

Maz (Bonafide) – R.I.P Whitney Houston… Despite her controversy she had a voice that will be remembered forever.A true diva and legend.

Ziggy (Bonafide) – R.I.P Whitney houstan. We just lost a legend.

Desi Comedy – Jeff Ross did real time Whitney Houston jokes… Wow and definitely not too soon.

DJ Rekha – here is when i truly hope this soul will rest in peace for it seems she had little or none in her short life. Whitney Houston RIP

Humble The Poet – Whitney Houston Dead at 48 That is definitely a voice the world will miss One Love

Official Remix of Ik Jindree dropping on The Weekend Jam



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Tune into Buzz Asia TODAY for an exclusive remix of Ik Jindree by DDS, on The Weekend Jam with Indy. Remember on the west coast England is 8 hours ahead, for the rest of the region do the math after that. Bay Area’s own Ishmeet, was a part of Ik Jindree, along with the versatile voice of Bikram Singh. Ik Jindree is currently number 1 on Buzz’s charts. Indy B is part of Breaking Beats, we are currently playing Mr. Cas’s official “Casa-licious” Remix 2011 (what a tongue twister) remix on UDR’s The Junction. Watch out for Breaking Beats doing big things in 2011 and beyond!

Breaking Beats: Casa-Licious Remix



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Mr. Cas, from Breaking Beats brings us over 10 minutes of orgasmic Bhangra remixes! We’ve been waiting for this mix for a long time, it was worth the wait! Breaking Beats, Panjabi Hit Squad and G Town Desi (Type of Guy – Number 40 on Urban Desi Radio Top 60 Desi Beats for 2k10) will be coming together on New Years in Glasgow!

Casa -Licious Remix by Mr Cas (Breaking Beats)

Support Indy Beats – 100KM walk



Support one of my pals, Indy Beats (Breaking Beats) from the UK, we used to work at the same radio station in the UK, this is for a good cause! – Petz

This weekend (17-19th July 2010) I’m taking on the biggest challenge of my life as I attempt to hike 100KM through the hills of South England. It’s a massive event organised by Oxfam and the Gurkha Welfare Trust and has over 2000 participants. I’m aiming to raise £500 and am asking for your support and sponsorship. However much you can spare is appreciated, every bit helps and it all adds up quickly.

Also if you’re interested in branded sponsorship for your business whether it’s just me carrying your brand logo or the entire team donning your company t-shirts, please e-mail me to asap discuss options.

You can sponsor me at:
or at

More info:
The Challenge
The challenge is called Trailwalker UK. Teams of four trek through the night to complete the 100KM course in under 30 hours. It’s an amazing experience that combines endurance, navigation, determination, and teamwork, into a truly memorable achievement. The course is split up into regular checkpoints and takes place on the South Down’s Way.
Trailwalker will test individuals and teams physically and creatively. Trailwalker is a unique charity event and one that will test teams to their physical and mental limits.

The Team:

One team leader. To organise and prepare the team
Three fellow walkers. To complete the walking team. Everyone brings a quality to the team, whether it’s energy, enthusiasm, organisational skills, fundraising ideas, map-reading skills, or an endless stream of amusing chat.
One support crew. A crack team of friends and family to be your support crew
Where the Money Goes:
The money raised for the event will be split 50 / 50 after event costs between the Gurkha welfare trust and Oxfam. Oxfam works in 3 main areas. Campaigning for change, development work and emergency response.
For every £1 given to Oxfam GB 80p is spent directly on our emergency, development and campaigns work, 10p is spent on support and running costs, and 10p is invested to raise more money.
People need help in an emergency — fast. Oxfam saves lives, swiftly delivering aid, support and protection; and help communities develop the capacity to cope with future crises. Currently supporting the Hunger Crisis in West Africa, Effects of the Earthquake in Haiti, Conflict in Pakistan, Guatemala Floods.
What’s the course record?
9 hours, 50 minutes!

What’s the average time?
Last year the average time was between 24 and 26 hours.

The History of Trailwalker
Trailwalker UK started as a military training exercise in 1981.

With an impressive 12 trails in nine countries. Since it began in 1981, 1000s of walkers around the world have successfully taken on Oxfam’s 100 km challenge: to walk 100km, in teams of four, in a limited time. Thanks to each and every one of them, more than £45 million has been raised to help overcome poverty and injustice. Trailwalker now takes place in Canada, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, Belgium, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, & Hong Kong.
Trailwalker UK- 100 km in 30 hours

The Queens Gurkha Signals Regiment are a big part of Trailwalker UK. In 1997, they established Trailwalker on the South Downs Way. By 2000, the UK event had become the nation’s largest ultra-distance marathon.
In 2002, the Gurkha’s invited Oxfam GB to partner them on the event and split the money raised between Oxfam and the Gurkha Welfare Trust. Within a couple of years the funds raised by the event increased ten fold and it became Oxfam GB’s top fundraising event. It now attracts more than 500 teams each year.
Pics from Trailwalker 2009: http://www.flickr.com/groups/trailwal…

So please, dig deep and give what you can. It all helps and every little adds up to a lot very quickly.
Once again you can sponsor me at www.justgiving.com/indyb or at www.uk.virginmoneygiving.com/indy

Thanks again!

Indy Beats

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