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Blitz at the East London Mela



Picture 22

This is why the melas in the UK rule… you get Blitz and Roach Killa on the same stage!! In the SF Bay Area Melas, we just get stale Bollywood actors! So lame… Blitz is currently touring the UK and getting the crowd hyped up for his new album dropping in September! Be sure you go to iTunes and download Kiss (Chumma) feat. RDB and the Tigerstyle remix!

Jay Sean’s “Do You Remember” out on itunes




Personally, I’m feeling this track more than I was feeling down. No disrespect to Jay Sean, Down is a great track, but for some reason, I feel “Do You Remember” has more of that Jay Sean spunk.

Keep downloading this track legally, so Jay Sean can get another double platinum award, I think this track definitely deserves the attention “Down” got!


Coffee and Anjulie To Go?




I was getting my ritual coffee; I quickly glanced at the “Starbucks” music selection. I always thought that was a joke, Starbucks and music? Give me a break! But this one artist, Anjulie grabbed my attention. I picked up the free download card (via itunes) and download “Boom”.

The best way to describe, “Boom” it has a lounge feel. Or it’s a tune I could picture myself waking up to on a pop station.

I asked my friends, if they would take the time to download one of the free tracks from Starbucks? Is this a successful marketing tactic to all you coffee junkies?

*drum roll*

Some would… simply because it’s free!

Others wouldn’t… because of their attention span/steps they need to take

I’ll admit, I’ve had this song on “repeat” – it’s catchy. Give it a try! Download it! It’s free…

Download Boom