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Shall we call you Professor Sidhu?



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If you get a chance, check out @JassiSidhu twitter account, he’s been making A LOT of noise, especially venting about the way the industry is sinking in it’s own pitiful demise. It’s not that he’s out to attack it, but trying to preserve it with his own words of wisdom. You could say, what has he done for the industry? Why the ##@% should we care what Jassi says? Maybe you should, it’s coming from a kernel of truth source inside his soul. Some could dismiss it as “hating” but I think he’s coming from a logical stand point. In any case, his latest tweet sums a lot of issues up….

“It doesnt matter who the artist is..all that matters is a amazing melody..brilliant vocal,great production and I forgot to add perfect lyrics”

Bravo Professor Sidhu!