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Jay Sean with Grammy Dreams



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Jay Sean took a quick tour of the NY Chapter of the Grammy Boards…check out the exclusive video from Grammy365.com, tomorrow Jay Sean single “2012” will be out on iTunes. It’s already been played throughout the US/UK radio stations… is it Grammy worthy??

Behind the scenes with Jay Sean’s 2012



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“2012” will be out on iTunes on August 3rd and the video will be debuting on MTV August 8th! Nicki Minaj is featured on the track. The bootlegged version was hijacked and put on youtube. It was quickly taken down and replaced with an instrumental track. The song made it’s radio debut on the Panjabi Hit Squad show,  with Rav and Dee, on the BBC Asian Network. It’s been making its way on the airwaves here in the states…check out the behind the scene videos of 2012…

Jay Sean – “2012” (MAKING OF) PART I from By Any Means T.V. on Vimeo.

Jay Sean – “2012” (MAKING OF) PART II from By Any Means T.V. on Vimeo.

Cash Money recording artist Jay Sean in the studio working on his new single “2012” produced by OFM.

Directed: Aristotle
Produced by: By Any Means
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2nd Camera: Troy Leach

Jay Sean inspires South Asian Politicians



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OR do the South Asian Politicians inspire Jay Sean? I think it’s a two way street in this matter, as we reported on Saturday, Jay Sean went to speak at a conference for the Indian American Leadership Initiative. Over six South Asians are running for Congressional seats here in the States. In his speech, Jay Sean talks about his own struggles making it into mainstream, even his own critics questioned the deal between “Cash Money” and Jay Sean. Would it turn sour like the Virgin Record deal? So far… “all izz well” Check out his speech….

Jay Sean going political?



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It seems like Jay Sean is taking interest in South Asians in American politics… is he following Mallika Sherawat lead in her upcoming film Politics of Love? Is he planning to run himself? (little problem with UK citizenship — but he can become an American citizen!) The Indian American Leadership Initiative conference is taking place today at Georgetown University. Jay Sean will be participating in the closing reception “Behind the Mic: Jay Sean and the New Er of Indian Americans in Politics” maybe he will give them an encore and sing “My Own Way”

Over six Indian Americans are running for Congressional seats, that’s the largest number of South Asians running in US history.

“I am really excited about participating in the IALI conference this weekend, I’m proud of these pioneering South Asians being celebrated for their individual talents and gifts, and happy to lend my support.” says Jay.

Over the last couple of years, since Jay “made his own way” to Cash Money records, folks in and out of the Urban/Desi industry have snickered “Jay has sold out” “He has forgotten his South Asian roots” “He doesn’t consider himself Punjabi” and “Cash Money has gone to his head”

That couldn’t be farther from the truth, I think he’s proud of his South Asian heritage, we should be celebrating the fact more South Asian artist are breaking into mainstream. Look at Aslam? He might be linking up with Guns “n” Roses and Coldplay. We all have to make “our own way” to get to mainstream…

P. Cantell the “Persian Jay Sean”



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One of my best pals Ellie, gave P Cantell this “Persian Jay Sean” label… when she posted his song “Iranian Girl” and I fell in love with it! The video, the style, the lyrics … no bitches… no hoochie mamas…no hoes… no baby mama lyrics… just pure and loving. The beats were amazing!!! Iranian Girl also features Sahand too.

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I played this song on “The Junction” and I remember one of my listeners Goldy called up and loved it… and ironically a Persian man who was working the late night shift, who loves Indian music was surprised to hear a song with Persian lyrics. For me, music has no limitations – its a universal language that speaks to all of us.

P Cantell grew up in Iran, Germany and the US… he stepped into the scene with his song “A Million Shadows” that was dedicated to the struggle in Iran and the folks fighting for their freedom.

He doesn’t consider himself a political rapper, he wants to tell a story and put the listener in it, so they can sense all the emotions going into the story.  His album “A Journey To Iran” takes the listeners back to his homeland – each song depicts a tale of truth of his own experiences. You will feel like you are shoulder-to-shoulder with P Cantell on this journey.

Petz lives in a media cave and enjoys putting Iranian girl on repeat on her ipod

Jay Sean new music video?




Last week, I posted that “2012” song by Jay Sean, which is suppose to be his new single. It’s already fumed disappointment, especially among the Prince fans who feel Jay Sean is biting off the “We are gonna party like it’s 1999”

According to Jay Sean’s tweet, he’s going to be in LA tomorrow to shoot a music video… do you think its for 2012?

Oh yes…. he also mention the Summer has “just begun” he better hurry up… we are approaching August!

Petz lives in a media cave and can do an impression of Jay Sean’s pout

We are gonna party like its… 2012?




I’m still partying like it’s 1999… you can’t walk through an isle in a book store, without some author banking on the “fact” the world is going to end in 2012, just like the whole y2k hype…I’m still here… and you are too… reading this blog… Jay Sean flipped 2012 around and has made it in another “we are gonna party like the world is going to end” track…remember though, this isn’t the “official” release… it sounds like a rough cut to me… like that time the bootlegged version of “Maybe” leaked… we heard “myspace” in one version and “facebook” in another… no word yet on when Jay’s new album is coming out, the crazy thing is I was just thinking the other day – Down was blasting every where… where is Jay Sean??? Enjoy this track….

About the author: Petz lives in a media cave… loves to party… but these days… feels like old fart

The Junction Ep.1 hosted by Petz – Featuring Navin Kundra



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The Junction was started on a UK Radio Station called AsianFX, after the station folded it went on hiatus. It’s back on Urban Desi Radio bringing you a mix of imports from the UK while balancing tracks from the US.

In March ’09, Petz interviewed Navin Kundra – you will be able to hear bits and pieces

1. Tere Liye – Navin Kundra

2. Mehbooba – Navin Kundra

3. Down – Jay Dabhi Mash Up

4. Do you remember- Pree Mayall

5.  My Life – Pree Mayall (feat. Missive, Mandeep Sethi and Eternal)

6.  Operation Bluestar 1984 – Mandeep Sethi

7. Chori Chori Takna – Dark MC

8. Original Nutta (Sam Sam Remix) – UK Apache

9. Outer Space – S Endz

10.  Jhagade – Mixman Shawn remix

Naughty Nights: Secrets of Oral Sex by The Temptress



coollogo_com_320434621Every wednesday overnight 1am – 4am, hosted by  Temptress & The Badmash

This was broadcast on 1170am Wednesday Night on our Naughty Night show. The Temptress reveals the secret of oral sex, download this podcast for fun and interesting facts regarding the art of “going down” on your lover!

Between the Temptress tidbits you will be treated to sweet tunes

Turn me on – Jay Sean

Chori Chori Takna – Dark MC

Boom – Anjulie

Super Human – Chris Brown

Show Girl – Mumzy

Freak in me – Pree Mayall feat. Miss Meghna

I thought you were loving me too – Mira Veda

Jay Sean @ The Macys Thanksgiving Parade



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It was a cold morning in NYC, but Jay Sean heated things up at the annual Macys Thanksgiving Parade, with his hit single “Down” from his new album “All or Nothing” … and that poor kitty? jumped for for joy and fell “down” into Jay Sean’s arms