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**Attention all weak desi rappers** The Doctor is in.



By Tina Arneja www.otinaotina.us

Whoa Whoa Whoa. What is this? A Detroit-based American Desi rapper who raps in Urdu? Let me rephrase: An American Desi CONSCIOUS Rapper who spits rhymes in English and Urdu? Oh, and he’s a medical doctor too?

Kamran Rashid Khan (Lazarus) has got MAD talent and props to him for being a talented and consciously gifted new upcoming rapper.

There’s a handful of Desi rappers that I totally dig, but he just topped them all. He has truly delivered with “Drug of Choice”. Lazarus isn’t rapping about how he drives a black Denali while smoking a blunt. Instead, he is illustrating how MUSIC and RAP are his drug-of-choice. Also, LOVING the Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan incorporation. The music video is also very earthy–showcasing young life on the streets of Pakistan as opposed to some gangsters bobbing their head in a club.

Urban Desi Radio gives this guy 5 thumbs up, and I know we will be playing him weeks to come here at “The Beach”.

Did I already mention that he is a physician? (Being totally biased here, but he has just confirmed my theory that you can be in the medical profession and still be an extremely artistic musician part-time). *Ahem*

Download his Mixtape at http://www.LazarusStory.com.