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UDR Top 60 #1 artist Jasmine Sandlas interview on Sitaarre TV



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Kavita Arora from Sitaarre TV, interviews Urban Desi Radio’s number one artist, Jasmine Sandlas, on our Top 60 Desi Beats for 2010. In this interview you get to see Jasmine singing live, no special effects, no magic from Mixman Shawn… just her in front of the camera singing raw. Check it out!

Sitaarre TV’s Kavita Arora interviews NBC Raj Mathai



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Even if you don’t like sports, when you see Raj Mathai talking about sports teams, you just get sucked in. Raj just takes a light hearted approach to his reporting. We are fortunate enough to have him here in Bay Area. Kavita and him talk about how he got into sports casting to a MAJOR on-air blooper (hint: it has something to do with gum!)