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Bohemia launches India Tour 2011



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After a successful tour to raise funds for Pakistan flood victims in 2011, Bohemia will be touring India in 2011! If you are interested to book Bohemia or want more info about his tours in Punjab, Delhi or Mumbai call +91 9911581590 or email info@ysevents.in. Bohemia was ranked number 3 on Urban Desi Radio top 10 artists of the decade.

Trousseau Time



By @Raj Thandhi

Although I have no plans to re-marry in the future lately I’ve found myself quite intrigued with Indian bridal wear and trousseau options. Maybe it’s all the “shaadi” related films like Band Baja Barat and Tanu weds Manu, or my upcoming 10th anniversary (and secret desire for a vow renewal – does anyone know if the gurudwara allows that?) One thing is for sure; I’ve got bridal brain.

I got married in 2001, when designer Indian wear was still a distant dream for a girl in Vancouver. It was starting to come through in bridal magazines and specialty boutiques, but it wasn’t quite mainstream enough for me to find it. And like many young brides I didn’t even have a well defined style at the time, so I just picked what I thought was the prettiest. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my wedding lehnga, but a girl can still dream right? So here I’ve compiled my favorite Indian bridal wear designers in 2011:

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Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani is the master of classic Indian looks. He is most famous for his sari designs (he created the infamous pink and blue bandini sari for Elizabeth Hurley), but I’m obsessed with his formal lehngas.

Tahiliani’s bridal collecion tends to have a more traditional look and is saturated with rich tones like red, burgundy, gold, and fuschia. I love how he goes over the top in a very classy way with beads, sequins, and semi-precious stones. A great example of his all out bridal wear is the sari he designed for Shilpa Shetty’s wedding . If I had to choose a bridal look today, Tahiliani would be my first choice.

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Masaba Gupta

The youngest designer on my list, Masaba is also the most refreshing. I love how she creates Indian looks with a modern twist. My favorite part of her aesthetic is the colour pallets she selects; canary yellows, deep aubergine and aqua, bottle green and red, they remind me of classic, old-school India.

I would totally rock a lehnga by Gupta at any pre-wedding event, but my current favorite is her colour blocked and sheer sari combinations. The are just the right amount of playful and pretty with a little bit of quirky thrown in.

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Manish Malhotra

B-towns best known (and maybe safest) designer is still one of my favs. Although I find some of his designs too basic, sometimes simply understated is perfect. Well known as in-house designer for the Kapoor sisters, Malhotra has mastered the simple salwar kameez, and owns the anarkali market.

My only issue with Manisha Malhotra designs is the velvet; sometimes he just goes too far with it (As seen here on Ash) That being said I think an outfit by Malhotra would be perfect for a pre-wedding dinner, or simple engagement ceremony. His looks are easily identifiable, Bollywood worthy, and very appropriate for impressing the future mother-in-law.

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Sabyasachi Mukherji

The first Indian designer ever invited to show at Milan Fashion week, Sabyasachi is a design innovator. I love that his collections are cohesive but they never look cookie-cutter. Each piece has it’s own personality and flavor. I absolutely adore his sari’s (and can’t believe I don’t own one)! Sabyasachi sari’s are defined by unusual fabrics and textures, detailing, vibrant colours, and a sort of patchwork look.

Personally, I feel like these are the best new “bahu” saris on the market. A signature Sabya with a few bangles and some statement earrings from Amrita Singh and you can’t go wrong.

Picture 45

Pria Kataria Puri

I’m not a huge fan of Pria’s Indian wear, but her resort collection is amazing! If I were going to honeymoon on a beach somewhere I would be all over her kaftan’s, tunics, and Georgette dresses. Honestly, before I found Puri’s designs I hadn’t ever taken an interest in resort wear, but suddenly I’m craving a lakeside retreat.

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Gone With The Wind – The Facebook De-Friend



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Ever been friend dumped? I have. Well, sort of. It wasn’t so much an abrupt termination, as it was a slow, putrid demise of a maleficent mound of mulch. Being “dumped” by this particular friend was not exactly devastating because, in truth this person was, hmmm, how should I say? Toxic. And really, he/she/it was more of a fair weather type of friend. The end was right in front of us, but I had too much indifference respect for the past friendship to pound that final nail in the coffin. Now, although my friend dump was some time ago, the issue recently resurfaced as I was comparing notes with my friend D, who’s been newly friend-dumped. He, unfortunately, is not taking the friend dump in stride. He’s pissed and confused. D’s case is different. He didn’t see this coming. He thought things were “fine”. He was Facebook de-friended. I feel for him. It’s never easy getting dumped.

Anyhow, the point is, we started to compare notes. Where did the friendships go sour? Was there a pinpoint-able spot to lay blame upon? Was one person clearly in the wrong? Was proper friend-dumping etiquette followed? Is there proper friend-dumping etiquette? The more we discussed the phenomenon the more we realized that, compared to being dumped by a lover, friend-dumping is generally FAR more passive. While both can clearly occur in passive-aggressive manners, romantic dumping is more on the active end of the spectrum, and friend-dumping on the passive end. The “talk” happens far more consistently with the breakup of a romance. There is rarely an, “It’s not you, it’s me,” moment in a friend-dump.

Even less common, is the passive-aggressive behavior of the dumper who acts like such an ass that the intended dumpee becomes the actual dumper. It seems most friend-dumps come in a slower, passive manner, proceeding to passive-agressive behavior. Phone calls are returned with less verve. Plans are cancelled at the last minute, with increasing frequency. Text message responses such as “cool”, or “ok” become the norm. And then comes the green mile. You notice, first, that you have limited access to the dumper’s Facebook profile. It’s ok. Maybe they just limited their profile to everyone, you tell yourself. Then comes the inability to see any current pictures or status updates. And then, the de-friend.

Personally, I find the Facebook de-friend to be a tacky, worm-like way of weaseling out of a friendship you no longer wish to be a part of, (I’m referring to once meaningful friendships, and not a casual acquaintance.) If there was no head-to-head, no major blowout, then be a fricken adult, grow a set, and just talk to your intended dumpee. Maybe they did something that legitimately crossed a line. Or maybe you are just bored of them. Whatever it is, what the hell does it say about you that you can’t directly offer an explanation as to why you’ve been m.i.a. all of a sudden? It is the romantic equivalent of Berger’s post-it note. If the best you can do is slowly faze them off your Facebook page, you are a Class A douche, and deserve to be branded.

In D’s case it is clear, to me at least, that D was a perceived threat to his dumper. So, actually, D should be laughing at this pathetic dimwit, and I reckon, after our little pow wow, he soon will be. Frankly, if a once “real” friend de-friended me on Facebook as a way to declare the time of death, it would only reinforce the caliber of lame loser I was “losing”.

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Did TV9 gay sting operation piss you off?



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It sure pissed us off, this isn’t journalism, these so-called journalist need to know that you can’t pull a stunt like this. As we reported, a young man tried to take his life, after his parents saw him on this segment. What TV9 did was put more fuel into the homophobic fire, that keeps people in the closet. Thanks to our friends at Trikone (Manoj) we got a DIRECT email to the legal aid, I would like to encourage our readers to write an email to her expresses your concerns and outrage over this segment.

padmavathi.appala@tv9.net and you can also submit a message to TV9 founder Ravi Dutta right here

But we stronger advise our readers to drop Padmavathi an email.

TV9 “Gay Sting” Transcript

Raghav sets Urban Desi Radio on FIRE!



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Raghav always makes a great interview, the times we’ve met in the UK and California, he always cracks me up. He’s one of those artists, I can safely say, there’s NO ego about him – if there is – he HIDES really well. His new single, Fire, dropped on iTunes. He got a chance to work with producer/songwriter Jim Beanz, whose signed to Timbaland’s camp. We will hear more tracks Jim helped Raghav with on Raghav’s new album The Phoenix, which will be coming out in a couple of months. I can’t wait to showcase that on The Junction.

Petz: Do you have a storyline for Fire’s music video?

Raghav: It’s currently coming out on the radio in Canada, obviously we are going to launch it everywhere because we want to share it with the core fan base. I haven’t even thought about making a video yet – the video maybe a few months away, the record is going to be out in a few months.

Petz: When I say the name Jim Beanz, what comes to your mind?

Raghav: He’s just TALENTED! He’s one of the best producers; I’ve ever worked with. I can see why Nelly and everybody worked with him. He’s a great pop writer, I think of him as a friend. He’s extremely kind and he’s very professional. We just locked in and wrote some songs, each song is different from the other song.

Petz: I blogged about the artwork cover for Fire – it’s playful and colorful, are those paint splatters?

Raghav: You have to speak to the wonderful girl who does all that! They do look like paint splatters don’t they? Someone described it as an acid trip yesterday. (Laughs)

Petz: That was me. I described it as an acid trip.

Raghav: Oh! That was you? I thought that was kind of funny. The song had a lot of energy, I wanted the cover to have a lot of energy as well.

Petz: I feel sometimes, you don’t get the credit you deserve; will Fire catapult you into the mainstream spotlight? Is that even a priority?

Raghav: I’m very blessed; don’t ever feel sorry for me. In 2004, I was selling electronics in Calgary. By the end of the year, I had three top 10s. And four top 10s the year after that. I’ve been very lucky. It would be nice to have a global record happen once again, but the business has changed a lot, I’m keenly aware of that fact, it’s not the way it used to be. I would like to think Fire has that potential, but at the same time, if I can just share it with my fan base and have a career, then I’ll feel lucky.

Petz: What’s the meaning behind the name Phoenix?

Raghav: The Phoenix is a mythological character that can reinvent itself. It always takes its strengths and changes into something different. I like people to look at my catalog of material and think it’s diverse. I’ve never felt better – musically, then I do right now. I feel now is a good time to be conscious of my old skin and step into a new one.

Petz: Will there be any artists featured on the album?

Raghav: The tracks I’ve done with Jim, there’s none so far, but we are definitely talking to some people, hoping to make it work. But on Fire, for now, it’s just me; you are just going to have to put up with my voice.

Petz: I have no complaints. I adore your voice. I remember when you came to the AsianFX studio and surprised Sam Sam and me; we were busy plugging in your Humrahee track. And you told us your mother had a creative hand in helping you with that track. Has she helped you at all with this new album?

Raghav: Mom kind of gets involved with the Hindi songs, there’s one Hindi song on the album, that’s out on iTunes called Kya Se Kya Ho Gaya, and Mom did co-write that song with me. I’m very glad I get to work creatively with her. It’s very cool; I encourage people to check that out.

RIP Dev Raj Jassal



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(photo from punjab2000.com)

We just got the news, the great Dev Jassalji,  has succumb to pancreatic cancer. He was diagnosed earlier in the new year, he wrote songs perform by artists like Jazzy B, Amrinder Gill, Balwinder Safri and AS Kang. He was also an accomplished algohey and tumbi player. The outpour of condolences is flooding the social networks, his spirit will live on through music. All of us at Urban Desi Radio send our warm thoughts to Dev Raj Jassalji.

The Truth giving “Truth Syrup” to UDR



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It’s been a minute, since we’ve heard from THE TRUTH, last time we exchanged tweets, he was heading to India and not looking forward to packing. It’s great to have him back in the UK and connecting once again with us on Urban Desi Radio. He’s got a new track and video out “I make ’em say” the first couple of second, it felt like being back in the theater watching the first 15 minutes of Inception. But the editing job and beats = brilliant! I’m sure we will get another dose of TRUTH SYRUP soon

Who will be responsible for Charlie Sheen’s demise?



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Yesterday, the talk around the water cooler was the Charlie Sheen interview, I sat in my living room and watched in shock and horror. A majority of you would say, only Charlie himself is responsible, but I partly  disagree. Why should I care about Charlie Sheen? It’s the sensationalism of media, myself being a media professional, I could be blogging about more important issues, but this is heavy on my mind.

My friend, S-Endz (member of Swami) said on his facebook status “Why does everyone feel the need to judge Charlie Sheen? Let the man live his life and you get on with yours.” We are such a celebrity obsessed culture, I was thinking, why is this such BIG news, regarding a drug test — day in and out — celebrities and non celebrities alike are getting tested for drugs, it’s not making front page news or getting a personal segment on the Morning News network. I told another journalist, Asra Nomani, I felt like I was in a bad TMZ time warp.

We need to leave him alone, for me, it’s Deja Vu all over again. You know who I’m thinking of? Anna Nicole Smith. I wasn’t even a fan, but on an emotional level — a human level— I felt bad for her, when she lost her son, we (the media) kept zooming in on her, documenting her erratic behavior – the more tears, the better. It just makes me sick. If I was the segment producer, I would of said that’s enough. Clearly this woman needs help, we aren’t doing her any good. Of course I would probably get fired, but it’s about stepping up and doing the right thing. My take is Charlie is not well, I’m not a doctor, but his behavior just reminds me of several friends and artists, I’ve met over the years trying to get clean on their own, but will most likely relapse. We (the media) we are just loving the drama and the sensationalism, it makes good ratings, it’s the dark side I loathe at.

At the end of the day, it’s all up to Charlie to get help, be we (the media) need to give him space and not spotlight.

Take Action Against TV9



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Take Action Against TV9 Fan Page

Yesterday,  we blogged about the irresponsibility of TV9 actions against the Queer Desi Community in AP, they set up a sting operation to expose/humiliate gay men, and it almost cost someone their life – when they tried to commit suicide. If you can’t imagine or understand why this is bad, please read the translation of the program. Due to the sensitive content, the names have been edited out. Thank you Ram Abhireddy for the translation.

English translation :

The Female Reporter starts “A boy trying to pursue Girls is Common but Boys pursuing Boys
has become a Fashion. Gay Culture in Hyderabad is increasing drastically. All the gay men
in Hyderabad go to clubs or pubs once every week or ten days to celebrate. They Drink and
Dance with whomever they want.”

After having shown footage of a club she continues “This is 3 star pub in Secunderabad where
software employees, rich kids and students party on weekends but there is a specialty to
this party, the people you see in the video drunk dancing are Gay. Having got to know about
the Gay Parties the TV 9 team went to investigate and found the truth. Meeting, drinking and
partying like this on weekends has become a ritual to the gay men in this city.”

“Taking private party permission as an excuse all the gay men unite and party. It might sound
astonishing to hear but this is the reality. There are also very popular websites for gay men on
the internet. Planetromeo.com is the most famous website amongst others. The numbers of
users from Andhra Pradesh in this site are 6,500 out of which 4,604 are from Hyderabad alone.
They login, message, chat, meet and celebrate using this site. Any given time, there are about
200 users online on the site from the city. Software Employees and students are most users
who fall prey to this GAY CULTURE.”

“Sexy pictures, fashionable clothes, thrilling behavior and being able to communicate properly
are the weapons used by a gay man to attract another gay Man. The picture that you see is of
Person (D) who happens to be a software engineer who has taken sexy pictures of himself and
uploaded on the site to attract other gay men.”

The change the Picture and the reporter goes, “The guy in this picture is Person(R) who is a
student at JNTU University and lives in the dormitory. TV9 has “trapped” Person(R) after having
seen the pictures and contact information that he uploaded on the profile.”
The Phone Conversation between Person(R) and the “Investigator”

Investigator: Hello
Person® :Who is this?
Investigator: Is Person(R) there?
Person(R): Tell me I am Person(R) speaking
Investigator: You gave me this no on Planet romeo
Person(R):Ya, tell me who is this where r u from?
Investigator:I live in Banjara Hills Hyderabad where are u?
Person(R) :I am currently out of station but I am coming back soon
Investigator: When exactly are you coming back?
Person(R):I am coming back on Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday morning hopefully
Investigator:What are your stats?
Person(R):5.6 ht and 68 wt
Investigator: is it 5.8
Person(R):5.6 your height?

Investigator:I am 5.9, 5 feet 9 inches What are you? Are you a top or a Bottom
Person(R) :I am a top Investigator:so you are a top, what do you like?
Person(R): Foreplay and getting sucked. Where do u stay?
Investigator:I currently live in Banjara Hills
Person(R):Would you have place?
Investigator: ahhhhh
Person(R):Would you have place?
Investigator:I will call you when I have the place, Monday or Tuesday. I will only call you when I
have a place. What do you do?
Person(R): I got to JNTu
Investigator : Jntu? What do you do in JNTu?
Person(R): I study Mtech
Investigator : I can’t hear you properly can you be louder
Person(R): I am studying Mtech

They display another picture. “The person in this picture is Person(S) who is a Software
employee in a well known firm, good salary, lives in Miyapur and loves to go to Gay Parties.
Phone Conversation with Person(S) begins.

Person(S): Hello Who is this?
Reporter : Is Person(S) there?
Person(S): who is on the other side?
Reporter: This is Prashant speaking
Person(S): Prashanth?
Reporter: You gave me your number in PR
Person(S): oh.. ok Tell me
Reporter: Can you be a bit louder I cant hear you
Person(R): Tell me..
Reporter: Where are you Person(S) ?
Person(S): I am at Home currently, tell me
Reporter: Do you have a place now?
Person(S): Yes but my friends are there as of now
Reporter: Are your friends there?
Person(S) : Yes they will be here in an hour
Reporter: Ok What is your Age Person(S)?
Person(S): I am 27
Reporter: 27 oh.. What do you like?
Person(S):I am a versatile and you?
Reporter: Even I am also a versatile yaar
Person(S): ok ok Good to know
Reporter: What else do you like? What do you like on bed?
Person(S): I am telling you naa, I am a versatile, what do you like?
Reporter: ok ok

Phone Conversation ends. The Female Reporter starts talking “A lot of employees in higher
positions, white collared workers, highly qualified students are becoming slaves to lifestyle
which is against nature. Taking this as an advantage some people are blackmailing them.”

After showing a couple more pictures they stop at a picture. “The man in the pic is Person(F),
lives in Mehdipatnam, works at a software firm. To tell the truth, this is a part time job for him.
His actual “dhanda” is blackmailing. Talking to new people, getting sexual pleasures from
them and then black mailing them by taking pictures and videos of them and snatching money
from the same people for those pics and videos is Person(F)’s Job. While some do it for new
pleasures, some get spoilt by friends, others do it for the craving of money, the remaining are
vowed by the lust. Some of them have changed it into a business by capturing teenagers mind
and get them into this hell. Getting them into this Anti-Social lifestyle. In the city, A lot of clubs
give permission to organize gay parties without letting the rest of the world know.”

Caravan Crookz OFFICIAL Bhangra Video



Picture 29

It’s easy to get caught up in the negative aspects of the music scene, whether you are a journalist or an artist. From a journalist point of view, it seems like the story sells when it’s a bare knuckle brawl fight between two people or he said she said bullshit. I can always count on Caravan Crookz to bring us and show us a HUMOROUS side of the scene, you’re probably wondering, what does humor have to do with making good music? A lot – it gives us something to laugh at and to not take ourselves seriously. I strongly believe, if we don’t laugh at ourselves, we are bound to die of constipation (what a horrible death) but it’s true. Humor is a valid emotion like anger or sadness. This kind of takes me back to the Goodness Gracious Me days!