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Keep your “Love Lockdown”



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Ms. Dewey goes from studious to sexy!!! Whose Ms. Dewey?? It was Windows attempt to make their own “google” only with this interactive character called “Ms. Dewey” played by the lovely Janina Gavankar.  I watched Janina on the “L Word” where she played this casanova-like character “Papi” grrrr name sounds hot huh? She only was on the L Word for one season… boo… it was funny, there would be a bunch of bars around the Castro in San Francisco that would host “L Word Sundays” lesbians and their friends would flock these bars… during intense scenes… you could hear a pin drop.

I should of blogged about this video a long time ago, I’m really trying to get back into blogging and writing, so really, whatever I’m writing here its nothing new. You probably even have even seen this video. Janina is no stranger to music, in a few inteviews, she’s always considered herself a musician before being an actress.

On Kanye’s “808s and Heartbreak” I really loved “Love Lockdown” the beats… the lyrics… we witnessed a new Kanye. And Janina’s version is just as amazing… in her own twist. Some have called her the new “It” girl, I guess I’ve always thought she had it, the music pundits thought they “discovered” her… she has been doing her thing for a long time, it’s just the pundits weren’t listening.

Petz lives in a media cave, she loves Janina’s music, but Carmen was her favorite L Word character

Jay Sean new music video?




Last week, I posted that “2012” song by Jay Sean, which is suppose to be his new single. It’s already fumed disappointment, especially among the Prince fans who feel Jay Sean is biting off the “We are gonna party like it’s 1999”

According to Jay Sean’s tweet, he’s going to be in LA tomorrow to shoot a music video… do you think its for 2012?

Oh yes…. he also mention the Summer has “just begun” he better hurry up… we are approaching August!

Petz lives in a media cave and can do an impression of Jay Sean’s pout