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Which Beatle would Pree Mayall be?



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I would say Ringo! Pree plays the Dhol and Ringo played the drums for the Beatles. We just need to get Pree some funky shades and he will be all set to rock. He took a sample of the Beatles smashing hit HELP… check it out!

Help – Sample by PreeMayall




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Pree’s Sadeh Naal made the UDR Top 60 Desi tunes for 2k10. Pree wants you to vote for him for BEST NEWCOMER. Cast your vote on the UK AMA Website

Bikram, Pree and DJ Flawless out and about



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A singer, a dholi and a DJ out loose in Chitown… Inner Vibes TV gives UDR an exclusive look behind the scenes of Bikram Singh, Pree Mayall and DJ Flawless gearing up for their show… Bikram takes a second to drop Pree’s new single “Sari Raath” featuring DJ Flawlees… check out this video…

Sari Raath – Pree Mayall feat. DJ Flawless



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Sari Raath, debuted on Dr. Sonie’s show earlier in June and played on the Junction, I had mixed reviews about this track, I liked it – but for me there was something missing. I still can’t figure it out, I’m not dissing the track. Pree is talented and we certainly need to support our local artist here in the bay. The music video is great – except I would cut the beginning (Pree and Flawless talking), the song has a great story so let the music speak for itself. It’s like in any scene setting you don’t need to say “I’m going to come in and there better be so girls!” don’t tell it… just show it! You don’t need to add any fluff to it, Pree has certainly come a long way since his first album, no doubt about it. When’s the next album coming out Pree?

Tweetview: Life of a Dholi – Pree Mayall




Petz and Pree tweet it up in tweeterview land… they talked about his upcoming trip to India, his new tracks he plans to work on over there, his new album, the UK AMAS, the scene and it’s mishaps! Despite the technical difficulties … Pree and Petz had a lot of laugh out loud moments…. Yes Pree… your turban could win an AMA :)

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