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You Got Mail Artist: DJ Vix



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This week we got DJ Vix new track, Glassy Nachdi feat. Bhinda Jatt and Surinder Shinda. This track was sent in to us by Drive time present, Deepa, from Asian Star Radio in London. Big ups to Deepa for sending us this track. DJ Vix you better give her a kiss on the cheek :)

New SimplyBhangra Top 10 Entry – Taqdeer Lucky & Ravi Bal



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Sundays are usually my favorite days because we get the chart tracks from our sponsor and friends at Simply Bhangra, check out Taqdeer Lucky and Ravi Ball, their song Sunyara is number 10. Listen to the show

Detonate by Skilf



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I had this look on my face when I was watching this music video, by Skilf, we are currently playing his London track from his mixtape Alter Ego on THE JUNCTION. As a film grad, I have a soft spot for old cinema, I really enjoyed these clips from the Detonate (another track from the Alter Ego mixtape) music video. Skilf gets an A+ for originality!

Archie Panjabi brings home an Emmy!



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The British actress, Archie Panjabi, won an emmy for “Outstanding Supporting Actress” in the CBS series “The Good Wife.” She plays a private investigator Kalinda Sharma on the hit series. She’s no stranger to spy roles, in 2009, she portrayed an MI5 agent in a french movie Espions. A linger question regarding Archie’s character Kalinda Sharma… is she bisexual? My gaydar has gone off, you can’t help notice her intense flirting tactics around women. Panjabi just smiled at the question and said she won’t say anything, we will just have to see! As I look at this picture of Archie holding the Emmy, I have a feeling we will be seeing her win more awards in the years to come!

Urban Desi Artist Stepping Up To Help Pakistan



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Maz and Ziggy from Bonafide participated in a charity car wash to help the flood victims in Pakistan. The fundraiser was held at Express Car wash in London. The Bonafide duo is currently working on “Jeevan Pakistan” a charity single to benefit the Pakistan Flood relief efforts.

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Zam Hussain is planning a series of events around Birmingham, UK… he’s currently producing a compilation album, for anyone who would like to be on the album please get in touch with Zam

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Uzazi’s Epic Pakistani Anthem Remix…Uzazi expressing love and devotion for Pakistan through music, purchase this track and all proceeds to to the Pakistani Flood relief.

Pakistan Anthem (Uzazi’s Epic Anthem Mix) by djscoop

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For those of you who follow Bohemia the Punjabi Rapper on Twitter, you might of notice the green ribbon he’s sporting on his default pic, you can get yours right here

Check out Urban Desi Radio’s PSA running in all our programs.

If you are an urban desi artist and you are doing something to help the folks in Pakistan, please send us an email urbandesiradio[@]gmail.com and thanks for stepping up and doing something positive for the community!

Blitz at the East London Mela



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This is why the melas in the UK rule… you get Blitz and Roach Killa on the same stage!! In the SF Bay Area Melas, we just get stale Bollywood actors! So lame… Blitz is currently touring the UK and getting the crowd hyped up for his new album dropping in September! Be sure you go to iTunes and download Kiss (Chumma) feat. RDB and the Tigerstyle remix!

Sensazn Magazine calls it quits!




When I lived in Hayes, UK… I loved going to one of shops in Southall and picking up Sensazn Magazine… just the name itself was so catchy…I loved the articles and even wanted to write for them at one point. It’s sad to see that after a couple of years, they decided to close shop. Not even maintaining their online website… media of all types are really feeling the lack of businesses willing to advertise. No advertisement = no money = no magazine. Sad but true.

here’s the letter from the editor…

Thank you for all your love and support over the past few years…we really do appreciate it! Due to the relevant slow down in the advertising markets, we’ve decided not to take Sensazn any further, both in print and online.

It’s been a very eventful and exciting time since 2008, and I personally want to thank each and every supporter, reader, and everyone that provided us with the words of kindness and encouragement to keep us going, in particular  I’d would like to thank each and every member of the Sensazn team, who put in the time, effort, sweat and blood to make and create the great content that we did.

Anyone who spared a second of their time for us. You all know who you are, and every second dedicated has been appreciated more than you think.

We made a positive impact in the music scene, and then later in other areas, but as with all good things – one day it must come to an end.

Thank you.

Ahmed Hussai