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Hubba Hubba Miss Mallika



Picture 25

Mallika is looking stunning as ever, she’s got the Oscar fever and poses on the red carpet! She’s surely flexing her Hollywood Citizenship pass. One of these days, she will be holding up an Oscar and screaming “I’M  THE QUEEN OF THE WORLD” (James Cameron moment)

Mallika Shakes her Mehbooba on New Years



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Check out this exclusive video posted on Mallika’s twitter, doing a bollywood dance routine to “Mehbooba” on New Years.

Politics of Love – steamy, sexy and politically correct?




I have to say, when I first met Mallika last July, I never met such a candid actress who doesn’t shy away from any role. It’s quite refreshing to meet an actress who spoke her mind and really doesn’t give a damn what others think. This poster…wow. You have to admit its hot… old glory used as a bed sheet. Wow. Wow. Wow.

The 2008 elections will go down in history for sure! I personally had never been more excited to cast my presidential vote (yes I voted for Obama) this was my second Presidential election I got to participate in… I traded in my “Vote or Die” shirt for a “Bhangra or Die” shirt (thanks DesiThreads)

Anyways… Politics of Love is about Kyle Franklin (Brian White) an African American savvy republican who is very set in his conservative ways… (or is he??) when he lays eyes on Aretha Gupta (Mallika Sherawat) an idealistic local Obama volunteer coordinator. The sparks fly! The tempers sizzle… and true love unfolds?? This movie sounds hilarious! I remember Mallika told me she shadowed Kamala Harris (San Francisco District Attorney) for this role…Bravo Mallika and Brian… I’m feeling a “cult classic” status tag to this film!

Petz lives in a media cave… and loves a steamy debate

Mallika outside the Twitter HQ

Love Barack — New Mallika movie…




According to Mallika’s twitter “Love Barack” is her next Hollywood movie.

According to IMDB it’s about… “Politics makes strange bedfellows, but never stranger than when a month before the 2008 U.S. Presidential election, a beautiful, idealistic local Obama volunteer coordinator reluctantly falls for her Republican counterpart: a sexy, savvy, African American conservative.”

This is a perfect recipe for some intense chemistry and laugh out loud moments…Mallika hasn’t mention if she’s the lead… but chances are… she could be!