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Get Political About Love this Summer!



Picture 31After two years promoting for this film, Politics of Love, starring Brian White and Mallika Sherawat is hitting the screens this summer. After reviewing the trailer, as I predicted it’s going to be light comedy, where political seriousness goes out the window. Brian’s character is the McCain volunteer coordinator, while Mallika’s character is the volunteer coordinator for Obama. Can you feel the tension? This trailer produces some witty lines that has peaked my curiosity. Brian and Mallika both hold their own regarding sex appeal, Mallika certainly doesn’t follow the Bollywood “turnaway cheek” rule when it comes to kissing – and why should she? She’s an actress after all, if the Bollywood moguls has any issues, they need to take the ladoos out of their ass and deal with it. Just like Sarah Palin needs to deal with that fact she has an IQ of a door knob and has no business being a part of the presidential campaign.

Hubba Hubba Miss Mallika



Picture 25

Mallika is looking stunning as ever, she’s got the Oscar fever and poses on the red carpet! She’s surely flexing her Hollywood Citizenship pass. One of these days, she will be holding up an Oscar and screaming “I’M  THE QUEEN OF THE WORLD” (James Cameron moment)

Mallika Shakes her Mehbooba on New Years



Picture 28

Check out this exclusive video posted on Mallika’s twitter, doing a bollywood dance routine to “Mehbooba” on New Years.

Download 2012 out now on iTunes!



Picture 19

Can 2012 break Down’s records??? Jay Sean & Nicki Minaj believe when “2012” comes around, the party will still be cracking. The link has been passed around all over FB and twitter… now its time for all of you to get your itunes and Download 2012 Mallika Sherawat has promoted 2012 on her fb/twitter – she seems to dig Jay Sean.

Will lightening strike twice for the Brit Asian heartthrob? Let’s see what the reviews bring tomorrow…

Big Plans for POL Soundtrack



Picture 69

Russell (Uncle Rush) Simmons (left) will be taking the “Politics of Love” soundtrack under his wing along with the POL music supervisor Craig Nobles (right). With Uncle Rush’s expertise, the soundtrack is going to be off the hook. I’ve always had a soft spot for soundtracks, take Bollywood for example the movie might be crap, but the music is good. That was a statement I used to hear from a lot of my friends “the movie sucked, but the music was good” haha. I have high hopes for “Politics of Love” as of now, Mallika seems to be having a lot of fun soaking it up in La La land.

Mallika – Is it too much???



Picture 23

The press in India dismissed this photo as Mallika being “topless” but she really has on a body suit. This is one of the promo pictures for her movie “Hissss” she tweeted this photo and asked “is this too much?”

She’s very candid and honest when she tweets back to her fans, in fact someone was bold enough to ask if she would ever pose topless or nude? Mallika firmly replied – NEVER!

That probably burst the fantasy bubble of millions! Mallika is no stranger to controversy, she knows the rules of Hollywood and knows it’s just acting. In fact, controversial roles, I believe, keeps things challenging and interesting for actors. But for the wider audience in India, it’s hard to grasp. Take Aishiwarya Rai for example… one of her rules if she was going to play a Bond girl, there would be no kissing or no love scenes; those rules don’t apply in Hollywood.

So the media in India, get it right, get a grip – it’s just a body suit. She’s NOT topless.  Mallika is just doing what she does best – acting.

Ps. Mallika the picture isn’t “too much” it’s a nice shot!

Jay Sean going political?



Picture 43

It seems like Jay Sean is taking interest in South Asians in American politics… is he following Mallika Sherawat lead in her upcoming film Politics of Love? Is he planning to run himself? (little problem with UK citizenship — but he can become an American citizen!) The Indian American Leadership Initiative conference is taking place today at Georgetown University. Jay Sean will be participating in the closing reception “Behind the Mic: Jay Sean and the New Er of Indian Americans in Politics” maybe he will give them an encore and sing “My Own Way”

Over six Indian Americans are running for Congressional seats, that’s the largest number of South Asians running in US history.

“I am really excited about participating in the IALI conference this weekend, I’m proud of these pioneering South Asians being celebrated for their individual talents and gifts, and happy to lend my support.” says Jay.

Over the last couple of years, since Jay “made his own way” to Cash Money records, folks in and out of the Urban/Desi industry have snickered “Jay has sold out” “He has forgotten his South Asian roots” “He doesn’t consider himself Punjabi” and “Cash Money has gone to his head”

That couldn’t be farther from the truth, I think he’s proud of his South Asian heritage, we should be celebrating the fact more South Asian artist are breaking into mainstream. Look at Aslam? He might be linking up with Guns “n” Roses and Coldplay. We all have to make “our own way” to get to mainstream…

Politics of Love – steamy, sexy and politically correct?




I have to say, when I first met Mallika last July, I never met such a candid actress who doesn’t shy away from any role. It’s quite refreshing to meet an actress who spoke her mind and really doesn’t give a damn what others think. This poster…wow. You have to admit its hot… old glory used as a bed sheet. Wow. Wow. Wow.

The 2008 elections will go down in history for sure! I personally had never been more excited to cast my presidential vote (yes I voted for Obama) this was my second Presidential election I got to participate in… I traded in my “Vote or Die” shirt for a “Bhangra or Die” shirt (thanks DesiThreads)

Anyways… Politics of Love is about Kyle Franklin (Brian White) an African American savvy republican who is very set in his conservative ways… (or is he??) when he lays eyes on Aretha Gupta (Mallika Sherawat) an idealistic local Obama volunteer coordinator. The sparks fly! The tempers sizzle… and true love unfolds?? This movie sounds hilarious! I remember Mallika told me she shadowed Kamala Harris (San Francisco District Attorney) for this role…Bravo Mallika and Brian… I’m feeling a “cult classic” status tag to this film!

Petz lives in a media cave… and loves a steamy debate

Mallika outside the Twitter HQ

Mallika Sherawat Twitter interview



Picture 3

For the new years, Badmash and Temptress wanted to treat their listeners to an interview with Mallika Sherawat who is not only hot but very outspoken! We like that! This interview was from her Twitter visit in SF

check out the video

Picture 2

Naughty Nights kicking off 2010 with…




Naughty Nights on 1170am every wednesday overnight from 1am – 4am or ustream.tv/urbandesiradio

Greeting Darlings,

Badmash and Temptress here, we hope you had a wonderful new year with your love ones and lovers… did you do anything naughty? Badmash did… in fact if you tuned in last night, Badmash stopped by the studio and kicked it with KLOK employee Marko, we wanted to kick off with the sexy, sultry, brilliant, amazing and quite bold Mallika Sherawat, the interview was done a couple of months ago from the twitter office, thanks to Desiclub.com but we can’t wait to broadcast it to you and we promise we will bring Mallika back again for round two….

Why do we love Mallika???

She steps out of the box… and doesn’t let any boundries hold her back… she has the naughty nights appeal to inspire women to be different and go against any sort of pre-judgement norm…


Temptress & Badmash