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Can’t Stay Good OFFICIAL Music Video



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We’ve been bumping this song a few weeks on THE JUNCTION, I was so excited to see the music video, it really captures the emotion of the song. Normally in the past, we’ve seen Mixman in club attire and there’s nothing wrong with that – if it works for the track, but this just shows you can take Mixman’s vocals and blend with an acoustic hook. I hope this isn’t the last time we see Mixman and Vagabondage collaborating together. I love it when artists think outside the box.

Can’t stay good…why would we want to? ;)



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We played this track on the Junction last week, I have to say it gave me a musical orgasm. Let’s see if this stimulates your… ears :) hehe. Hit up @MixmanShawn for the track to play on your radio show or lock into your mp3 player.

CureSonia.Org Bone Marrow Drive and Concert in SF



Vaishali Rana put together this event in two weeks for CureSonia.org, she brought in Urban Desi artists like Mandeep Sethi, Pree Mayall, Rav E and Mixman Shawn. In the back, AADP Workers (Debbie and the new South Asian coordinator, Vicky) were busy with donor registrations. They easily rounded up 70 new donors! We even got a couple of shots of Mixman, Pree and Diamond Lane Records manager AJ supporting the cause and becoming donors. This was a successful event for CureSonia.org and we can’t wait for the next one! Music is the way to bring people together!

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Jan 28th: Urban Desi Artists coming together for CureSonia.org




It will be a mix of Desi and Non-Desi artists, coming together, with one sole purpose in mind – to find a bone marrow match for Sonia Rai, who has been diagnose with Leukemia. She’s only 24 years old. Vaishali Rana, a makeup artist, has put together this benefit party on behalf of Sonia. DJ Rav E, Mixman Shawn, New Day, Mandeep Sethi and Pree Mayall – are just a handful of names already confirm. Urban Desi Radio is proud partners with CureSonia.org. Let’s help find Sonia a marrow match, it just takes one match to save one life.

Urban Desi Radio TOP 60 Desi Beats for 2010



A year in review of Urban Desi, Bhangra and Underground Desi beats right here on Urban Desi Radio. Tune in to the Junction this week to listen to the top 60 Desi beats! Be sure to submit your new tracks to urbandesiradio@gmail.com.

Listen to the TOP 60 Desi Beats Show

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60. The Raj – Panjabi MC

Picture 43

59. Leave with you – Sir Aah ft. Nipsey Hussle

Picture 44

58. I Love You – Stereo Nation (Johnny Jockey House Mix)

Picture 46

57. Baa Farke – Highflyers ft. Kaka Bhainiwala

Picture 48

56. Calle Ocho Remix – G Deep feat. Don Revo

Picture 49

55. Rabba Es Dil Nu – Dilpreet Bhatia

Picture 50

54. Sang Lagdi – Bobby Kang

Picture 51

53. The Bazaar by Night – Sammy Chand

Picture 53

52. Scooter Singh – Caravan Crookz n Ash King

Picture 54

51. Jee Le – Navin Kundra

Picture 55

50. Chori Chori (Dhol n Bass mix) – DJ Monte-S feat. Dark MC

Picture 56

49. Bhangra Bump – Osama Com Laude & Talal Qureshi

Picture 57

48. Permission – Veronica ft. Mumzy Stranger (prod. Rishi Rich)

Picture 58

47. Ice Breaker – Trishna Amin

Picture 60

46. Celt Islam – Dub Reflex

Picture 61

45. Leja Kite Door – Harleen Singh

Picture 62

44. Munda Hogaya Sharabi – Gippy Grewal & Bohemia

Picture 63

43. I think I’m gonna kamasutra – Rasika

Picture 64

42. Jatt Diyan Reesan – S Klass

Picture 65

41.  Bol Fakira Bol – Panjabi Architect feat. Gurdas Maan

Picture 66

40. Type of Guy – G Town Desi

Picture 67

39. Ishq Brandy – Amit Rai

Picture 69

38. Jatt Di Jawani – Gupsy Aujla

Picture 70

37. Galay Lag Ja – Bonafide ft. Kam Frantic

Picture 71

36. United We Stand – Sabotage feat. vartious artist

Picture 72

35. Door Ni Kulne – Manni Sandhu

Picture 73
34. Naag 2 – Popsy/Jazzy B

Picture 74
33. Dil De De – Garry Sandhu

Picture 75
32. Tum Habibi -Parichay

Picture 76
31. Iranian Girl – P. Cantell

Picture 77
30. Holi Holi – Taz/Bohemia

Picture 78

29. Enhi Sohni – DJ Harvey

Picture 79

28. Balle Balle – JR Dread

Picture 80

27. Pindh Wich Balle Balle – DJ Sanj/Satwinder Birdi

Picture 81
26. Putt Jatt Da – Jaz Dhami

Picture 82
25. Sadeh Naal – Pree Mayall

Picture 83
24. Nach Bhabiye – Taj E & Bee 2

Picture 84
23. Keep A Secret – Raje

Picture 46
22. London Town – Sam Khan

Picture 48

21. 2012 – Jay Sean

Picture 49
20. O O Jaane Jaana 2010 Remix – Jay Dabhi

Picture 50

19. Captivated – Mira Veda

Picture 51

18. Kya Karoon – The Truth ft. Mentor Beats

Picture 53

17. Oye Hoye – Jagga

Picture 54

16. Bruahh – Foji Gill

Picture 56
15. Kiss (Chumma) – Blitz feat Rdb

Picture 58

14. Turn the music up – The Bilz & Kashif

Picture 59

13. It’s a Cry – Sullee J

Picture 60

12. So Much (neoDesi mix) – Raghav ft. H Dhami

Picture 61

11. Kaun Nachdi – PBN

Picture 63

10. Johal Boliyan – Kulvinder Singh Johal

Picture 64

09. Ik Jindree – Bikram Singh/Ishmeet

Picture 65

08. Love lockdown – Janina

Picture 66

07. Desi Nukhre – Taz/Mixman

Picture 67

06. Bhangra Pauna – AMX

Picture 68

05. Aisee Taisee – Mandeep Sethi

Picture 70
04. Fly with me – Mumzy Stranger

Picture 71
03. Morni Di Tor Waliye – En Karma

Picture 73

02. Jeevay Pakistan – Bonafide

Picture 74

01. Famous in the club – Jasmine Sandlas ft. RD

MixOne presents… Famous in the Club feat. Jasmine Sandlas & RD



Picture 34

Check out “Famous in the Club” featuring Jasmine Sandlas and NY artists RD. The video was shot earlier this summer in the Bay Area, the Diamond Lane camp has been dropping hints about Jasmine’s new single…well…the wait is over.

Walk this way… with a Punjabi Twist




Hey  Diddle Diddle… you got to check this out. The Beautiful Losers feat. Mixman Shawn doing a cover of Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” here’s the kicker…Mixman Shawn dropped some lyrics in Punjabi! It’s great to see Mixman OUT of the studio and up on stage, SHOWCASING his OWN talent, instead of enhancing other people’s talent. I really hope he focuses on his own music and career for 2011.

Taz on Sound Cloud



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A couple of weeks ago, we broke the news that Taz’s new album “Twist and Shout” went platinum in India. Taz opened a soundcloud account, now you can listen to the album Twist and Shout! Check it out and see why it became platinum in India!!! Be sure you request these tracks on your local radio stations…

Latest tracks by stereonation

A present from Mixman Shawn




Mixman and Diamond Lane Records want to give a “Thank You” for a limited amount of time you can download Qadir’s Mahia, produced by Mixman Shawn… Qadir’s album is coming up next! Mahia was featured on Bobby Friction’s show on the BBC Asian Network and here at UDR we have gotten positive reviews from our visitors!

I Love You (From TWIST) Stereo Nation Hitting Urban Desi Radio



twist flyer

We will be playing Taz’s new song “I Love you” that has a touch of motown with his beautiful lyrics, it’s an amazing track, perfect timing for Valentines Day! Read more about TWIST, it’s now coming out April 14th!!!


Taz/Stereo Nation To Release TWIST

The video for first single ‘I LOVE YOU’ has been shot in KHARKOV, Ukraine by video DIRECTOR GS-KOHLI PRODUCTIONS. The video has been shot in BLACK & WHITE and the whole feel of the song has a 60’s Motown & Blues feel.

Twist will be released on 14th April 2010

Taz of Stereo Nation, better known to his fans as the Prince of ASIAN POP from the UK, celebrates his 20 Years of being in the music business by giving his fans what they want the most, a musical masterpiece to be known as TWIST. Taz has been at the top of his game for two decades delivering HIT AFTER HIT and Twist is bound to be another MEGA HIT!!!!

TWIST, The new offering from Stereo Nation is an album that has once again embraced Taz’s fusion style. Taz who is known as The Pioneer of ASIAN-BRITISH Fusion executes his artististic visions without any inhibitions, rules, or boundaries, which help him, deliver this masterpiece.

The album is very diverse and as always, Taz sustains the formula Stereo Nation has come to be known for by way of continuing to write songs that have EVERGREEN sustainability, strong melodies, catchy hooks & lyrics that touch the hearts of everyday people. Taz’s soul connection to the people and his fans has always been the reason that Stereo Nation has stayed at the top in the music business.

Taz’s formula of thinking out of the box, looking for and giving a chance to young producers who know the pulse of the current music has brought Stereo Nation great Success. On Twist, he has collaborated with producers such as DANGER PUPOO of New Delhi, KOSTAL from the USA, Dj T-NU from Mumbai, UK’S RAP SENSATION WORKING WITH WU – TENNYTEN (TENSHOT) & MIXMAN SHAWN from USA. A-SLAM from USA, DJ SHADOW of Dubai and many more.

has and influence ranging from 60’s Motown/Blues to the modern era of urban street sensibility. Twist is very contemporary in style and encompasses a very soulful rainbow of vocal styles. Taz is very confident that this will once again be an album that will set yet another milestone in the bands history and repertoire. Music producers and industry executives also believe that this will be an inspiring piece of work that budding producers, musicians, and fans will marvel and admire for years and years to come.