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Interview with the Phone Sex Operator



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I remember this boy in my class, it was 5th or 6th grade… his parents didn’t block the 900 sex chat line, he invited us all over and we prank called a bunch of these numbers … later that month the phone bill came, it came out to be 800 dollars!!!! His mother was pissed!!! Ironically the boy never got caught, the mother just blamed the husband… yikes!!! Have you ever thought, whose really behind that sexy voice? What do they go through… how much money do they rank in… everything you always wanted to know about phone sex operators, but were afraid to ask… Lipsticks and Politics brings us this interesting feature!!!

From Badmash: Goodbye Naughty Nights




Dear Sexy Jalebis,

As I drink this glass of wine… I’m thinking what do I say to you all? I just wanted to thank you for supporting the Temptress and myself since October, you all have showered us with your love and we’ve shared some crazy times. The idea of naughty nights wasn’t about “turning” people on, but more importantly educating our community. I wouldn’t call it “ignorance” but lack of education some people in our community have regarding sex. Regardless of the advice we’ve shared the important thing we advocated was safe sex. My favorite part of the show was bringing you all good music, I have a passion to share tunes… if I can give advice to any other host on 1170am it would be don’t belittle your audience or deprive them of good music. Get out of the Bollywood square and educate yourself on the different genres in our Desi community. The audience and your listeners deserve it.

One thing you have to realize 1170am is produced by individuals, we aren’t getting paid but go out to find sponsors to cover the cost. With the Temptress blessing, I decided it was time to end “Naughty Nights” we could of continued, but I would rather end this on a positive note – not a dried up one.

It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to all of you, but remember we all got a little “badmash” in us and you will always be my sexy jalebis – not dosto 😉



Free “My Name is Khan” tickets



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Badmash gave away 6 “My Name is Khan” Congrats to our winners Ravi, Gurjit and Rahwa! Take a friend or your valentine out! Enjoy the show! Over the next month Badmash from Naughty Nights will be giving away “My Name is Khan” tickets starring Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol. It was filmed in the Bay Area and some of you were lucky to be extras in the film.

Only Bay Area listeners are eligible to win and the theater will in or around the San Jose Area. Tune in every wednesday from 1am to 5am on 1170am or urbandesiradio.co.uk

Good luck!!!

Naughty Nights 0204: Masturbation Time!



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We all do it…We all love it… We shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Temptress and Badmash breaks down the Masturbation myths and gives tips for males, females and couples to enhance their masturbation experience!

Naughty Nights 0128 – Ex Fling to Friend?



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How to turn an ex fling into a friend? Is that possible? Badmash goes over some dos and don’ts… plus tons of wicked tunes!

Naughty Nights: Mutual Masturbation Tips



  1. Why mutual masturbation is a good idea
    Because most of us still have some embarrassment about masturbation lets list some benefits of exploring mutual masturbation:

    • Mutual masturbation is a great way to deal with differing sex drives; you don’t both have to be in the mood at the same time.
    • Mutual masturbation helps you learn what your partner likes, and teach your partner what works for you.
    • Masturbation is another side of you: sharing talk about masturbation and/or masturbating in your partner’s presence can be a powerful way of sharing a new level of intimacy
  2. Get comfortable with your own masturbation.
    The first step to sharing masturbation with a partner is getting comfortable in your own masturbatory-skin (that’s kind of a gross image, but I think you know what I mean). This may mean educating yourself about masturbation myths, or exploring masturbation more on your own first. If you haven’t thought much about how you masturbate start to give it some thought, notice any patterns or familiar fantasy you use. Ultimately you should be able to show, if not talk with your partner about what feels good, so give your self time to figure it out first.
  3. Wait until the time is right.
    Don’t pressure yourself (or accept pressure from a partner) to explore mutual masturbation. While mutual masturbation can be a great was to enhance your sex life, its also very intimate and exposing, and you should only do it when the time is right. If you’re unsure about it, think about what smaller steps you can take to share masturbation with a partner.
  4. Talk about masturbation with your partner.
    Before you dive right in, it’s a good idea to talk about masturbation with your partner. Even though most people continue to masturbate while in relationships, many couples hide their masturbation in relationships . The conversation doesn’t need to be serious or heavy, and it could even start as more of a curiosity, sharing stories about when you first masturbated, or how you learned to masturbate. The point is to get masturbation on the table as a topic as a way of gauging both your and your partners comfort with the subject.
  5. Honor the privacy of masturbation.
    The first time you masturbate with someone else in the room it may feel weird. Most of us have a way we like to masturbate, and for most of us this includes feeling like we’re alone and have some level of privacy. One way to get over the hump that first time is to keep your eyes closed (or if you don’t want to focus on that, use a blindfold or scarf to cover your eyes). With your eyes closed, as you start to masturbate it can be easier to slip into your comfort zone. For most people this is the easiest way to masturbate in front of a partner the first time.
  6. Take turns.
    One of the best things about masturbating in front of your partner is the lessons learned about what turns you on. Each of you should get an opportunity to simply watch the other masturbate without any distractions. The first time you share masturbation, if it feels awkward, you might agree in advance to take turns, one of you starting and masturbating until you’re done, and then the other goes. While simultaneous mutual masturbation can also be fun, letting yourself be the focus of attention can also be both arousing and educational.
  7. Mutual masturbation sex positions.
    Once you’re comfortable with mutual masturbation in both theory and practice its time to mix it up and play with different positions and situations. Doing this can enhance the sexual response you get from masturbation, it can also spark different fantasy scenarios, and lead to more learning for your partner. Try mutual masturbation on different pieces of furniture (if you’re always in bed, try it in a chair, in the shower, on the floor) and experiment with different sex positions.
  8. Masturbating together.
    Mutual masturbation can also mean masturbating together. From the perspective of spiritual sexuality, the sexual energy built up with masturbation can be shared even if you aren’t physically touching each other. Some people make a game of it, and try to masturbate in synch so they finish together. If you don’t have a lot of time you might compete to see who finishes first. One of the great things about doing this is sharing your feelings as you both lie there satisfied by your own hands, but sharing an intimate moment together.
  9. Masturbating each other.
    While most of us might think that a hands-off-each-other approach is what defines masturbation, dictionary definitions of mutual masturbation usually include touching each other and there’s no reason not to blur that line. This might include you focusing on another part of your partner’s body while they masturbate, or you might be right in the center of the action. You might use parts of each others bodies in your own masturbation technique. Or maybe you come in right at the end, to help out with the big finish.
  10. Adding sex toys.
    Sex toys can add a lot to both solo and mutual masturbation. For starters, toys remind us that sex is play, and lots of times it’s just meant to be silly fun. Sex toys also provide a kind of strong, consistent stimulation that we can’t create on our own. Introducing sex toys during mutual masturbation can also be a great way to bring sex toys into your partner sex, and it makes room for you showing your partner first how you like to play with sex toys before they take over.
  11. Playing with eye contact and talking.
    At the beginning, if you are uncomfortable with masturbating in front of your partner, making a lot of eye contact or talking might seem too intense. But if you find you both enjoy mutual masturbation and get more comfortable with it, adding eye contact and talking can take it to a different level. Gazing into each others eyes during any kind of sex play can be intensely intimate and hot. Sharing sexual fantasies or describing what you’d like to do to or with your partner while they masturbate can be another form of sexual fantasy role play .

Naughty Nights: Tips on Male Masturbation



  1. Make time for more than a quickie.
    Most guys first learn to masturbate in secret and furtive ways. They do it quickly and need to figure out what to do with the evidence afterward. This can create a powerful pattern of masturbating quickly, without paying attention to where your sexual arousal can take you. To start exploring something different, make sure you have some extended time and privacy for yourself, where you aren’t trying to finish quick before someone interrupts.
  2. Turn off the porn (just for a while) and tune into your body.
    Not everyone likes porn, but a lot of guys do, and while porn can be great, it also takes you out of your body a bit with the fantasy. This can distract you from what’s actually happening in your body. You don’t need to throw the porn away, but for a few times, masturbate without porn, and objectify yourself for a change!
  3. Do a…dry…run through.
    Bad pun aside, it’s a good idea to try the above suggestions, and then just masturbate as you normally would. As you do this pay attention:

    • Changes in your breathing: Does it become shallow and quick, slower and deeper?
    • Changes in your body: is there tension in some places, and relaxation in others? Is this the same every time you masturbate?
    • How does it feel just before you have an orgasm?
    • How does it feel as you orgasm, and immediately post-orgasm?
  4. Time to switch it up.
    Men learn early in their lives the most effective way to get themselves off. And most never waver from the utilitarian approach to self love. But sex is less like a well oiled machine, and more like a chaotic food fair, where there is an endless selection of ways to satisfy your appetites. So it’s time to throw a wrench in the works and shake up your routine. Try any combination of the following suggestions:
  5. Does your left hand know what your right hand is doing?
    Do you always use the same one hand to masturbate? Most guys do. If you’re among them, start with the simple tip of switching hands. It can feel strange at first, the rhythm might be off, it’s almost like sex with someone new for the first time. Enjoy the newness, and see if a new hand can teach an old hand some tricks.
  6. Experiment with positions.
    If you aren’t an experimental type, it’s time to start. If you’re used to masturbating lying down on your back, try sitting up. If you normally sit in a chair, try standing, or kneeling. As with all these changes, this might feel ridiculous at first, and you’ll probably go back to old faithful, but see what masturbation feels like in different positions, and notice if it brings with it any new sensations.
  7. Get your hips moving.
    The way your body moves when you masturbate is probably very different from the way it moves when you’re having sex with someone else. Many men don’t move at all when they masturbate. Try to move your hips when you masturbate, simulating the thrusting of intercourse. Notice how moving your hips in different ways can bring you closer to, and at times take you farther away from, the point of orgasm.
  8. Use different hand strokes.
    Most men learn early on that a vigorous stroke does the trick. This intense up and down stimulation usually ends in a good orgasm. But there are dozens of other strokes that each bring with them different sensations, and different orgasms. Roll your penis in between your hands, moving your hands up and down your shaft. Try using long twisting strokes instead of just up and down. Experiment with different movements, pressures, and speeds.
  9. Explore your shaft.
    While most of the nerve endings on the penis are at the head, and specifically the frenulum, many men will have spots on their shaft that are unusually sensitive. Try putting one hand at the base of your penis and press it towards your body while experimenting with different hand strokes along the shaft of your penis. Treat this like a treasure hunt, and try to feel the difference between one side and the other, between stimulation near the base and up near the tip.
  10. Reach around, yourself.
    For many men the balls (testicles) are a very sensitive area that responds well to feelings of touch and pressure. Take your forefinger and thumb and make them in a circle at the top of your scrotum. Gently tug on your scrotum as your masturbating. This is both a way to prevent you from ejaculating and a way to extend sexual feelings in your body. Experiment with other kinds of touch including tickling, scratching, and rubbing.
  11. Check out the neighborhood.
    While the penis and scrotum tend to be the epicenter of masturbatory attention, if you’re looking to open things up a bit, be sure to take a tour of some other nearby areas. The perineum, the area between the scrotum and anus, is very sensitive to pressure and massage, and rubbing it provides external prostate stimulation. Speaking of which, don’t be afraid to explore the anus, both externally and by using a finger for penetration.
  12. Bring it all together.
    Not everything you try is going to do it for you, but the idea behind the above tips is to try lots of different things, and then incorporate whatever you like into the ways you regularly masturbate. Maybe it’s a different stroke, or position, or breathing technique. Obviously there is no one, correct way to masturbate, and even if you’ve got something that works for you, consider the fact that there could be more out there if you experiment with it.
  1. Another myth about male masturbation is that you shouldn’t use anything other than you hand. While your hand might be doing the trick, adding some accessories can make the stimulation even more intense, and inspire more creativity with yourself, and with partners.
  2. Get a good quality personal lubricant . If it’s only for masturbation you can use something that’s oil based without worrying about condom compatibility. Oil based products are better because they won’t dry up.
  3. Add a sex toy into the mix. It might be a vibrator, a dildo, or a cock ring (if you’ve never tried one I recommend trying one on your own before you use it with a partner). Sex toys can add a completely new kind of stimulation, and accentuate the manual stimulation your doing.

Naughty Nights: Valentines Day coming up…



From Badmash…

Morning my sexy jalebis

As I mention last night, I believe every day is a valentines day, whether you are single or not, you always have someone to love, even its not in a sexual way… here’s the list I read last night … just to refresh your memory. Have fun!!!

  1. Day Off.
    Devote the entire day to each other. Take the day off from work and spend it doing things together that you normally don’t have the time to do.
  2. Honeymoon Again.
  3. Take a second honeymoon… even if it’s in your hometown and only for a night!  Book the honeymoon suite at a nice hotel and lavish each other in luxury.
  4. Week Long Celebration.
    Who says that Valentine’s day has to last for just one day? Break the rules and celebrate for an entire week! Do something special together each day.
  5. Be Kids Again.
    Get several boxes of kids valentine’s cards and write a different love note on each one. You can use love quotes, love poems, or just words from your own heart. Give her valentine’s each day, each hour, or all at once. Fill them with candy or just words of love.
  6. Travel.
  7. Take her on a special getaway… find a poster for the location and give it to her as an over sized valentine’s card with a written love note and the tickets taped to the back!
  8. Bed & Breakfast.
    Book a room at a local bed & breakfast for an incredibly romantic night. Find the perfect place with this online B&B directory.
  9. Romantic Movies.
    Head to your video store and rent several romantic movies. Bake your own pizza together (how about a heart shaped one!) and spend all day (or night) watching movie after movie.
  10. Gifts of Love.
    Tired of your lover nagging for that one gift? Keep your ears open to what they really want… and make it a point to get it for them on valentines day. If it’s small enough, hide it around the house and leave cheeky post-it clues.
  11. Music to Your Ears.
    Compile all of your love songs onto your love song CD mix and have romantic music playing throughout the day/night in the background.
  12. Game On.
    Romantic game that is… Spend the night having fun in the bedroom with a sexy, romantic game.

Naughty Nights: Tips on how to go down on a woman



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Tongue to lips
Any licking, gentle sucking or all-around moisture from the mouth to the vaginal entrance, the labia (lips) or the clitoris will surely make you popular with your flavor of the evening.

When you begin to give oral sex, it’s important to start slowly. Women like it when a man takes the time to appreciate her and her body. What she won’t like is an over-achiever who jumps right in with an aggressive tongue. Pretend that her entire vagina is an ice-cream cone with three scoops of your favorite flavor; if you don’t like ice-cream, I’m sure you can appreciate the metaphor. Use your tongue to lick her vagina from its entrance up to the clitoris. Remember to chill out and relax; enjoy yourself and don’t get tense.

Move your tongue freely from her inner lips to her outer labia on one side. Once you’ve done that, draw her lips into your mouth and massage them with your tongue. And since the other side will probably get jealous, move on to the other side afterward.

Oral exploration
Were you aware that the tongue is the body’s strongest muscle? Well imagine what you could do with your tongue if you were giving her oral sex. Since you have more control with your tongue than with your penis, the sensations will drive her crazy.

Not only is your tongue naturally lubricated with saliva, you can maneuver it in ways that a penis never could. So why not use your tongue to have sex with her? Thrust your tongue in and out of her vagina, and take a break from time to time to explore her insides.

While you’re roaming around down there, vary your cadence and the firmness of your tongue. Use your firm, flexed tongue for pinpoint accuracy, such as when you circle the clitoris, and use a limber, flat tongue to cover more ground.

Remember to continuously return to her clitoris since most women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation — especially when it comes to oral sex. However, don’t apply too much pressure to her clitoris right away because it may irritate her and turn her off. Start out gently and increase pressure and speed according to her body language.

Above all, have fun down there when you’re giving her oral sex, and keep her on her toes (or off as the case may be).
Intense vaginal volume
When you have her as hot as a lioness in heat, the following oral sex techniques are going to drive her wild. Once again, make sure to pay attention to her reactions and body language at all times.

With her clitoris still exposed, give it quick little sucks by enveloping it with your mouth momentarily and releasing it. This will definitely have a positive effect on her entire body.

Next, take her clitoris into your mouth and gently suck on it while you simultaneously flick your tongue over and around it. You can perform this oral technique very lightly or aggressively, depending on what she likes.

If you combine these oral sex techniques with your fingers, she will virtually have a mind-blowing orgasm every time.

Some more secrets on how to give great oral sex..

Finger-licking good

There is nothing that a woman likes more than a multi-talented man. And if you know how to use both your tongue and fingers at the same time, you will definitely become her oral sex king.

While you’re French kissing her clitoris, use your finger to rub it at the same time. If you can rub your stomach and pat your head at the same time, you might want to suck on her clitoris and penetrate her vagina and thrust repeatedly with your fingers.

Be careful not to lose sight of what you’re doing because the vagina is a very sensitive area and one wrong move can leave you hanging out to dry. Keep up with what you’re doing to her. Make sure that you’re not thrusting your fingers too deep or too fast. You might also want to use your finger to rub her G-spot; it’s not that big of a mystery as it’s a rough-feeling portion of flesh located on the anterior wall of the vagina.
The tongue’s the one

Use your tongue freely and don’t be afraid to venture into uncharted territory; the more relaxed you are, the more relaxed she will be. And perhaps you weren’t aware of this, but, if your woman is a gusher, the feeling of her ejaculate flowing all over your mouth is one of the world’s greatest aphrodisiacs.

No one likes a slobbering idiot, so don’t lose your mind while you’re in her sacred garden. Don’t start drooling all over her vagina and don’t do random things when you’re giving her oral sex. Always have a strategy when you’re going down and an escape plan, just in case you hit a foul ball.

Lastly, and I can’t stress this enough, never bite any part of the vagina. Not only can it cause physical harm, but you’ll probably get thrown into the dog house.

Useful positions
In order to make your oral buffet as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible, have your lady lie on her back with her legs spread apart and her knees slightly bent. Get on your stomach between her legs and slide your arms under her legs. Your head ends up comfortably facing your oral objective. Wrap your arms around her legs and you’ll have perfect access to her vagina, which allow you to manipulate it with your fingers.

You can also lie down in the same position and place both of your hands under her behind, elevating it so that it comes directly to your face. Although this requires a little more strength and requires both your hands, it can be very pleasurable for your woman.

Finally, you can bring her behind to the edge of the bed while you give her oral sex. Have her rest her feet on your shoulders or on the edge of the bed as well, and you’ll have plenty of access while you kneel in front of her love cave. This position will also give your fingers full access to her vagina.

oral sex rhetoric
There you have it; some of the basics to giving good oral sex. Of course this isn’t a definitive oral sex guide, but it’s a good place to start. There are plenty of other positions and techniques that you can try; the ones here are just some of the more comfortable positions. Remember: don’t be shy, be gentle, take your time, experiment, and have fun.

Until next time, bon appetit!

Naughty Nights: How to give your man an excellent blow job



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Hello my sexy jalebis!!! As promised I would post those random tips on how to give your man a better blow job or if you aren’t comfortable with the idea, maybe reading these tips will help you… always play it safe with sex folks!

Kiss your guy to let him know something special is coming. I like to scratch the back of his neck a little with my nails and pull down a little on his lower lip with my teeth, but it’s your choice what you do.

2.     Press your body against his and run your fingers slowly down his chest while still maintaining eye contact. Grasp his penis in your hand and start stroking it softly; pretend like your hand is your mouth.

Trail a line of kisses down his body while still stroking until you find yourself on your knees. Yes there’s a million ways you can give a blow job, but there’s something men like about seeing you on your knees in front of them.

Continue stroking while moving your lips around his hips, thighs and anywhere else you want as long as you stay away from his penis. This will drive him wild and make him wonder when you’re finally going to get to the main event.

Start by slowly running your tongue around the tip of his penis. Slowly take just the tip into your mouth, applying a little suction with your mouth. Keep your hand on the base and apply some pressure as you suck. Even if you’re not capable of deep throating he’ll get the feeling.

6.    Move your mouth down his penis and slowly remove your hand as you take him a little deeper. If you have a sensitive gag reflex, keep your hand stroking.

Mix things up by stroking his hips, ass and balls as you keep sucking. The more adventurous of us can even grab his ass while giving a blow job. Take a few seconds to look up him while you’re on his knees and he’ll think you’re a goddess. Take a few seconds to pull away from him and whisper something and he’ll think you’re better than a goddess.

8.    Pull back slightly so he thinks you’re about to stop the blow job and then very, very lightly scrape your teeth against the underside of his penis. All the experts say to never use your teeth, but I’ve never found a guy who didn’t love the feel of a little extra pressure during a blow job.

9.    Spend some time licking the sides of the penis instead of constantly sucking the shaft. There are thousands of nerve endings and sucking only hits a percentage of those. Try applying a little extra pressure right underneath the head. Vary the pressure to drive him wild and so he won’t know what’s coming next.

Decide where you want him to come and move your body. If you want to swallow, stay where you are and start speeding things up. If you’re squeamish about swallowing, move back to using just your hands so he’ll know what he needs to do.