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2011 the year of Swami…



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If I can pick any album I’m TRULY looking forward to, it would be Swami’s new album, I know the group were busy in the studio during 2010, but I know the wait will be worth it! S-Endz sent us an update…

But 2010 was a significant year for another reason. That reason is XXXXXX – aka the new Swami album that has been a long time in the making. It’s so close, I promise you that. Not only did I co-write every song – I also rap on all of them and sing on some. It’s the album that will define us for generations to come. I can feel it. I’ve never been more proud of any work I’ve done than I am of this album

and what about S-Endz debut album?? I’m still jamming to Outer Space, but I’m itching for some new music, as a Valentines Gift to all his friends and fans, he gave us a sneaky peak of Fashion II with Kazz Kumar

My Neosouljas, I wish I had more news to share on my debut album, “Emanate”. I know I’ve been promising it for three years now, but the reasons for the delay are simple…. I REFUSE to settle for “good enough”. After all – you only get once chance to make your debut album. I’m not like all these other artists that force their sub-standard work on the world, even going as far as shooting music videos for weak, emulative, pathetic songs in the hopes of garnering some airplay on the most niche of channels.

The positive news is that I am VERY happy with a great deal of what’s been recorded, and I hope to have more news to share soon.

Beyond “Emanate”, the follow-up is titled and conceptualized. Neofunk is about to hit a new level in the next 12 months. Get ready.

Bring it on S-Endz… Bring it on! Hopefully we are one of the channels you will consider showcasing your tracks!

S-End Valentines Day Treat to his Neo Souljas



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Oh S-Endz, besides free music downloads another way to my heart is anything EXCLUSIVE you put out. For all of you fans of Swami and personal S-Endz, this is super Valentines Day Treat… a sneak peak of Fashion, he adds that one of a kind Neofunk flavor with Kazz Kumar (whose responsible for making me say dirty words) enjoy this clip. I’m looking forward to featuring this track on the Junction!

Drawing of Swami by Romy (age 9)



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This is so adorable and rocking! Check this out, one of Swami’s fans, Romy (age 9) drew a picture of the group! I loved how Romy had Bobby give a little wave! So cute!!! This is definitely work of art, if it doesn’t make front cover of the album… perhaps it can be put inside the album booklet… or made into a retro t-shirt for all of Swami fans to enjoy!!!

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Your First Song for your Wedding?



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This week on “Street Talk” with PHS, Rav and Dee, they asked “what would be your alternative first song for your wedding?” I just finished listening to “Desi Rock” from Swami… the beat was fresh in my head, I was picturing “Desi Rock” as a first wedding song, I would love to have it as my first song… its an upbeat tempo, I like how its different and unique. I would love to have Swami be there PERSONALLY at my wedding… that would ROCK. Follow up by Taz singing “Rapture of Love”

Taz and Swami…. I would be in Urban Desi Heaven…. I wonder if the PHS boys made fun of my pick off air? Check out Panjabi Hit Squad on the BBC Asian Network every Saturday.

Take a walk on the Neofunk side with S-Endz



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From one of our favorite Urban Desi Artists, S-Endz, brings us his newsletter, check out what’s going on in his world! And what’s going on with Swami..we all indulged in ” Sugarless” which is currently being streamed on UDR 24 hour stream, along with other Swami tracks and S-Endz “Outer Space” track

S-Endz gave Petz the heads up he will be around the west coast… but not Cali… hopefully Oregon gives him a warm welcome …

The Neofunk Newsletter – Issue #2 Jan 2010

Dear NeoSouljas,

The momentum from our EP release of ‘Outer Space’ continues to grow and our movement continues to strengthen. I must warn you, I have recently been made aware of some detractors who claim publically to support our movement yet denounce it in private. They seek to use our methods for their own means, imitating our words, our styles, our sounds, our methods. However, what happens when they run out of ideas?That is the solace we must take through being the creators and the supporters of the truth.

Any of you who have not yet checked out the EP, you can do so at http://music.s-endz.com

The Musictionary

NeoSoulja Steven Anthony (click his name to follow him on Twitter) runs a music blog – themusictionary.com, and they recently reviewed ‘Outer Space’, noting that:

“The track is a strange affair — the music itself sounds like a cross between Trent Reznor and Kanye West, a sound that S-Endz has coined “Neofunk.” It’s different for sure, but more importantly it works and sounds like nothing you’ve heard before”

Head over here for the full review – http://themusictionary.com/?p=2915

New year, new targets

I have decided to start 2010 with some new methods. One of these is tangible targets. By this, I mean regular steps that can be achieved on a monthly basis for the greater good of our movement.

We’re starting with Facebook.

I need all of you to sign up to be fans on Facebook – the address is http://facebook.com/neofunk

Suggest it to your friends also and spread the word. If we can reach 500 fans by the end of this month (January 2010), then on the first, I will be sending out a mass message on the 1st February, via Facebook, and that message will include a link to a brand new song, entitled ‘What Ya Need (The Neofunk)‘.

Believe in the message….believe in the movement…..believe in the NEOFUNK and accept no imitations! This song will only be premiered to those of you who are following me on Facebook, so hit that link above now!

The Current State of SWAMI

I know that many of you are eager to know what the band is up to, so I am about to share some information that is not yet fully public knowledge!

We are 20 songs deep into the new album. All 20 of these songs have been co-written by myself and Diamond and they all represent the highest standard of any Swami material to date in both songwriting and production. This is a project of THE highest calibre….on a higher level than anything we have done in the past. We have begun to record live percussion ideas from dhol maestro Bobby P, and at some point soon, Sups, Liana and I will begin to record the vocals properly.

We intend to document as much of this process as possible for your consumption, with live broadcast sessions, photos and videos from the recording, and more. We intend to finish all 20 songs – then select the best of those for the new album. Stay tuned…..if you thought ‘Sugarless’ was big, you ain’t seen nothing yet…

…that’s all for Issue #2 of the Neofunk Newsletter….

remember…..keep the neofunk vibes flowin, wherever you are…

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S Endz pops UDR’s Tweeterview Cherry




Petz tweeterviewed S Endz … they had a lot of catching up to do! S Endz talked about his own solo album (Emanate), Swami’s new stuff… Swami won’t be singing punjabi on the next album…how will the fans react…S Endz dares to be different…much respect! Big things are happening with the band… plus a lot of random jibber jabber between Petz and S Endz!

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