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Get Down Mr. President



Picture 42

Last year, President Obama sent his Diwali wishes to folks around the world who observe the holiday. But this year, he’s actually in India and getting to experience the festivities that Diwali has to offer. The First Lady and Mr. President obviously enjoying themselves and picking up the dance steps from the kids. In an interview with CNN, Obama commented the kids directed their attention to the First Lady, but ignored him! Perhaps the kids were intimidated by the secret service men in shades?

Big Plans for POL Soundtrack



Picture 69

Russell (Uncle Rush) Simmons (left) will be taking the “Politics of Love” soundtrack under his wing along with the POL music supervisor Craig Nobles (right). With Uncle Rush’s expertise, the soundtrack is going to be off the hook. I’ve always had a soft spot for soundtracks, take Bollywood for example the movie might be crap, but the music is good. That was a statement I used to hear from a lot of my friends “the movie sucked, but the music was good” haha. I have high hopes for “Politics of Love” as of now, Mallika seems to be having a lot of fun soaking it up in La La land.

Mallika – Is it too much???



Picture 23

The press in India dismissed this photo as Mallika being “topless” but she really has on a body suit. This is one of the promo pictures for her movie “Hissss” she tweeted this photo and asked “is this too much?”

She’s very candid and honest when she tweets back to her fans, in fact someone was bold enough to ask if she would ever pose topless or nude? Mallika firmly replied – NEVER!

That probably burst the fantasy bubble of millions! Mallika is no stranger to controversy, she knows the rules of Hollywood and knows it’s just acting. In fact, controversial roles, I believe, keeps things challenging and interesting for actors. But for the wider audience in India, it’s hard to grasp. Take Aishiwarya Rai for example… one of her rules if she was going to play a Bond girl, there would be no kissing or no love scenes; those rules don’t apply in Hollywood.

So the media in India, get it right, get a grip – it’s just a body suit. She’s NOT topless.  Mallika is just doing what she does best – acting.

Ps. Mallika the picture isn’t “too much” it’s a nice shot!

Politics of Love – steamy, sexy and politically correct?




I have to say, when I first met Mallika last July, I never met such a candid actress who doesn’t shy away from any role. It’s quite refreshing to meet an actress who spoke her mind and really doesn’t give a damn what others think. This poster…wow. You have to admit its hot… old glory used as a bed sheet. Wow. Wow. Wow.

The 2008 elections will go down in history for sure! I personally had never been more excited to cast my presidential vote (yes I voted for Obama) this was my second Presidential election I got to participate in… I traded in my “Vote or Die” shirt for a “Bhangra or Die” shirt (thanks DesiThreads)

Anyways… Politics of Love is about Kyle Franklin (Brian White) an African American savvy republican who is very set in his conservative ways… (or is he??) when he lays eyes on Aretha Gupta (Mallika Sherawat) an idealistic local Obama volunteer coordinator. The sparks fly! The tempers sizzle… and true love unfolds?? This movie sounds hilarious! I remember Mallika told me she shadowed Kamala Harris (San Francisco District Attorney) for this role…Bravo Mallika and Brian… I’m feeling a “cult classic” status tag to this film!

Petz lives in a media cave… and loves a steamy debate

Mallika outside the Twitter HQ

Jury Duty for Obama but…



Picture 16

looks like he has the best excuse of them all… he has to deliver the state of the union address tomorrow – so he can’t go to the court house. I wish we could use that excuse. I know it’s our civic duty to be a part of the jury… my worse nightmare is to get stuck on a high profile murder case…

Imagine being stuck with Julia Sugarbaker as a fellow jury… my…oh…my….

The Halloween Spirit hits the Obamas




First Lady Michelle Obama and President Obama handed out nearly 2,000 packages of M&Ms and dried fruit to trick-or-treaters. The First Lady was dressed up as a cat and the President stated that Michelle is the prettiest catwoman in the world. (Sorry Halle Berry)

After they handed out treats, the Obamas hosted a Halloween dinner party for military families. The Obama administration really got into the spirit of Halloween, his press secretary, Robert Gibbs dressed up as “Darth Vader” from Star Wars. Jay Leno asked the first lady what Malia and Sasha planned to be, but due to security, the first lady couldn’t reveal that tidbit to Leno.

The President dressed casual for the Halloween dinner party, I guess that can count as a costume since he’s always suited up in ties and armani suits!