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You Got Mail: Amrik Dholi



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One of our You Got Mail tracks this week on the Junction is Mera Laung Gawacha – Amrik on the Dhol, who took Harleen Singh’s vocals from a youtube video. I got to know Amrik Dholi during my time on Asian FX radio, I remember playing “Fierce Giddah” on my weekend show. He’s very talented and I like the fact he tries different things when it comes to music. It’s great to still have a platform where I can feature him and any other artists who wants to be featured on the Junction. Check out the track and support Amrik! PS. He promises more tracks will be coming my way this year!

Mera Laung Gawacha Harleen Singh Amrik Dholi by amrikdholi

The Junction: Retribution by Dark MC



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This week on the Junction we will be featuring Dark MC’s new album Retribution, you can get it on ITUNES right now!

Thank you from the UDR Founders



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Dearest Donors,

On January 30th 2011, Urban Desi Radio reached our 1,000 dollar goal to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention in memory of Jagmeet (Rana) Sidhu. It’s all thanks to donors like you who contributed and helped spread this around your facebooks, twitters and other social networking platforms. It proves yet again, when we all come together as a community, things happen for the better. We were turned down by one Gurdwara who wouldn’t let us set up a booth to collect funds, but we must keep in mind it’s not the Gurdwara as a whole, it’s the politics behind it that tends to turn a blind eye on important issues like this one. However, the San Jose Gurdwara let us set up a booth, there was some hesitation at first, but I think they saw the number of people approaching us and understood this was a worthy cause. On Rana’s page we have facts about youth suicide and signs of depression in Punjabi and English, We’re hoping we can get it translated in Hindi and other South Asian languages so we can reach a broad spectrum of the community. If you or someone you know could help us with the translation please get in touch.

While none of us at UDR knew Rana personally,  we feel this is a positive way to honor his memory and to spread awareness, our site is geared towards the younger generation, they are going to be tomorrow’s leaders and it’s never too soon to plant the seeds of awareness in their minds.

We thank you once again for your contributions. Peace and love to all.


Peta Cooper and Mandeep Banga
Founders of Urban Desi Radio

In Memory of Jagmeet: Urban Desi Radio has reached our 1k goal!



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A little over a month ago, Urban Desi Radio decided to participate in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention overnight walk in NYC, we asked Jagmeet’s family if we could do it in memory of him, they gave us their blessings – little did we know it would only take us a month to reach our goal. With the help of Dr. Harkesh Sandhu, founder of Sahaita, we were able to do a fundraiser at the San Jose Gurdwara. Slightly over an hour, we raised over 158 dollars, UDR was joined by Dr. Sonie Sandhu, a chiropractor who has a clinic in San Jose. Dr. Sonie also has a radio show she does every Wednesday on Radio CK (formally Geet Radio). She’s been a wonderful supporter  to Urban Desi Radio.  The patrons at the San Jose Gurdwara generously donated whatever they could and wanted to know more about suicide prevention. We had flyers given out in English and Punjabi, hopefully this will create a healthy platform for dialogue and coming together as a community.

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Booth at the San Jose Gurdwara 01/30/11

Sonie Clinic is putting together a Chinese New Year Health Celebration February 3rd and 4th, from 10am to 6pm.

– Enjoy traditional Chinese New Year Treats and Music. FREE Chair massage.

– $20 Acupuncture Anti Stress relief treatment. FREE Chiropractic and Acupuncture Consultations

– FREE Wellness Blood pressure check

– FREE Hormone Balance check

Visit Sonie Clinic or call 408-729-1808

In Memory of Jagmeet: Fundraiser at the San Jose Gurdwara




AFSP Overnight fundraiser In Memory of Jagmeet (Rana) Sidhu

January 30th (Sunday), 12pm

San Jose Gurdwara, 3636 Murillo Avenue
San Jose, CA 95148

Come and meet us at the San Jose Gurdwara, this Sunday, we will be collecting donations, which will be going to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, in memory of Rana. Learn more about AFSP and the programs  they offer to help those who have lost family and friends to suicide and those who have been suicidal/dealing with depression. There will be information in Punjabi and English for you to take home and look over. Special thanks goes out to Dr. Harkesh Sandhu, Sahaita Organization, Dr. Sonie Sandhu and the San Jose Gurdwara for their compassion and understanding to this important cause. And many thanks to those who have promoted the fundraiser all over their social networks and have donated.

Save Uma – Become a Marrow Donor



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Six-year-old Uma has been diagnosed with Bone Marrow failure aka Aplastic Anemia, she has a low blood count and that makes her bruise easily. Uma is more prone to infections and anemia. She’s in need of a bone marrow transplant. Nearly 60% of all bone marrow donations are Caucasians, there’s a need for more South Asians to step up to become marrow donors. In the last couple of months, due to Sonia Rai’s illness, donors of South Asian origin are coming in at a steady pace – but there’s still an urgency for more South Asians to sign up. Uma is currently receiving immunosuppressive therapy, but a bone marrow match is needed to save Uma’s life. This story hits close to home, I can relate to the needle probing and testing little Uma had to go through before being properly diagnosed. I have chronic ITP, where my blood platelets spontaneously becomes low, I was prone to bruising. That’s why when it comes to marrow causes, I make sure all of us at UDR push it to the fullest.

How to help Uma?

Contact a local recruiter by going to bethematch.org or calling 1-800-marrow2

If you are eligible, join the national marrow registry, by giving the promo code: SAVEUMA

Host a drive! Get your school, work, place of worship and community centers involved


Ms. Indira Menon – (404) 219-4611 or (770) 988-9938 kimus18[@]yahoo.com

Mr. Pramod Kalia –  (404) 219-4638 pkrk5[@]yahoo.com

Process of Bone Marrow Donation

Undergo a mouth swab, you can get a free swab kit from the National Marrow Registry promo code: SAVEUMA

If matched, provide a blood sample

The final process a simple blood donation, no need to worry about missing work or school.

Let’s go behind the scenes with Dark MC



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What makes a good management team? Its when they give the fans a behind the scene look of their artist. It’s always fun to see the making of a music video, if you have had the chance to be in one, you know there’s a lot of waiting around and retakes. It’s a work of art, but these behind the scene videos make it look so easy (for some of us who will never be on a set with Dark MC) get an up close and personal look behind his new single – Jaadu. Download Jaadu

Catch Rafyl Photography on set of WORLD exclusive footage of behind the scenes of the new EP from Dark mc JAADU
Edited by Innov8 Films

New SimplyBhangra Top 10 Entry – Taqdeer Lucky & Ravi Bal



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Sundays are usually my favorite days because we get the chart tracks from our sponsor and friends at Simply Bhangra, check out Taqdeer Lucky and Ravi Ball, their song Sunyara is number 10. Listen to the show

Detonate by Skilf



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I had this look on my face when I was watching this music video, by Skilf, we are currently playing his London track from his mixtape Alter Ego on THE JUNCTION. As a film grad, I have a soft spot for old cinema, I really enjoyed these clips from the Detonate (another track from the Alter Ego mixtape) music video. Skilf gets an A+ for originality!

Desi B gives Vancouver a lil love…



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Our you got mail artist of the week, on the Juntion, dropped us another track. The folks in Vancouver will love this (don’t be jealous Montreal, Desi B still has love for you) This track is dedicated to his boys  out in BC; Josh, Tim, Cale and Zhubian. Will he ever dedicate a track to us here on UDR? :)