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Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy takes home an Oscar



We at Urban Desi Radio would like to send our heartfelt congratulations to Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, for taking home an Oscar for her compelling documentary Saving Face. She’s a well respected journalist and a member of the South Asian Journalist Association. One of our founders, Petz, loved watching Sharmeen’s segments on the Discovery Times channel.

Roughly 100 people a year get acid thrown in their face in Pakistan. Saving Face follows two women as they take on the justice system and find their own sense of healing by taking a stand against acid burnings


7.4 Earthquake rocked Pakistan yesterday…



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Our warm thoughts are with the people of Pakistan and surrounding countries affected by the 7.4 earthquake, as far as we can tell, the earthquake was pin point in a remote desert area on the South west Pakistani boarder, as of yesterday one people was reported dead, damaging reports are still coming in. If we get any links to from the red cross and other volunteer organizations to help the people in Pakistan, we will let you know.

Jeevay Pakistan Music Video



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The voices behind one of my favorite albums “Life Through Melody” Maz and Ziggy from Bonafide put together this emotional heartfelt song – Jeevay Pakistan. Ziggy got to go to Pakistan  to see the horrendous damage the floods caused this past summer. Bonafide also had a car wash fundraiser to raise funds for the folks in Pakistan, it was a huge success. After a story fades from the media spotlight, we tend to forget and assume every thing is back to normal – which couldn’t be further from the truth. Buy this track and help support the people in Pakistan.

Send Water Tablets to Pakistan



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It’s now estimated that the flood has left over 20 million people homeless in Pakistan, if you are wary about donating money, here’s another alternative (and a logical one) purchase water tablets and have them send to these following locations, they will be sent over to Pakistan to help restore the drinking water over there. Water is essential to human life… let’s make a difference UDR folks!

Send the tablets to either address

Dedicated Entertainment, Inc., 43-49 10th Street, Suite 500, Long Island City, NY 11101


Shaheen of Hicksville, 255 S. Broadway, Hicksville, NY 11801


Peta Cooper & Mandeep Banga

Founders of Urban Desi Radio

Buy the Water Tablets

Google Products

A Plus Survival

The Military Trail

Bohemia in Pakistan 2010



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Earlier we reported that Bohemia was raising awareness regarding the floods in Pakistan, by urging his fans to post green ribbons on their twitter profiles, now Bohemia will be traveling to the region to perform and bring the much needed attention to Pakistan. He will be performing in Lahore and Islamabad, the energy he brings on stage will kick start people into action to come together and “fight the storm” as one.

Hallmark Events Dubai and Pakistan is sponsoring this concert, proceeds will go to help Pakistan, where millions are displaced due to the floods. This cause is close to Bohemia’s heart, he’s originally from Pakistan and wants to do everything he can to help the people there.

Video Produced by Shaneil Deo

Urban Desi Artist Stepping Up To Help Pakistan



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Maz and Ziggy from Bonafide participated in a charity car wash to help the flood victims in Pakistan. The fundraiser was held at Express Car wash in London. The Bonafide duo is currently working on “Jeevan Pakistan” a charity single to benefit the Pakistan Flood relief efforts.

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Zam Hussain is planning a series of events around Birmingham, UK… he’s currently producing a compilation album, for anyone who would like to be on the album please get in touch with Zam

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Uzazi’s Epic Pakistani Anthem Remix…Uzazi expressing love and devotion for Pakistan through music, purchase this track and all proceeds to to the Pakistani Flood relief.

Pakistan Anthem (Uzazi’s Epic Anthem Mix) by djscoop

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For those of you who follow Bohemia the Punjabi Rapper on Twitter, you might of notice the green ribbon he’s sporting on his default pic, you can get yours right here

Check out Urban Desi Radio’s PSA running in all our programs.

If you are an urban desi artist and you are doing something to help the folks in Pakistan, please send us an email urbandesiradio[@]gmail.com and thanks for stepping up and doing something positive for the community!

Get a “Bonafide” Car Wash



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Hey UK Folks!! How you would like Bonafide to wash your car? Crazy thought eh? Maz and Ziggy are participating in a fundraiser to help the victims affected by the floods in Pakistan. Big props to Maz and Ziggy for taking the time to help people who are less fortunate. Be careful though… rumor has it that Bonafide might just hose you down!

Express Car Wash

Watts Streets (off Regent Street)

Rochdale, United Kingdom
Saturday  at 9:00am – August 15 at 6:30pm

Bonafide will be helping at a charity carwash for the Pakistan Flood Appeal this Saturday and Sunday at Express Car Wash, Watts Streets (off Regent Street) Rochdale. Come Down and show your support!

Atif Aslam’s FOLK meets Slash’s METAL?



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I think the Bay Area has Atif fever, after his amazing concert, a couple of weeks ago. The talented Pakistani pop star is planning to collaborate with Slash and Gilby Clarke (Guns “n” Roses) and Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay).  This is a fusion project between Pakistani Folk music meets Western Genres. Rock and Pakistani beats work well – look at Junoon. Can you imagine Atif and Chris’s vocals coming together with Slash’s guitar riff? No dates for this project has been set, but all three parties seems very optimistic. If this collaboration happens – it will be a quantum leap for all of the artists – musically the possibilities are endless!

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