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Popsy “Hyper” Podcast



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Petz from Urban Desi Radio had Popsy on the Junction a couple of weeks ago, Urban Desi Radio was the first Desi Radio station here in the US to score an interview with Popsy, who launched his 4th album earlier this month.  Our favorite tracks are Naag 2 and Hyper Boliyan! Special thanks to Hari B for hooking up the interview.  Download Podcast to hear Popsy talking about everything from his new album and he sets the record straight with Petz regarding a rumor whether or not a well known artist was a ghost producer on the album.

Popsy New Album Hyper **OUT NOW**



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Popsy joined Petz on the Junction for an exclusive interview HYPER, that dropped last Thursday. Popsy is an accomplished artist from the UK, who is a part of Jazzy B’s band. Hyper is Popsy’s forth album Buy Hyper On Itunes