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Gorilla Chilla takes five with Nayna



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Gorilla Chilla vibing away…

By: Nayna

From musician, pianist, DJ, to singer, mc, beat-boxer, rapper; describing Mr Jahid ‘GC’ Samed’s job title is a major feat in itself and to hail him as a music producer would not do him justice. Known in the industry as Gorillachilla, his collaborations include Nafis, Young Twist, Metz & Trix and RDB, to name a few. The man of musical talent is releasing his much awaited new track ‘Sohni Nehn’ this March alongside the new album, ‘Music in My Blood’ and I had the pleasure of meeting him to find out the inspiration behind it.

Nayna: So Mr GC, you’ve been in hiding for a while now, been busy?

Gorilla Chilla: Hey, how you doing? I’ve been so busy locked up in the studio, been working on literally 100’s of new songs and projects and also DJing all over the country, been mad busy as always.

N: I’ve heard the new single it has a very catchy tune. What’s the inspiration behind it?

GC: Well I’m always performing and DJing at weddings and clubs etc, so thought it was time for a new party banger, something to get people dancing.

N: Were there any other influences on the track?

GC: This song was produced by myself and the legendary Kam Frantic. If you put two dangerous producers on a beat you will get a masterpiece and it was such an honour and inspiration to work with the man himself.

N: In the whole process of producing a single, what’s the best part of it for you?

GC: The best part is when it all starts to come together, that’s usually when I lay the vocals on the music then I think, ‘Ok I’m not too far from the goal now’.

N: Is each process the same? Did you learn anything new this time around?

GC: This time around, it was all a new experience for me as I’m always in the studio doing my thing, what most producers do but with this track it was the 1st time on-camera for me and that was a good experience. Making the beat and the track wasn’t too hard, that’s my field as a producer, that’s something that comes naturally to me now.

N: If there was one artist, alive or dead that you could work with, who would it be?

GC: I’d love to work with 3 if I had the chance; Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Mohd Rafi Saab, and Michael Jackson. They are my heroes and inspiration, may God rest their souls in peace.

N: At what point do you know that your single is a success?

GC: For me it’s not about the music being a success, as long as people enjoy the music. I’m just grateful to be able to get my music and put it out there for people to hear and I’ll keep doing it for as long as you all want to keep hearing it.

N: What can we expect from the new album, ‘Music in my Blood’?

GC: There will be some big names but I’m not going to give away who. The songs are mixed, a few clubby songs, a few slow songs, something for everybody.

N: And how will we be able to get hold of the single and new album.

GC: The single and album are officially out in March and will be available on iTunes, on music juice and in all major record shops.

N: Any future projects in the pipeline?

GC: My dream was always to collaborate with worldwide singers and it seems those dreams will be coming true. I am working with some mainstream UK artists at the moment and working on some Arabic, Bengali and even Grime albums. I’d love to try out the Bollywood scene. I’m doing as much as I can right now and do have a surprise for the fans so watch this space…

Keep your ears open for the new single out in March and make sure you check out the new album too. GC never fails to entertain his fans, and the new single is no exception.

Get in touch with Gorilla Chilla – Gorilla Chilla MySpace | Gorilla Chilla YouTube | Gorilla Chilla Twitter | Gorilla Chilla Facebook

Nayna | Editor | Elektrodrop
nayna@elektrodrop.com | www.elektrodrop.com

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Our Weekly Featured Album (EP) on The Junction



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Listen to The Junction

I was blown away by this EP, by Raxstar, I made a mistake calling it an album in the beginning, but I corrected myself! Like I said in the show, I believe all of you can relate to at least ONE track, especially when it comes to heart break. Right now I have “Goodbye” on replay, the music is from one of my favorite Oasis’s songs “Half a world away” wouldn’t that be something if Raxstar joined Oasis on a retro tour (if the band was still together) I would pay to see that. Currently, Raxstar’s new single, “Jaaneman” is ripping through all my favorite stations across the pond (UK), I can’t wait to get my hands on the track! This EP is filled with raw emotion, I wasn’t kidding some of the tracks made me weep, just thinking about some hard break-ups I had to go through. Sometimes I don’t know which is worse, being the person who does the breaking up or being on the receiving end. Any thoughts? Enlighten me. Drop me an email urbandesiradio[@]gmail.com. Let’s compare notes.

Raxstar is no stranger to the music business. Writing songs for over 10 years and breaking through into the Asian music scene in 2005 with “Keep it Undercover”, he has slowly built a fanbase by making music that people can relate to.

“Keep it Undercover” told the familiar story of a young person wanting to be with a forbidden partner and having to keep it a secret from their parents, albeit with a little twist at the end. Produced by musical partner Sunit, the song found its way to fans worldwide starting from BBC Radio 1 airplay (Bobby Friction & Nihal) to BBC 1Xtra, BBC Asian Network, Club Asia and various radio stations worldwide. It was also officially released in India as part of Bobby Friction’s “FRICTION” compilation album, as well as Sunit & Raxstar’s seminal debut EP “Fulfilling Ambition”.

Videos for the songs Keep It Undercover, In Perspective as well as collaborative efforts with fellow Lutonian RKZ (Renegades, Defeat Me) have been playlisted on Brit Asia TV, Channel AKA, Zee Music & B4U Music.
In 2007, UK based indie-rock band ‘The Rakes’ asked Raxstar to feature on their album “Ten New Messages” a V2 Records release. The song ‘Suspicious Eyes’ was a multi person narrative of a journey on the London Underground following the 7/7 attacks. Poignant and realistic, Raxstar’s verse was pinpointed as a highlight of the song and album and also led to Raxstar performing with the band to an ecstatic sold out crowd at the Brixton Academy.

2008 & 2009 saw Raxstar touring the whole of the UK as well as performing in Cambodia as part of the ‘Water Festival’ in front of over 10,000 people. He collaborated with a plethora of artists including RKZ, Sir Aah, Raja Wilco, Kan D Man, A.Dot & ADP. He also released the free 11 track mixtape ‘Lost Ones’ featuring new remixes of songs by Ciara, Boyz II Men, Dizzee Rascal and Yamla Jatt.

2010 has proved to be a memorable year for Raxstar having released 3 music videos, a mixtape, collaborations and also recieving mainstream UK television coverage via Channel 4. The song which kickstarted everything was “Name On The Poster” which was released online via iTunes in May.  The video, directed by S Sid Ahmed of ‘Stare Into The Sun’, garnered the attention of bosses at Channel 4 soap “Hollyoaks” leading Raxstar to perform the song on the spinoff “Hollyoaks Music Show”.

His FREE downloadable 16 track mixtape “Spring Cleaning” was also released shortly after and featured fresh remixes/collaborations with Jagged Edge, Ashanti, Empire Of The Sun, Mr Hudson, Jazmine Sullivan, Sam Khan, Arjun, RKZ, Zaheer and Swami Baracus. The music videos for the singles “Name On The Poster”, “Dont Watch Me” & “Fading” have all been playlisted on UK satellite channel Brit Asia TV.

There are big plans in place for 2011, Raxstar has released a free 8 track remix EP entitled “About A Girl” which has been described as “an EP that delivers pure musical talent and raw emotion”. He has also collaborated again with music video director S Sid Ahmed to bring his single “Jaaneman” to life. At the time of writing it has received over 5000 views on Youtube in less than 24 hours and is listed as number 11 in the top rated music videos of the day. With an album (“Faith & Patience”) releasing in the third quarter of 2011, numerous collaborations and at least 3 more singles/videos to release; this year is looking very promising for the artist affectionately known as RX.

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You Got Mail Artist This Week on The Junction



Four fresh tracks for our “You Got Mail” Segment (Caravan Crookz  – Bhangra Video, Jasbir Singh & Hari B – Tere Bajo, Panjabi Architect & Seba – Purple Sky, Desi B ” Same Sikh Knowledge Beat Jack” Universal Relaxin‘)  on The Junction, if you would like to be featured in our You Go Mail Segment please send us an email urbandesiradio[@]gmail.com with the track (mp3 please) and your bio!

Listen to The Junction

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Caravan Crookz

Picture 25

Jasbir Singh and Hari-B

Picture 26

Panjabi Architect & Seba

Picture 30

Desi B

RGM Making New Treks in the Urban Desi Scene



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Naanak Sodhi , Bhaveek Makan , Liz Arru , Jashan Makan & Bhavesh Chauhan

RGM (Rendering Glint Music) takes time out to talk to Dalvinder about their latest project and what sets them a part from other artists, we will be featuring their music on the Junction. Stay tune.

By: Davinder Dhaliwal

What sets you apart on the Urban Desi scene.

We present ourselves in a way no other desi group has probably done before. We started off as a initially as an independent filmmaking group called “Rendering Glint Films” on YouTube back in 2007. Our producer, Naanak Sodhi used to help out in scoring these films and he would also produce remixes on the side. We always make our own background music for our films so we decided to try making music for the sake of music on its own. Somewhere in 2010 is when our transition to serious music began happening. We wanted to try a different style of “desi music” – we thrived for more originality essentially. Each group member comes from a different background thus providing their own respective stylistic elements to the songs produced. Brothers Bhaveek and Jashan Makan are of Gujarati descent raised in South Africa and Newfoundland. Naanak Sodhi is Punjabi and was born in India and moved to Canada at a young age. Bhavesh Chauhan grew up in the United Arab Emirates and Liz was born in New York. We have always believed that music should have a global feel and should not be restricted nor directed towards any one specific group of people. Music is something everyone around the world should be able to appreciate and enjoy, and this is clearly reflected when one listens to each track we put out. We are primarily a “music” group. There is no particular genre that can define us since we are pretty much everything from R&B, to urban desi, to electronic, to rock and dubstep. There are just so many different styles of music we enjoy and we would like to try them all out. All our music is produced whenever we have free time from school and university and we have a lot of fun doing it. We are all closely knit friends so it’s really easy to get along with each other and we accept everyone’s input when making our music.

Tell us about “Driving In Europe”

The beat for Driving In Europe was produced by Naanak Sodhi (who also sings on the track) in late 2009. However, the beat only caught our attention in October 2010 when Bhavesh Chauhan eventually wrote the lyrics for the track and started singing some raw samples just to see if it would fit the beat. We realized that female vocals were needed to complete the song so we got our great friend, Elizabeth Anne (who is also an actress in our films) to sing on the track as well. The song went through 10 different versions in an attempt to make it sound radio perfect until the final product was released on Valentine’s eve of this year.

What are your future plans? (in terms of music)

We don’t exactly know where our music is heading, however we would want to find many talented independent artists around the globe to feature in our upcoming tracks just so they too get the exposure they deserve. The music industry is tough especially if you don’t know the right people to get yourself in. For now, we are using the internet for promotion and we’ll see where that goes. We are putting an album together by the end of this summer and a lot of the artists featured on the album are not well known but extremely talented from all over the world! As we mentioned before, we want our music to sound different. To the point where people will not be able to tell who our influences were. Instead, we hope one day people can find music that was influenced by us. We will also continue scoring our own music for our films just so people can really feel the mood set for this music in visual ways too.

Shall we call you Professor Sidhu?



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If you get a chance, check out @JassiSidhu twitter account, he’s been making A LOT of noise, especially venting about the way the industry is sinking in it’s own pitiful demise. It’s not that he’s out to attack it, but trying to preserve it with his own words of wisdom. You could say, what has he done for the industry? Why the ##@% should we care what Jassi says? Maybe you should, it’s coming from a kernel of truth source inside his soul. Some could dismiss it as “hating” but I think he’s coming from a logical stand point. In any case, his latest tweet sums a lot of issues up….

“It doesnt matter who the artist is..all that matters is a amazing melody..brilliant vocal,great production and I forgot to add perfect lyrics”

Bravo Professor Sidhu!

Sam Khan Doesn’t Seem to be a “Lonely Guy”



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I love the way Sam Khan is taking video blogging to a whole different level, he’s interacting more with his fans and independently putting out one single after another. He’s a perfect example that you don’t need a big time record label, just produce quality work and as I always say “let the music speak for itself” which some artists tend to talk about music, rather then putting their words into action. If Sam’s goal is to get signed to a major label, he’s on the right track, he’s making plenty of noise on his own. Keep it up Sam, you won’t be lonely for much longer!

Pioneer Bhangra Winners 2011



The Pioneer Bhangra committee hard work and dedication paid off, the show was a BIG success! Congratulations to all the teams who participated and big ups to the winners – Shan e Punjab (3rd place), DRP-San Diego (2nd place) and Bay Area’s very own Heeray Punjab De (1st place)!!! Jus Reign had the audience pissing in their pants with his outrageous humor and En Karma tore up the stage! We will have Jus Reign and En Karma’s interviews up soon!

Picture 15

Heeray Punjab De – 1st place

Picture 14

DRP San Diego – 2nd place

Picture 13

Shan e Punjab = 3rd place

2011 the year of Swami…



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If I can pick any album I’m TRULY looking forward to, it would be Swami’s new album, I know the group were busy in the studio during 2010, but I know the wait will be worth it! S-Endz sent us an update…

But 2010 was a significant year for another reason. That reason is XXXXXX – aka the new Swami album that has been a long time in the making. It’s so close, I promise you that. Not only did I co-write every song – I also rap on all of them and sing on some. It’s the album that will define us for generations to come. I can feel it. I’ve never been more proud of any work I’ve done than I am of this album

and what about S-Endz debut album?? I’m still jamming to Outer Space, but I’m itching for some new music, as a Valentines Gift to all his friends and fans, he gave us a sneaky peak of Fashion II with Kazz Kumar

My Neosouljas, I wish I had more news to share on my debut album, “Emanate”. I know I’ve been promising it for three years now, but the reasons for the delay are simple…. I REFUSE to settle for “good enough”. After all – you only get once chance to make your debut album. I’m not like all these other artists that force their sub-standard work on the world, even going as far as shooting music videos for weak, emulative, pathetic songs in the hopes of garnering some airplay on the most niche of channels.

The positive news is that I am VERY happy with a great deal of what’s been recorded, and I hope to have more news to share soon.

Beyond “Emanate”, the follow-up is titled and conceptualized. Neofunk is about to hit a new level in the next 12 months. Get ready.

Bring it on S-Endz… Bring it on! Hopefully we are one of the channels you will consider showcasing your tracks!

Wiley Brings on a Desi MC…



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Earlier last night, Wiley has been vigorously promoting his tour, he extended an invitation to his hater base to come see him live, maybe they will have a change of heart after the show. He’s invited a Desi MC to come up on stage with him, not sure if it’s for the whole tour or just one show. The Jay Sean and Wiley banter has calm down over the last week, but there are still some “ethnic banter” floating around. I wouldn’t even go as far as calling it ethnic banter, but just pure banter.

From @WileyArtist – “if you hate wiley you defo need to be there cos by the end of the night yoou would of changed your views ive got an asian mc ready to mc”

Wiley, we are looking forward to part 2 of your interview on Bobby “Bob” Friction show.

Happy 21st Birthday to Vidur Kapur



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Ok, we lied, he’s not 21, he’s really 25 – but age is just a number right? 😉 In any case he’s celebrating a birthday, if you haven’t seen him on LOGO, New York Comedy Club or on a tour in your city – make it a point to go see him! His humor is outrageous and FABulous with a capital FAB :) We love you Vidur! Happy Birthday!

Picture 2

Slumdog Comedy Tour 2009

Petz (Founder of Urban Desi Radio) Tina, Vidur Kapur and Miss Banga (Founder of Urban Desi Radio)