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The Triple Threat – Raj Singh



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Raj Singh, another Californian artist ready to take off. He holds the title of DJ, singer and producer. He’s the CEO of Busta Entertainment, but I’m hoping he will shy away from the party promotion scene and establish himself as an artist. He’s worked with folks like Dr. Zeus, Sharmila and Amrinder Gill – just to name a few. According to Raj, he wants to produce a fresh sound and vibe to put California on the map. That’s a lot for one man to take, but if he can juggle these three titles under his belt, he’ll be a force to be reckon with.

Pyar Dhay Hullaria RajSingh by RajSinghMusic

Jeep Tea Gandasi – Raj Singh by RajSinghMusic

Bhain Bhabiye- Raj Singh by RajSinghMusic

Mittran Nay Peeni Daru



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Jagga hooked us up with another track “Mittran Nay Peeni Daru” (produced by Raj Singh)  it’s currently featured on the Junction’s “you got mail” track… here is a 40 second snip of the track, we will be featuring more of Jagga’s music on UDR. His new album will be dropping really soon… we can’t wait Jagga!