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Get Real with Apache Indian



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Picture 55A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking what happen to Apache Indian? Growing up, I wore out my “Wild East” tape, I loved “pyaar pyaar (sample) 40 seconds

Had he dropped off the face of this earth? Little did I know, in his hometown of Birmingham UK, he opened a pub/restaurant called “Apache Bar” located at 190 Corporation Street, B’ham B75 6DP.

Last week, Brit Asia TV (Sky Channel 833) debuted “Real Talk” hosted by Apache Indian. It’s shot at “Apache Bar” and it’s a platform where they plan to talk about issues like politics, music, religion, identity, racism and problems the younger generation are concerned about. Toward the end of the show they will have musical performances… hopefully Brit Asia will put these clips on youtube for Apache’s American fans to see!

We need a show like this in America…. my TV media friends…. are you reading this! no more green screen with cheesy backgrounds, no more stale Bollywood songs… let’s learn from Brit Asia!

You can catch “Real Talk” every Thursday @ 9pm, repeated on Sunday @ 6pm & Tuesday @ 2pm

For those who are interested in performing or participating in real talk email – apachesbar[@]hotmail.co.uk  or realtalk@britasia.tv

UDR Artist of the week… Panjabi Architect



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An Achitect??? His name defines it all…. studying beats… taking them a part… making new beats… into new tunes …. building and creating a musically driven masterpiece. We “met” when I was on AsianFX in the UK, a mutual friend Amrik Dholi introduced us. Later I found out he used to listen to me on the Morning Show with Sam Sam and my own show “The Junction” through this began our friendship. Am I making him artist of the week because he’s my friend? Well… no… it’s simply because I have showcased his pieces a number of times…. I want you to get to know Panjabi Architect. Every week I will be featuring a different artist… if time allows it, hopefully I can fire off some questions for your reading pleasure…

Panjabi Achitect is currently working on his album “Truth and Lies”

Genres: Funk, Dub, DnB, Reggae, World Music, Experimental & Panjabi Architect

Panjabi Architect Fan Page

Twitter him

@petz415: will there be anymore lyrics to soundz of the east?

@panjabiarch Possibly, maybe, not sure!

@petz415:  what’s your guilty pleasure?”

@panjabiarch Chopped onions with diced cheddar cheese with salt, vinegar and red paprika, Lol

@petz415:  what are two genres you would love to fuse together?

 @PanjabiArch That ones a secret!! You will find out when the fusion is complete! 😉

@petz415 music is _________ to you?

@panjabiarch Spiritual

Do you have an artist you would like to nominate for artist of the week? Or would you like to nominate yourself (shameless plugs is are acceptable! haha) email Petz urbandesiradio[@]gmail.com  (of course there’s no brackets around the @ sign… I just don’t like spamage)

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