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Gone To Soon – RIP Jashan



As a journalist, people turn to us to explains the complicated things in laymen terms, for me I can never grasp the loss of a child, especially if they pass on before their parents. I never knew Jashan,  but my connection was one of the Junction listeners Goldy, called on my show to tell me his cousin was ill and in the hospital. You can ask any radio personality, we are nothing without our listeners and for those who don’t appreciate the listeners, don’t belong in the radio business. As this year is coming to an end, I look back and reflect on my 10 years in the media scene, I realize I always try to go the extra mile for those families who love ones are missing for example. I know the value of media/social media, which has a dark side, but can be use for the good of humanity. This is the UDR tribute to Jashan, a boy “Gone too soon”

RIP Jashan

Prince and Paris accept the lifetime achievement award



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As Lionel Richie put it “MJ was gone too soon”  Prince and Paris Jackson stole the night. It would of been great to see MJ performed, but his music lives on in our hearts… RIP

RIP Jagmeet Sidhu



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Jagmeet Sidhu’s body has been found, Jagmeet disappeared December 19th, the “Help Find Jagmeet Sidhu” group on facebook started by his brother, Jasmeet, brought together over 4000 people.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Sidhu family during this difficult time. May Jagmeet Rest in Peace.

In Memory of Jagmeet Singh Sidhu
August 16th 1984
At Rest
December 19th 2009

Letter from the family

We wish to acknowledge with deep appreciation the comforting messages, prayers and heartfelt expressions of love and sympathy we have received during our time of sorrow

The Sidhu Family

You Yourself created the creation.You Yourself infused Your power into it.

You behold Your creation like losing and winning dice of the earth

Whoever has come, shall depart all shall have their turn

He who owns his our soul and our very breath of life – why should we forget the Lord and Master of our minds?

With our own hands, let us resolve our own affairs