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Genre On The Rise: Alternative Desi Rock



Genre On The Rise: Alternative Desi Rock

The term Desi rock may sound like a juxtaposition. Well, wake up and smell the curry, it’s not! Over the past few years, there has been a bunch of Desi rock bands surfacing on the South Asian music scene. Back in the day (like 2008), the only place we’d probably heard rock music next to anything Desi was mostly in Bollywood soundtracks, that’s not the case anymore. Many Desi musicians are experimenting with rock music as their forte and it’s working. It doesn’t really matter if they have English lyrics or Desi lyrics, it still goes so well!


Tiger Jeet Singh raises of $60,000 dollars in food and toys



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We should follow Tiger Jeet Singh foundation example when it comes to giving all year around, normally we tend to just focus on holiday giving and forget there other 330+ days a year.

Toronto, ON – Wrestling Legend Tiger Jeet Singh, his son (former WWE Superstar) Tiger Ali Singh, and their dear friend Troy Newton, spearheaded The Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation’s efforts in raising a record setting $60,000 in food and toys as a result of Troy’s Toy Drive 2010, doubling the $30,000 raised last year.

On December 20, over 1000 supporters from across Ontario attended Troy’s Diner in Milton.  Milton restaurateur Troy Newton donated all proceeds from the luncheon to the Toy Drive, as customers opened their hearts and pockets for the less fortunate over the 6 hour fundraiser.

Tiger Jeet Singh and his son Tiger Ali Singh signed hundreds of autographs and offered the crowd numerous speeches of encouragement, as did hockey legends Walter Gretzky and Johnny Bower.

Music was provided by numerous bands including the Salvation Army Brass Quartet and Milton Choristers, in addition to a special “Christmas Around The World” performance by recording artist Prita Chhabra and bhangra dancers from the Sonay Gabroo Punjab De (SGPD) team.

On December 21, Tiger Jeet Singh and Tiger Ali Singh also visited The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) to read and provide autographs for numerous children and parents.  Accompanying the Tigers was their dear friend Troy Newton along with their respected family members.

As toys and Best Buy electronic items were distributed to the kids by Scotia Bank representatives for all the patients to use in the Hospital, Prita Chhabra sang a variety of Christmas carols for the kids.

“If it was not for the Tigers, my sister/business partner Crystal and team this would not be possible,” says Troy Newton.

“We’re very grateful to all the sponsors, and in particular our platinum supporters in Linesteel, Scotia Bank at Thompson/Main in Milton, Royal Park Homes and Best Buy Mobile at Bramalea City Centre for their support,” says Tiger Jeet Singh.

“I thank my buddy Troy for asking my father and I about one year ago to team up in organizing the toy drive and wrestlefest events, because it gave us the opportunity to bring people of different cultures and religions together for the greater good of humanity and give back to noble charities,” says Tiger Ali Singh.

This week, the Tigers and Troy’s Diner have also confirmed Saturday, June 4, 2011 as their 2nd annual “Tigerfest”, once again as part of the Milton Street Festival. The outdoor five hour wrestling extravaganza, free for the public, drew over 50,000 spectators and raised close to $35,000 for the Milton District Hospital Foundation this past June 2010.

Taz’s Valentine Surprise for the Lovers Out There…



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Taz let Urban Desi Radio know that he’s working on a new single called “Dil Deke Dekleh” (Be My Valentine) dedicated to all the lovers and lovers-to-be out there. It will be dropping on itunes soon, we will keep you posted! Isn’t Taz such a romantic? Makes us go awwwwwww!!!!!!

UK AMA NOMINATION: Ravnek Rapmasterrav



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Ravnek is asking his fans to nominate him for best newcomer, best male artist, best video and best producer on the UK AMAS site. I’m not too sure he would fit the best newcomer section, since he made his big splash on X-Factor ’09. But let’s see what your fans have to say Rav! Ps. Rav, don’t call yourself the “new jay sean” just be Rav.

*DOWNLOAD* Dancing in the Moonlight (Dilpreet Bhatia)



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We were the first Radio show in the US to air “22 No. Faatak” album and the first to interview Dilpreet Bhatia. Dilpreet and his band focuses on folk, rock and acoustic genres. Over the holidays, Dilpreet gave out his album, Dancing in the Moonlight, free for his fans to download. There are no vocals; just pure electronic beats to take you on a journey around the moon. Dilpreet’s Rabba Es Dil Nu track, from 22 No. Faatak, was featured on UDR Top 60 Desi Beats for 2k10.

Picture 5

1. Dancing in the moonlight

2. Lover’s Moon

3. Where is the moon

4. Dark Side Of the moon

5. Blue Moon

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Walk this way… with a Punjabi Twist




Hey  Diddle Diddle… you got to check this out. The Beautiful Losers feat. Mixman Shawn doing a cover of Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” here’s the kicker…Mixman Shawn dropped some lyrics in Punjabi! It’s great to see Mixman OUT of the studio and up on stage, SHOWCASING his OWN talent, instead of enhancing other people’s talent. I really hope he focuses on his own music and career for 2011.

Courtney Love turns to Deepak Chopra?



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You are probably thinking this is a strange combo… but if you follow Courtney Love on twitter, she has been reported going on these rants and raves…but I feel like she is taking on a new role of getting in touch with her spiritual side. Or trying to find a calm and balance in her life, it hasn’t been easy for her… listening to her album “Noboby’s Daughter” you sense a real triumph but a painful journey. According to her tweets, Courtney learned about Deepak through Russell Simmons, she wants to go on one of Deepak’s retreats. Another person she wants as a mentor is Tony Robbins… All the best to you Courtney, I personally loved her in the movie “Man on the Moon” (Andy Kaufman bio pic – starring Jim Carrey)

@DeepakChopra when is your next retreat, @uncleRUSH is love itself and i hear great things about you from friend wld take the time,for you,

@CourtneyLoveUKPlease DM me so we can connect xxx

Coffee and Anjulie To Go?




I was getting my ritual coffee; I quickly glanced at the “Starbucks” music selection. I always thought that was a joke, Starbucks and music? Give me a break! But this one artist, Anjulie grabbed my attention. I picked up the free download card (via itunes) and download “Boom”.

The best way to describe, “Boom” it has a lounge feel. Or it’s a tune I could picture myself waking up to on a pop station.

I asked my friends, if they would take the time to download one of the free tracks from Starbucks? Is this a successful marketing tactic to all you coffee junkies?

*drum roll*

Some would… simply because it’s free!

Others wouldn’t… because of their attention span/steps they need to take

I’ll admit, I’ve had this song on “repeat” – it’s catchy. Give it a try! Download it! It’s free…

Download Boom