Lisa Ray… a shining star



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I remember hearing the news Lisa was diagnose with multiple myeloma, the cancer is incurable, however Lisa is determine to define all odds. In this remarkable interview, with NDTV, Lisa lets us into her world and what these last eight months have been like for her. Lisa has been keeping a blog as well… many turn to it as their own source of inspiration.

How can you help be a part of the solution? Become a bone marrow donor. Please visit SAMAR

RIP Dean Sheikh




While living in the UK, I got an invite to join Dean Sheikh’s Bone Marrow Donor Appeal group. I was touched by his story and even though he was sick, the video showed this sweet boy, just being a kid and having fun with his mom. On October 22nd, Dean passed away. There is a dire need, not just in the UK, but around the world for Bone Marrow donors of South Asian descent. UDR has teamed up with AADP.org (Asian Bone Marrow Program) please visit their website to learn how you can become a donor.You can also visit SAMAR to find a local donor branch in your community. For our UK listeners, please call 0207 0284 1234 or visit Anthony Nolan

On Dean’s FB group, someone wrote Heaven will gladly welcome Little Dean. He was a brave boy. God bless him and his closest who worked hard and will continue to work hard for a good cause


Such sad news- the most entertaining and charming young man i’d met. My deepest sympathy to his family.

For our listeners in the UK and want to pay their respects to Dean and his family.

23rd Oct 2009

Dean will be at his Nan’s House at Mid day (u are more than welcome to come to the house
69 Tunis Road Shepherds Bush London, W12 7EY 1pm approx Funeral/Janaza will take place @ Shepherds Bush Mosque W12 7LJ (this will be after Juma prayer) The Burial is at Mortlake cemetary (please note Muslim customs do not allow Women to attend the cemetary)


Iceberg Slimm, Dean and Raghav


Dean and Raghav