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BhangraPolice a genius or a fool?



Our friends @SimplyBhangra revealed they know @BhangraPolice’s identity.  He’s a long time respected producer who is now on the artist SHITLIST.  What a way to shoot yourself in the foot eh? At one time or another, some of us have come up with alter-egos, some of the best tweets come from alter-ego personas. But BhangraPolice took a step too far, it’s one thing to be naughty/humorous, but when you spit venom and stir up shit… if you are respected in the industry there’s no need to come up with an alter-ego.  You are respected for your creativity, so speak creativity too!

The one thing he succeeded at was pissing off a lot of people and burning down bridges. I felt really bad for Bally Jagpal, who MANY suspected he was the one posting as BhangraPolice. Sorry folks…its not Bally (from what I’ve been told)

BhangraPolice is gone,  but not forgotten.  Any PR genius want to come to this artist’s rescue? And BhangraPolice if you are reading this, I would gladly give you a platform to explain yourself. You know where to reach me.

UK Riots Tribute Track Surinder Sangha ft. Amar Singh & Prime



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After a two year hiatus, Surinder Sangha who brought us “Braveheart” and “Fight” ft. KS Makhan is back with a tribute track to all who were affected by the UK riots. This track features Amar Singh and Prime, Amar’s talent as a folk singer was noted by his teachers and he went on winning several state competitions for his dynamic vocals. Our sister site SimplyBhangra.com is hosting this FREE TRACK, so please download it and pass it all to all your friends.

SimplyBhanga.com invades iPhone Market



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For the last three years, I’ve worked alongside Sukh and Ish (founders of SimplyBhangra.com) and SB has just put out an amazing app for the iPhone users (don’t worry android fans, our turn will come) I’ve been playing around with the app, especially coming back to the Bay Area from London and it’s GREAT! It’s the SimplyBhangra.com experience without even logging on to the website! Which can be tedious on an iPod touch, but I got to catch up on my bhangra news. I was very disappointed with the CDs I saw in the Southall shops, new releases from 2008?! Give me a break. The SimplyBhangra.com iPhone App will bring the latest Bhangra news, album releases and updates, exclusive interviews, and videos directly to the fingertips of Bhangra followers worldwide. In addition, users will be able to navigate to view the latest videos via SimplyBhangra.com’s YouTube Channel.

“Given our fans’ addictive nature to discover and share new music, we wanted to make sure they had access to the hottest new music information instantaneously. The iPhone app presents a contemporary means for readers to stay in touch,” said Rupinder Kaur, PR & Marketing Manager. The application will expedite in real time – updated content from the website, directly to iPhones, iPads, and iTouches. Users will enjoy one of the richest, unique application experiences available at the App store, including new, innovative content and features. The application is available for £.59 at the iPhone App store and is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iTouches.

Some Key Features…

* · Simple navigation – read articles and view videos and slideshows with ease using the applications sophisticated navigation capabilities and cutting-edge multi-touch screen
* · Offline reading – download and sync articles and images to the device for viewing offline or in airplane mode
* · Share options – e-mail articles and content to friends from the app
* · View video highlights and get connected immediately with the latest and greatest of Asian Music
* · Get a closer look at artists with exclusive promotions and interviews, including personal views and information and browse an extensive Video Library
* · Go “Backstage” to experience the energy and ambiance of Asian Music and various photo montages accompanied by audio clips captured from behind the scenes

Apps are all about giving the user with ultimate experience while making everything accessible and convenient. Download the App Here!

Urban Desi Radio TOP 60 Desi Beats for 2010



A year in review of Urban Desi, Bhangra and Underground Desi beats right here on Urban Desi Radio. Tune in to the Junction this week to listen to the top 60 Desi beats! Be sure to submit your new tracks to urbandesiradio@gmail.com.

Listen to the TOP 60 Desi Beats Show

Picture 35

60. The Raj – Panjabi MC

Picture 43

59. Leave with you – Sir Aah ft. Nipsey Hussle

Picture 44

58. I Love You – Stereo Nation (Johnny Jockey House Mix)

Picture 46

57. Baa Farke – Highflyers ft. Kaka Bhainiwala

Picture 48

56. Calle Ocho Remix – G Deep feat. Don Revo

Picture 49

55. Rabba Es Dil Nu – Dilpreet Bhatia

Picture 50

54. Sang Lagdi – Bobby Kang

Picture 51

53. The Bazaar by Night – Sammy Chand

Picture 53

52. Scooter Singh – Caravan Crookz n Ash King

Picture 54

51. Jee Le – Navin Kundra

Picture 55

50. Chori Chori (Dhol n Bass mix) – DJ Monte-S feat. Dark MC

Picture 56

49. Bhangra Bump – Osama Com Laude & Talal Qureshi

Picture 57

48. Permission – Veronica ft. Mumzy Stranger (prod. Rishi Rich)

Picture 58

47. Ice Breaker – Trishna Amin

Picture 60

46. Celt Islam – Dub Reflex

Picture 61

45. Leja Kite Door – Harleen Singh

Picture 62

44. Munda Hogaya Sharabi – Gippy Grewal & Bohemia

Picture 63

43. I think I’m gonna kamasutra – Rasika

Picture 64

42. Jatt Diyan Reesan – S Klass

Picture 65

41.  Bol Fakira Bol – Panjabi Architect feat. Gurdas Maan

Picture 66

40. Type of Guy – G Town Desi

Picture 67

39. Ishq Brandy – Amit Rai

Picture 69

38. Jatt Di Jawani – Gupsy Aujla

Picture 70

37. Galay Lag Ja – Bonafide ft. Kam Frantic

Picture 71

36. United We Stand – Sabotage feat. vartious artist

Picture 72

35. Door Ni Kulne – Manni Sandhu

Picture 73
34. Naag 2 – Popsy/Jazzy B

Picture 74
33. Dil De De – Garry Sandhu

Picture 75
32. Tum Habibi -Parichay

Picture 76
31. Iranian Girl – P. Cantell

Picture 77
30. Holi Holi – Taz/Bohemia

Picture 78

29. Enhi Sohni – DJ Harvey

Picture 79

28. Balle Balle – JR Dread

Picture 80

27. Pindh Wich Balle Balle – DJ Sanj/Satwinder Birdi

Picture 81
26. Putt Jatt Da – Jaz Dhami

Picture 82
25. Sadeh Naal – Pree Mayall

Picture 83
24. Nach Bhabiye – Taj E & Bee 2

Picture 84
23. Keep A Secret – Raje

Picture 46
22. London Town – Sam Khan

Picture 48

21. 2012 – Jay Sean

Picture 49
20. O O Jaane Jaana 2010 Remix – Jay Dabhi

Picture 50

19. Captivated – Mira Veda

Picture 51

18. Kya Karoon – The Truth ft. Mentor Beats

Picture 53

17. Oye Hoye – Jagga

Picture 54

16. Bruahh – Foji Gill

Picture 56
15. Kiss (Chumma) – Blitz feat Rdb

Picture 58

14. Turn the music up – The Bilz & Kashif

Picture 59

13. It’s a Cry – Sullee J

Picture 60

12. So Much (neoDesi mix) – Raghav ft. H Dhami

Picture 61

11. Kaun Nachdi – PBN

Picture 63

10. Johal Boliyan – Kulvinder Singh Johal

Picture 64

09. Ik Jindree – Bikram Singh/Ishmeet

Picture 65

08. Love lockdown – Janina

Picture 66

07. Desi Nukhre – Taz/Mixman

Picture 67

06. Bhangra Pauna – AMX

Picture 68

05. Aisee Taisee – Mandeep Sethi

Picture 70
04. Fly with me – Mumzy Stranger

Picture 71
03. Morni Di Tor Waliye – En Karma

Picture 73

02. Jeevay Pakistan – Bonafide

Picture 74

01. Famous in the club – Jasmine Sandlas ft. RD

Foji Gill on a Revolutionary Path…



Picture 14

Foji got a wonderful write up in “The Times of India” I have often praised Foji for the cinematography effort he puts in his music videos. While everyone is out celebrating India’s Independence day, this year Foji brought Shaheed Bhagat Singh in the limelight again. Surprisingly 2nd and 3rd generations of Desis have little idea who Bhagat Singh was and his contribution as one of India’s freedom fighters. With the adrenaline pumping video, hopefully it will grab the youths attention to read up on Shaheed Bhagat Singh. The immaculate detail Foji puts in the video – blows my mind! He shot the video in a tiny village, Muskhabad, near Samrala. Congrats on making headlines in India Foji! You got fans in America, who can’t wait to see you!

Foji new single – Shaheed Bhagat Singh



Picture 25

Yesterday on SimplyBhangra, they debuted Foji Gill’s new video “Shaheed Bhagat Singh” Foji is quickly gaining a rep for producing amazing videos to go along with his singles. His first single “Dafa Ho Ja” featured Miss Pooja and created a strong buzz, with the lingering question … Who is Foji Gill??? It’s becoming clear he’s not a “one hit wonder” but someone who is giving the scene a strong jolt of creative flare!

The video is a tribute to the freedom fighter that Foji admires…

Picture 19

Vishal’s debut single – Majajne




New debut single from Vishal, “Majajne” was released on itunes yesterday. He’s hoping that this will be a summer hit, I think it has a good potential in the UK Bhangra scene. He’s trying to stray away from traditional bhangra beats and coming up with his own flavor. You can download the song here.

Dafa Ho Ja staying strong for 19 weeks…



Picture 53

Foji Gill jolted us with “Dafa Ho Ja” which I loved the music video for this song, I would rave about it on my radio show… I loved the old school style with traditional beats. For the past 19 weeks, Dafa Ho Ja has stayed in the top 10 on the “Official Download Chart” on BBC Asian Network. The single dropped on Feb 26th, every one wanted to know… who is Foji?! I remember Bobby Friction interviewed him, when Bobby took over the Charts show on the BeeB. He’s young and has already proven he’s no “one hit wonder” in the scene. Miss Pooja was featured on the track (folks who listen to my show loved Foji vocals with Miss Pooja up in the mix). Dafa Ho Ja probably saved me one too many times, when I would constantly get bombarded with Miss Pooja request.

His new single, Bruahhh, is currently number 1 on the SimplyBhangra Charts, Foji is gearing up to launch his forth single. The single is going to be dedicated to his hero, Bhagat Singh. The music video will be shot in rural spots in Punjab, he’s definitely setting trends in the Asian music scene.

UDR Simply Bhangra Top 5 Charts



Picture 8

This weeks UDR Simply Bhangra Top 5 Charts is dedicated to Jagmeet Singh Sidhu, may he rest in peace.

Picture 9

Shows Highlights

– Kicking off the show with Jasmine Sandlas new track “Off the Beat” produced by Mixman Shawn

– Interview with DJ Gurps

5. Twin Beats – Sounds of Punjab

4. Dark MC feat Angel – Incisive

3.  Prince Ghuman – Put Your Hands Up

2. Sardool Sikander – Ik Tu Hove Main Hovan

1. Surjit Khan – Headliner

UDR SimplyBhangra.com Top 5 Tracks 1220 – 1227



5.  Malkit Singh - Billo Rani
4. Surjit Khan - Headliner

3. U Music - The Intro
2. Sounds of Punjab - Twin Beats
1. Incisive - Dark MC Feat. Angel