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Remembering Sonia Rai



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We were sad to learn about Sonia’s passing. We didn’t know her personally but we got to connect with folks here in the Bay Area to help promote bone marrow drive and fundraisers. Cure Sonia has been converted into a non-profit to honor her beautiful soul. We can’t stress how easy it is to become a marrow donor. It all starts with a simple cotton swab inside your mouth… no blood. no needles.

Please visit AADP to learn more about becoming a bone marrow donor. For our UK listeners, please check the Anthony Nolan Trust.

From Sonia’s Family via Cure Sonia Fan Page

Dear Friends & Family,

Thank you for all your love and support. In honor of Sonia and to carry on her legacy, we have formally incorporated Cure Sonia into a nonprofit organization. We are humbly requesting that rather than sending flowers, please make a donation to Cure Sonia. For those attending Sonia’s Memorial Service, there will be the ability to donate at the Service itself; for those that cannot attend, donation instructions will be posted on Facebook shortly.

— Sonia’s Family

CureSonia.Org Bone Marrow Drive and Concert in SF



Vaishali Rana put together this event in two weeks for CureSonia.org, she brought in Urban Desi artists like Mandeep Sethi, Pree Mayall, Rav E and Mixman Shawn. In the back, AADP Workers (Debbie and the new South Asian coordinator, Vicky) were busy with donor registrations. They easily rounded up 70 new donors! We even got a couple of shots of Mixman, Pree and Diamond Lane Records manager AJ supporting the cause and becoming donors. This was a successful event for CureSonia.org and we can’t wait for the next one! Music is the way to bring people together!

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My Father Told Me So – Leo Jilka



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British Desi youth, Leo Jilka, who is currently has a scholarship EMI Music UK, recently did a music video “My Father Told Me So” shot in the Harrow/Wealdstone area. We will be playing his track tomorrow on the Junction. Let us know what you think of Leo!

Desi B finds inspiration in Sikh Knowledge’s beats



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Desi B (Bhavdeep Rehal) will be on The Junction’s “You got Mail” segment, we will be playing “Reel Queen No I Mean” produced by Desi B. You can feel the dancehall vibe, so for you dancehall fans you are in for a real treat! The instrumentals were “jacked” from Sikh Knowledge, who gave Desi B his blessing. We know how important it is to have someone to look up to, Desi B finds his inspiration and connects to music, especially the beats Sikh Knowledge puts out.

Desi B is proud of his Indian-African heritage, he was born in the UK and currently resides in Canada. He was brought up in a loving Sikh/Hindu household, which taught him no matter what you believe in, you should always show respect for other people. He considers himself an experimenter of Urban Themes, a dreamer, a Poet with something to say, something of a psychological Painter who wants to use every color on the emotional spectrum to make a lyric.

Sikh Knowledge YouTube Channel

Desi B YouTube Channel

Jan 28th: Urban Desi Artists coming together for CureSonia.org




It will be a mix of Desi and Non-Desi artists, coming together, with one sole purpose in mind – to find a bone marrow match for Sonia Rai, who has been diagnose with Leukemia. She’s only 24 years old. Vaishali Rana, a makeup artist, has put together this benefit party on behalf of Sonia. DJ Rav E, Mixman Shawn, New Day, Mandeep Sethi and Pree Mayall – are just a handful of names already confirm. Urban Desi Radio is proud partners with CureSonia.org. Let’s help find Sonia a marrow match, it just takes one match to save one life.

To our amazing listeners, readers, sponsors and friends – Happy Lohri!



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We would like to extend our warm wishes from our family to yours a very Happy Lohri! After launching Urban Desi Radio in July 2009, we have got to strengthen bonds between different Desi music scenes from around the world, our shows have evolved from 1170am to Kry Key Radio, where both our shows are currently in the top 48  and we’ve gotten to know our supports through tweets/facebook/social events. We love our Urban Desi, Bhangra and Underground desi music and artists. We would like you to direct your attention to two causes we are currently supporting. First off, as most of you have seen on your facebooks and social networks, Sonia Rai has leukemia, her chance for survival is finding a bone marrow match. Becoming a bone marrow donor as SIMPLE as cleaning your ears, our friend, Rasika Mathur put together this wonderful PSA just to show you how easy it is! Secondly, over the weekend, we launched In Memory of Jagmeet we are trying to raise 1,000 dollars for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, in Jagmeet’s name. His family, friends and the community have all come together, we are currently 600 dollars away from our goal. Peta will be walking 18 miles in NYC in June for the AFSP Overnight walk. A very happy Lohri to all of you once again.


Mandeep Banga and Peta Cooper

Founders of Urban Desi Radio

Preity Zinta taking heat for Kings XI Punjab cricket team



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I remember briefly, I mean BRIEFLY meeting Preity Zinta, who did a show here in the Bay Area back in 2002. She was running late and quickly came out of her limo with a couple of her costumes, frantically asking me WHERE IS THE DRESSING ROOM?! I showed her to her dressing room, she thanked me and that was that. My first impression of her that she wasn’t expecting the VIP treatment, she simply wanted a room to get ready in. Let’s face it, the backstage to the SF Cowell Palace was no VIP backstage. Pretty cold and drafty.

She love for a lot of things, especially her cricket team Kings XI Punjab. But some fans are under the assumption she makes all the players calls. A lot of the cricket fans aren’t happy with some of the players who got pick for KXIP. Preity being the pretty face of the Kings XI Punjab, has to take the heat from the angry KXIP fans.

She tweeted, “Ok guys! Cannot answer any more cricket questions! Am neither an expert nor a cricket guru ! All KXIP player selections were by the coach !” On that note, don’t go to Preity when it comes to making your bets!

Letter from Sonia Rai



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AADP tweeted us that Sonia Rai (CureSonia.org) wrote a letter on her fan page, if you haven’t become a fan, please do! There’s LOTS of bone marrow drives going on for Sonia right now, keep checking it out and become a bone marrow donor.


Firstly I want to thank each and everyone who has been so supportive during this difficult time for me. The love and support that everyone has given me has truly made me speechless, and given me the strength to fight this!

I also want to thank everyone for the hard work that everyone is putting in to find me a match! I sincerely thank each and everyone of you.

Now id be lying if I said I wasn’t scared, however I am keeping a positive attitude because I know I can beat this!

I’ve been getting excellent care at MGH and my nurses are really nice. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy so that I don’t go crazy in this hospital room! Its hard though since you have to deal with chemo’s side effects and, well, no immune system. So sometimes you have good days and bad days. On my good days I watch movies and shows (thanks bhaiya for the ipad!), read, talk to the nurses and my parents and brother. I try to reach out to all the family and friends that have showered me with so much love and support.

Well dearest family and friends, I just wanted to give you all an update regarding how things are going.

Again I want to thank everyone for your love and support and hard work being put in the Cure Sonia Campaign!

Lots of Love,


Rasika Mathur in “The Wait” CureSonia.org



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Rasika Mathur promoting how easy it is to become a Bone Marrow Donor, as most of you have heard, Sonia Rai has been diagnosed with leukemia, her chance for survival is finding a bone marrow match. There’s an urgent need for South Asians to step up and become donors. You could be the one to save Sonia’s life. Remember it only takes ONE match.

Rasika’s The Sari (W)rap is currently playing on the Junction until Jan 9th 2010

Bone Marrow Donation Dates For Sonia

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Download YAAR ft. Nirmal Sidhu (Electric Version)



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It’s currently on UDR SimplyBhangra charts, Yaar sung by Nirmal Sidhu. We have the electric version for our listeners to download. Album produced by USR (Unique Soundz Roadshow)

Download Yaar (Electric Version)