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An Enchanted Experience with SonnyJi



Sonny JiA week ago today, Sonny Ji hopped on his 1’s and 2’s and created magic through his impromptu mix.

Of Course, being a fan of the Bhangra Mixtape, I was selfish enough to have Sonny Ji spin..How was I going to have him be physically in front of me and not experience the magic in real life? That’s like waving a freaking strawberry lollipop in front of a toddler and then saying, “neener neener neener, you can’t have this”. Yeah. Cruel. Anyway, I called a few connections and booked him an impromptu gig to spin 2am-4am at a bar in the heart of San Francisco.


OTinaOTina Drops a New Mixtape – “Bhangin’ & Raw”



Urban Desi Radio presents….





1. Dope Shope – Honey Singh- International Villager
2. Hey Hey- Swami – Tigerstyle Remix – Equalize
3. You can dance – Bikram Singh – Bik.I.Am
4. Disco Da Dance – Dj Harpz
5. Challan Pakhiyan – Balwinder Safri – Rewind- Dj Sanj
6. Jaadu- The Dark MC – Retribution
7. Das Ja -Disc spin Bootleg remix – Dj Sanj
8. Notorious Jatt – Randy J
9.  Tutan wale – Mangi Mahal
10. Ik Gera Ik Gera – Breaking Beats
11. Husen Di Rani – Sidhu Tajpuri – Tigerstyle
12. Gora Gora Rang( Wiz Khalifa vs. Imran Khan) – Mixtabishi, Bhangrology
13. Mukhada feat Jay Status Deep Cold (DJ Sanj)
14. THE KANGSAAB remix — Mukhada feat Jay Status feat Deep Cold
15. Menu Tera Jeya (DholStep Remix) – B-STar vs. Akademik -Miss Pooja
16. Miss Soniyeh – Panjabi Hit Squad- World Famous
17. Jaan Mangdi- “Ripped off the internet” version – Jassi Sidhu
18. Brown Rang – Honey Singh – International Villager


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Rapper. Singer. Video Productionist. Photographer. Shar S.



Our featured artist of the week: Shar.S.


This man can do anything. Rap? Yes. Write. Yes. Sing? Yes. Videophotography and Photography? Yes and Yes.

Shar S. is from the Central Valley/So Cal in California, but his hometown is originally from Patiala, Punjab *ahem, that would also be my mom’s hometown*.

He has the look, the voice, and the vibe to be the next big superstar? Perhaps.

Big Ups to Shar .S. for putting CALI on the map!

Urban Desi Radio’s favorite pick of the week is his song, “Akhiyan” music produced by Desi Routz. Loving the urban European-desi style vibe of the song.

(You know I am a sucker for romantic ballads. This track is #1 on my list right now) It is hot!

Catch him at: You Tube , Sound Cloud  or download the song on iTunes now!

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Urban Desi Radio present THE BEACH – “Beats for the Tweeps” [Show #2]



1.     Party like a BhangraSTAR –AmAn StAtiS

2.     The First — Mandeep Sethi and Ras Ceylon

3.     Mama use to say — Mumzy Stranger feat. Junior

4.     Samne —Sukshinder Shinda

5.     Amplifier —- GenerationBASS (Barbarix mix)

6.     Keep Moving —– Kumarachi

7.     Tonight —- Swami

8.     Slip n Fall — Lomaticc, Sunny Brown, Baba Kahn

9.     Aaja Mera Naal – Junai Kaden

10. Raat da na bhole (summertime mix) –Panjabi MC via (Old Skool Sunday-Bhangraw.com)

11. Lyrical Bupa – Charles Boscoe

12. Sun Baliye – Bhangra Brothers feat RDB

13. TEER – Ladla Punjabi, Kanwar, & Harvi Bhachu

Beats for the Tweeps [Show #2] by Urban Desi Radio

**Attention all weak desi rappers** The Doctor is in.



By Tina Arneja www.otinaotina.us

Whoa Whoa Whoa. What is this? A Detroit-based American Desi rapper who raps in Urdu? Let me rephrase: An American Desi CONSCIOUS Rapper who spits rhymes in English and Urdu? Oh, and he’s a medical doctor too?

Kamran Rashid Khan (Lazarus) has got MAD talent and props to him for being a talented and consciously gifted new upcoming rapper.

There’s a handful of Desi rappers that I totally dig, but he just topped them all. He has truly delivered with “Drug of Choice”. Lazarus isn’t rapping about how he drives a black Denali while smoking a blunt. Instead, he is illustrating how MUSIC and RAP are his drug-of-choice. Also, LOVING the Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan incorporation. The music video is also very earthy–showcasing young life on the streets of Pakistan as opposed to some gangsters bobbing their head in a club.

Urban Desi Radio gives this guy 5 thumbs up, and I know we will be playing him weeks to come here at “The Beach”.

Did I already mention that he is a physician? (Being totally biased here, but he has just confirmed my theory that you can be in the medical profession and still be an extremely artistic musician part-time). *Ahem*

Download his Mixtape at http://www.LazarusStory.com.

From Jay Sean’s Stolen to Raxstar’s Jaaneman: My love just grows.






When I first heard Jay Sean’s “Stolen” in 2004, I became completely mesmerized. I don’t know if it was Jay Sean’s hotness or Bipasha’s sex appeal. Or maybe it was just the female hook “Churaliya hai” (since I’m just a big sucker for creative hooks). I was also absolutely CERTAIN that no song would ever be sexier than this one (in a break-up, make-up) sort of way.

That was until I stumbled across Raxstar’s “Jaaneman”. This song replaced “Stolen” for me within seconds. Raxstar is probably the first Desi rapper to be able to RAP so magnificently to the smooth RnB rhythms of such a song. It is truly “the ultimate rap ballad” as stated by DREAMWARRIORS. The female vocals in the hook/background are also locked with originality and freshness…

I also love the simplicity of the music video. Raxstar looks handsome, the female looks gorgeous. In fact, this video is so artistically captivating that at the end— it makes you wanna beg Raxstar for a part 2.

In essence, this song is NUMBER 1 on my personal list of “Sexiest songs of the Decade”. It’s one of those songs that make you want to get in a relationship to have a sad break-up just so you can have a hot steamy make-up.


 BY: Tina Arneja
Source: OTinaOTina