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Trikone Members Attacked By Modi Supporters



Although this is not the main video, here’s a glimpse of right wing zealots who support Modi verbally attacking, harassing and pushing the members of Trikone.

The zealots took signs from Trikone members and ripped them up and some Modi supporters even got physical. Here’s a detailed account from Trikone’s co-chair Ali.

Section 377 was brought back into the law books December 2013, Modi has yet to acknowledge 377 or make any promises to the South Asian LGBTQ community that he will get the code off the law books for good.

These types of horrendous actions remind us all that homophobia and ignorance is still very much alive, even in the Bay Area.

Do you know these supporters who kept harassing the Trikone members?

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Sandip Roy interviewed the members of Trikone. Listen here.

Trikone rings in 25 years of activism for the South Asian LGBTQ community



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The South Asian LGBTQ is a minority within a minority community, however Trikone has been around for 25 years supporting the South Asian LGBTQ community and educating the South Asian mainstream community. On September 10th, we encourage our readers and listeners to buy tickets for their annual gala Kulture Kulcha, where members of the community and their allies come together to put on a show of dance, comedy and spoken word. This year, Basement Bhangra founder – the legendary DJ Rekha will be on the turntables, the witty and humorous D’Lo will be the emcee. Tickets are going FAST!!!!

Telugu TV9 sets up sting operation to “out” members of the LGBT community



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Ravi Prakash Dutt (Founder of TV9)

These so-called journalist from Telugu TV9 should be ashamed of themselves, they scrolled through several gay dating sites and looked up profiles from Hyderabad and the AP state. They reported the “gay lifestyle” goes against the laws of natural. Where were they when the Delhi High Courts abolished Section 377? They don’t understand that careless journalism like this, could lead to death – a young man TV9 outed tried to commit suicide.

Please reach out and contact Ravi Prakash Dutt, who founded TV9 and demand that his staff to apologize for broadcasting homophobic remarks. info@tv9.net + 91-40-23352900

NDTV reports on TV9 Sting Operation

One of the oldest South Asian LGBT organizations, founded in SF, Trikone issued a statement.

Trikone community members have expressed outrage, anger, shock and a sense of violation by the acts of TV9. Bharath Reddy, a fellow Trikone member has summarized our collective sense of outrage in his thoughts: “I am appalled and shocked by the egregious breach of privacy and human rights perpetrated by TV9 in this so called expose. The report is nothing but a cheap attempt to boost ratings through the blatant promotion of homophobia. The damage has been done, one of the outed individuals has attempted suicide. Other lives might be ruined too.”

Neelu Bhuman adds “TV9 has failed to stand by its own motto: for a better society. Its outrageous and unethical gay expose demonstrates that TV9 is FOR a BITTER and BIGOTED society”

Shridhar Sadasivan eloquently expresses our concern : “This is not about being out or being in the closet, this is not even about straight or queer, this is about an individual’s right to privacy and dignity. Nobody wants their physical statistics, sexual preferences and positions shown on Television without their consent. The Desi Queer community would be equally outraged, had  this happened to our heterosexual counterparts. TV9 should apologize for this story and promise better sensitivity in the future”.

As organizations in India and abroad continue to work passionately to hold TV9 responsible for their reckless actions, we at Trikone not only condemn TV9’s actions but also to urge media outlets in India and elsewhere to examine their source of homophobia and not let personal biases cloud reason and responsibility.