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UK Riots Tribute Track Surinder Sangha ft. Amar Singh & Prime



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After a two year hiatus, Surinder Sangha who brought us “Braveheart” and “Fight” ft. KS Makhan is back with a tribute track to all who were affected by the UK riots. This track features Amar Singh and Prime, Amar’s talent as a folk singer was noted by his teachers and he went on winning several state competitions for his dynamic vocals. Our sister site SimplyBhangra.com is hosting this FREE TRACK, so please download it and pass it all to all your friends.

Tigerstyle remix for South Rakkas Crew single Gangsta Revival



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For our listeners who love bhangra and dubstep fusions, you can download “Gangsta Revival” Gangsta Kid F ft. South Rakkas Crew (Tigerstyle remix). D-Rakkas of the South Rakkas crew is dropping a 8 track EP on Aug 30th. Preview the tracks right here.

D-Rakkas(South Rakkas Crew)-Gangsta Revival (Tigerstyle Remix) by maddecen

CureSonia.Org Bone Marrow Drive and Concert in SF



Vaishali Rana put together this event in two weeks for CureSonia.org, she brought in Urban Desi artists like Mandeep Sethi, Pree Mayall, Rav E and Mixman Shawn. In the back, AADP Workers (Debbie and the new South Asian coordinator, Vicky) were busy with donor registrations. They easily rounded up 70 new donors! We even got a couple of shots of Mixman, Pree and Diamond Lane Records manager AJ supporting the cause and becoming donors. This was a successful event for CureSonia.org and we can’t wait for the next one! Music is the way to bring people together!

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