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The Junction Featured Album: THE REMIXES



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This week on the Junction, for those of you who complain we don’t play enough Bollywood in our program, you are in for a real treat! We got an album filled with hot remixes to satisfy you Bollywood craving. Uzazi Productions complied some brilliant tracks on the album THE REMIXES.

Uzazi Productions, a duo team consisting of producers Uzair (Golu) and Aziz (DJ Scoop) based out of Houston, Texas are set to  release their long awaited remix album entitled “THE REMIXES” on February 11th , 2011 at their release party taking place at Houston’s newest venue – “W Lounge.” “The Remixes” is a follow up to the widely popular album “Remix 101” released two years ago. The new remix album consists of 16 originally produced dance remixes from all around the world. “The Remixes” has been submitted to industry DJs and Radio Stations and their responses speak for itself.

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Urban Desi Artist Stepping Up To Help Pakistan



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Maz and Ziggy from Bonafide participated in a charity car wash to help the flood victims in Pakistan. The fundraiser was held at Express Car wash in London. The Bonafide duo is currently working on “Jeevan Pakistan” a charity single to benefit the Pakistan Flood relief efforts.

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Zam Hussain is planning a series of events around Birmingham, UK… he’s currently producing a compilation album, for anyone who would like to be on the album please get in touch with Zam

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Uzazi’s Epic Pakistani Anthem Remix…Uzazi expressing love and devotion for Pakistan through music, purchase this track and all proceeds to to the Pakistani Flood relief.

Pakistan Anthem (Uzazi’s Epic Anthem Mix) by djscoop

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For those of you who follow Bohemia the Punjabi Rapper on Twitter, you might of notice the green ribbon he’s sporting on his default pic, you can get yours right here

Check out Urban Desi Radio’s PSA running in all our programs.

If you are an urban desi artist and you are doing something to help the folks in Pakistan, please send us an email urbandesiradio[@]gmail.com and thanks for stepping up and doing something positive for the community!