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Jaya name that tune as you please…



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UK AMA newcomer nominee Jaya, made Wiley her “tune of the day” little did she know, she had no idea what had transpired between Wiley and Jay Sean. Or Wiley’s comments regarding, slapping someone with their dad’s turban. It seems like every one is on pins and needles, today Bobby Friction had Wiley on his show. Friction stated he’s not a race defender, he’s simply a journalist and is giving Wiley a platform to speak out.

I was kind of turned off by the fact some people tweeted they were “not” going to vote for Jaya, that Jaya is a disgrace. Come on now, that’s going beyond the point of what this is really coming down to. The question is , how do we pass this like gas? According to Jay Sean, in our interview, it seems like he wants to put it behind him. Wiley and him had exchange some private messages and apparently it seems squashed.

I’m not siding with the turban comments, the blog I wrote, I believed that was out of line. Just like it makes my skin crawl when I see a Desi use the N word. Two wrongs don’t make a right, maybe we need to take a look at our own prejudices… whether it has to do with race, sexual orientation, religion and values. I’m sure Jaya got a BIG WAKE UP call when her twitter suddenly got flooded with fans bashing her. She issued these following statements…

Jaya tweeted….I wud like to take this opportunity to apologise for my recent tweet.I was completely unaware about what was going on between Wiley and Jay. On that note I would like to remind you all that I do not condone racism of any sort. Completely disgusted by wileys remarks & behavior. Never woulda made him tune of the day if i had known.

It was a simple misunderstanding Jaya, don’t worry, your true fans won’t hold it against you.