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Experiencing World Cup Withdrawls?




I’ve found the perfect cure, this outrageous book filled with loads of humor and random facts about the World Cup – The Glorious World Cup, by Alan Black and David Henry Sterry. This is a MUST HAVE book for all you crazy footie fans!

Here’s an interesting fact when the world cup was held in the States, ’94, over 75% Americans DIDN’T know what the World Cup was. The press pass cost over 500 dollars and the Americans who did tune in couldn’t care LESS if America won or not.

It was a dark year in ’94 when Andres Escobar, a defender from the Columbia was killed for scoring a GOAL for the opposing team.

“The Flying Dutchman” aka Arjen Robbens lives by this quote – I put my brains in neutral and told myself “I will make it”

I thought Rooney was a lot older but he was born in ’85 and has a tattoo that says “just enough education to perform” (doesn’t say where the tat is!)

You got your trivia, profiles of famous players, on field glory stories and off field discretion (funny chapter), and a look back at some of the greatest world cup games.

Even though Netherlands lost, I was happy to see the Cup go to a country that’s never had the cup before… this year’s cup there were a lot of twist and turns!!!! Back to watching club football!

About the Author: Petz lives in a media cave and supports Manchester United