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FREAK: Off to a Slow Start in the Charts



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When it comes to these three particular artists from your childhood,  you become nostalgic and flashbacks (dancing in your room in front of a mirror) to “Dance With You” come racing back.

Rishi Rish, Juggy D and Jay Sean have been hinting about a collaboration for YEARS! When the collaboration suddenly had become a reality,Freak was billed the most anticipating track of the decade.

While most of us are off during the weekends, sadly the charts (iTunes in particular) don’t get the weekend off. Freak currently (26/09/15) sits at number 86 on the UK iTunes charts.

But despite a slow start on the charts, the track echoes a labour of love for their fans. Thousands of fans across the Indian sub-continent rushed to buy the track at midnight after the announcement that Universal Music India had taken the rights for Freak in that territory.

These three artists…three best friends….three brothers. After a decade, it’s nice to see them reunite once again. Just don’t make us wait another ten years!

Baadal Chosen to Complete in WMN Battle of The Bands



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Sonia Panesar’s track “Baadal” (Clouds) has been chosen to compete in Battle of the Bands on The World Music Network. The track takes you into a journey of darkness through the clouds and featured on the track is India’s House phenomenon Hamza. Sonia is perfect example how an Asian artist can easily transition to other genres, without being signed to major labels. It’s all about taking risks, being passionate and having an open mind to eclectic beats. Keep voting for Sonia and Hamza on The World Music Network.

Pioneer of Asian Underground Music, Karsh Kale, Debuts Album at Conga Room L.A.





 Karsh Kale, global fusion musician and trailblazer of the “Asian Underground” movement, is ready to set the stage on fire at The Conga Room on May 27, 2011 with the premiere of his fifth album Cinema. An expected 600 music enthusiasts are anxiously waiting Kale for to perform live and direct.

 Kale’s popularity is at an all time high after scoring for Bollywood films, Karthik Calling Karthik and Dum Maaro Dum. After given the honor of performing alongside India’ musical ambassador Ravi Shankar, Kale has proved himself as the father of a “East-meets-West” culture that continues to influence an entire generation.karsh kale_cinema

 The world of electronic fusion has never been the same since Cinema’s debut at No.1 on the iTunes world music charts, just after its release on April 19th, 2011. The Indian-American musical influences collide in Kale’s album; the electronic, dub-step, trance, and dance-type mixtures are trademark compositions for Kale.

Take a listen to Cinema here:
Cinema by Karsh Kale Official

 After numerous performances around the world, Kale and his band step foot in the busy and bustling city of L.A. once again, to shower his fans with his transcendental, Indian-influenced musical sounds at this rock-concert style event, hosted by Rinku Show.

“The Conga Room has been recognized for holding Latin-based concerts and shows”, said Fabian Alsultany, Director of Programming at Conga Room, “but as the diversity in L.A. expands, so does its culture. Exactly why we take pride in showcasing cross-over artists like Karsh Kale. We want to help spread awareness of the diverse culture thriving in the city of L.A.”

A prestigious event like this would not be possible without event promoters Rahul Khanna and Anil Pujara who have 20 years of event promotions between them. Never failing to push the envelope for the South Asian events, they acquire to bring world famous South Asian artists to Conga Room at least once a month.

“This is a good time for South Asian music and culture” said Pujara, “Not only do we have people of South Asian origin at our monthly events but, people of all backgrounds come together to experience a slice of South Asian entertainment. We want to continue showcasing the South Asian culture through monthly music concerts and performances.”

Conga Room has been center stage for numerous artists for over a decade and hopes to continue bringing in a wide range of culturally influenced artists such as Kale.

About The Conga Room

6400_134508844107_132379069107_3211555_5074294_nThe world famous Conga Room is a nightclub and concert venue located at L.A. LIVE, the downtown entertainment district across the Staples Center and the Nokia Theatre, featuring authentic Latin-style tapas cuisine, a broadcast control room and 1,000-person capacity. Founded by real estate entrepreneur Brad Gluckstein, The World Famous Conga Room is co-owned by Will. I. Am, Jimmy Smits, Jennifer Lopez, Paul Rodriguez, Amaury Nolasco, Sheila E., and NBA stars Baron Davis and Trevor Ariza.

 For tickets to Karsh Kale’s show or for more information please visit http://www.congaroom.com

Accent on the Music



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By: Reena Mumbai reenadotme@gmail.com

This is going to be the dumbest thing I’ve said in a while, but who cares. It’s like this… You know how when you’re listening to a new song and you’re totally digging it and all, and then you start torrenting the hell out of the band, and within three days you’ve committed their entire discography to memory? Right, and you’re all, “Man, this band is the greatest!” and then you find out they’re a French band, and then you’re all, “Wait, but they sing in ‘American’!”

I told you this would be dumb.

I guess, if I think about it, a lot of famous artists are not American and yet, when they sing, they can suppress their accents and sing in an American voice. Take Phoenix, for example. When I first discovered them, I had no clue they were from France. The same goes for the Radio Dept. They sing with American accents but they’re from Sweden. This doesn’t seem as strange to me, and maybe it’s because they’re Caucasian, because I’ll tell you, if I hear an Indian band sing, and they sound “American”, I’m floored down to hell.

Then I wonder, do singers from other countries practice singing in American accents? Or is it the natural inclination of the musically gifted? It’s the nature versus nurture quandry in the singer’s world. Do vocal cords know nothing of nationality? Or do people believe there is more cacophony in singing English language songs in American accents? If so, why? If you grow up in India, for example, surrounded by Indian accents, and you converse in that accent, and argue in it, and whisper disgusting nothings in each others’ ears in it, why then don’t you sing in that accent? And how come people from around the world are so capable of feigning American accents but Americans, on the other hand, swear they can do “the best British accent”, but come off sounding like a more egregious version of Renee Zellweger, a la Bridget Jones’ Diary?

It’s a puzzler, and I have no answers, but I do have some music from around the world, that I thought was good/interesting/not-good-nor-interesting-but-still-worthy-of-sharing. Is anyone else as curious as I am about what music means in other countries? The last three groups are actually pretty solid. The first two, definitely not my cup of tea.

India- This is a group called IAFWAY, which stands for “I Am Fake, What Are You”, and they are based out of New Delhi, (which, incidentally, is where my family is from.) This isn’t my genre of music. I’s very heavy on the metal and I would never be able to sit through an entire song of theirs, but I am just AMAZED that they can sound so NOT “Outsourced”. Unsaturated

China- This band calls itself Re-TROS. Again, I don’t like this music; it’s too rock-influenced, but still interesting to see what is coming out of other countries. Up Next: Bella Lugosi’s Back

Iceland- The band is called Rokkurro and the lead vocalist is Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir’s. I can’t even begin to imagine how to pronounce the first and last name. Her voice reminds of springtime, whatever that means. I really love this song. I Googled this group and stumbled upon their Tumblr and they use the same template for their page that I do! That pretty much solidified that they were a band worth following. Sólin Mun Skína

Singapore- I kind of love the sound of this group. They’re called Elektone and the synth and vocals remind me of the peg leg jeans I wore in 6th grade. Falling Into You

Ireland- Reverie is actually 21 year old Louise Connell whose album “Melodies” is a big, happy bowl of acoustic pop and ukelele strumming. Get to Know Me

So, there you are. Around the world in five international groups. Maybe you like some of them, maybe not. What do I care, really.

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UDR Artist of the week… Panjabi Architect



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An Achitect??? His name defines it all…. studying beats… taking them a part… making new beats… into new tunes …. building and creating a musically driven masterpiece. We “met” when I was on AsianFX in the UK, a mutual friend Amrik Dholi introduced us. Later I found out he used to listen to me on the Morning Show with Sam Sam and my own show “The Junction” through this began our friendship. Am I making him artist of the week because he’s my friend? Well… no… it’s simply because I have showcased his pieces a number of times…. I want you to get to know Panjabi Architect. Every week I will be featuring a different artist… if time allows it, hopefully I can fire off some questions for your reading pleasure…

Panjabi Achitect is currently working on his album “Truth and Lies”

Genres: Funk, Dub, DnB, Reggae, World Music, Experimental & Panjabi Architect

Panjabi Architect Fan Page

Twitter him

@petz415: will there be anymore lyrics to soundz of the east?

@panjabiarch Possibly, maybe, not sure!

@petz415:  what’s your guilty pleasure?”

@panjabiarch Chopped onions with diced cheddar cheese with salt, vinegar and red paprika, Lol

@petz415:  what are two genres you would love to fuse together?

 @PanjabiArch That ones a secret!! You will find out when the fusion is complete! 😉

@petz415 music is _________ to you?

@panjabiarch Spiritual

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