Urban Desi Artist Ginz’ Tribute to Gurdwara Shooting



photoEvery South Asian was truly shocked by the Sikh temple shootings that took place in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Sunday morning August 5th. Urban Desi rapper Ginz has dedicated a track to the Gurdwara shooting that took place. He calls it “an open letter tribute” and expresses his emotions the best way he knows how, through rap and hip-hop. Kudos to Ginz for expressing how the South Asian community is feeling right now.

Verse 1:

feelin like Ive lost all faith
in society ITSELF, but I still keep grace..
“sacred holy place” 20 shots goin off…
I still meditate, my temple, and I Motivate.
rest in paradise, till you reach the pearly gate
out in Oak Creek, people caught an early wake.

For more information on Ginz please visit his Soundcloud or Twitter

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